The European Stability Mechanism (“ESM”) Document Censored

The European Stability Mechanism ("ESM") Document Censored






22 April 2021

The European Council agreed on 17 December 2010 on the need for euro area Member States to establish a permanent stability mechanism. This European Stability Mechanism (“ESM”)  assumed the tasks currently fulfilled by the European Financial Stability Facility (“EFSF”) and the European Financial  Stabilisation Mechanism (“EFSM”) in providing, where needed, financial assistance to euro area Member States.

The above is taken from a document I had taken down by Scribd, today 22 April 2021.

For the censorship of a public document to take place it is a clear indicator that things are again changing in the European Union as relates to finance.

This document must remain in the public or it would be nigh impossible to ensure, that what is to come, is inline with the Lisbon Treaty they forced nations to vote upon. If it is not…then are we witnessing a breech of contract between the money men and the populations?


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