Syria, Paris attack, David Cameron and the move to martial law

David Cameron Wants to Bomb Syria







David Cameron today said he would present the case for military strikes in Syria on Thursday claiming We are now at high risk of terrorist attacks including cyber and biological agents causing pandemic.

He told an emergency debate that UK intelligence chiefs believed it “highly likely” the Syrian government was responsible for the 21 August attack.

Not satisfied with the 2013 no vote in Parliament when the then coalition government motion was defeated by 285-272, ruling out joining US-led strikes, NATO is determined to produce from the cauldron enough fear to force a second vote.

After the Paris false flag operation there have been many sorties carried out against Syrian civilians by the French, while the western media promotes the fantasy that French forces are attacking IS. Meanwhile Russia is indeed destroying the infrastructure of IS with over 400 sorties carried out in the last 48 hours.

I do believe in response to Putins line agains IS, NATO are bombing Syrian civilians in your name.

Choose your despot, “East or West.”

Back in France the state of emergency has been extended for a further three months with the first signs that the fascist MO is to be seen in the harassing of university professors and those the media call “conspiracy theorists.” It would appear the jack boot has been put on by the French authorities in what I believe to be a beta test in placing a European nation under full martial law, administered via the United Nations emergency powers script.

In the UK Cameron from November 5th, has ordered British Telecom to attack journalists and researchers in the cyberspace platform, slowing down broadband speeds and attacking alternative media websites hosted in the UK. But of course they have this covered in the garbage spouted about how we are in danger from terrorist attacks on the internet, when in reality this is NATO via British Telecom which acts like the bull dog against all internet providers. British Telecom is a monopoly, it must be disbanded and returned to national control. What say you to that Corbyn?

In 2009 we experienced the mania over the flu scams but many missed the real agenda going on with this fantasy fear mongering, the changes made to medical and psychiatric legalities both on the  domestic front, and via the United Nations World Health Organisation.

With Cameron convinced we face the threat of biological attack we must keep our eyes on the now fully privatised and thus corporate health organisations that have stolen and hide behind the title of “The National Health Service”.

Script Pandemic

In Manchester tonight a patient at Manchester Royal Infirmary has been placed in isolation over fears they have may have contracted the deadly MERS virus.

The patient was admitted to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department with a respiratory infection.

As a precaution, the patient has been placed in isolation and tests are being carried out to establish whether they have Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Call me suspicious but this is winter and everybody at some point gets a cold which is classed as a respiratory condition, so be careful when going to hospital for nothing other than a snivel, you might be whisked of into isolation for the next round of lies and fantasy for the corporate media to make a meal of you, for propaganda requirements.

The hospital is keen to present the reality that this is purely as a precautionary measure, that the patient will be kept in isolation until test results are available. They then ensure they mix the virus scare with the Middle East with the claim :

“the sample will be screened for a variety of infectious diseases, one of which is Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).”

This works perfectly for the fear ratio to be expanded upon those addicted to the TV and media, they act like a sponge for all things misery and fear, and most importantly of all, it adds power to the garbage spouted by Cameron as he once again lies his way to another war.

July 2015 Speech

They are looking to activate the emergency powers act in the corporate UK, the Contingency Act 2004, a legal script controlled by the corporations. This would sideline the British Constitution and place the entire nation under the control of the United Nations, beloved of the new Labour king, Jeremy Corbyn..

Tick tock to fascism….

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