Modus Operandi of a Rape Jihadist, the quite protocol of Islamic conversion

Modus Operandi of a Rape Jihadist, the quite protocol of Islamic conversion











An interesting insight into the mind of the Jihadi outside what we perceive as the theatre of war in which they are found, fighting as they claim for the cause of Islam. In India a report about a rape victims ordeal at the hands of a Muslim with conversion to Islam as his MO, is a story that rings true across Europe with the seemingly senseless lust for the rape of non Muslim girls by Islamic immigrants.

According to the report this compulsion to rape is not just some sort of lower grade humanity being expressed, it is a conversion tactic in the eyes of the perpetrator, it is an operational protocol in the forced conversion to Islam of foreign females, perhaps in the hope the perpetrator can spread his seed into the heart of nations. In essence it is a fine example of Talmudic theology in practise, and of course Islam contains a plethora of Talmudic practises when it comes to dealing with non Muslims.

Western media, when faced with the onslaught of rape across Europe appear to utilise the idiom, see no, hear no, speak no, kind of attitude, this is especially so when it comes to any form of explanation for the uncomfortable dark side to mass immigration, it is just brushed off without any kind of recognition outside the mere mention of the terms, sexual assault and rape. We are expected to accept this as some kind of evolution, or at least such is the bitter taste left in ones mouth as one reads the expanding amount of reports coming out of Europe.

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The following insight comes from an article published in ‘Indiafacts’ and is based on a filing of a complaint by the mother of a victim. The story begins : 

Stories of exploitation and so-called love jihad have been in the news. The Supreme Court has taken cognisance of the matter and an NIA investigation has been ordered into coerced and systematic conversion into Islam. Criminals exist in every community, and it is not at all suggested that rapists only come from one community. However abduction and rape for the purposes of religious conversion is what makes rape jihad distinct. Such systematic religion–motivated abuse is now being recorded from Egypt to Pakistan.

IndiaFacts was approached by a reliable source who obtained a copy of a FIR relating to rape jihad through their lawyer. To remove any chance of identification or exposure of the victim, we have not only removed the victim’s names and personal details but also all place names and other details. We have also changed the name of the perpetrator, including his assumed name. Other than that the FIR is reproduced verbatim as it was received.

The FIR is newsworthy because it exposes what we believe is a fairly typical sequence in Rape Jihad. This is as follows:

Victim is befriended. [Sometimes a (female) friend who is a collaborator or a (previously blackmailed) victim may be used for the introduction].
When there is trust, victim is convinced to come to a private place, usually by bunking school or some other instance where they would fear parental punishment.
Perpetrator rapes victim using physical violence or threat of force.
Pictures are taken to create shame.
Victim is blackmailed using pictures and shame, leading to repeated rapes.
At some point victim is told she must convert to Islam. [Here additional threats, acid throwing etc, were used.]
Other friends or community members of the perpetrators are sometimes facilitators in this.
Most often the victim succumbs. It is rarer for the victim to gather courage to tell her parents or the authorities.

English Translation of the FIR:

To the SHO _______. I submit to the authority that I am __________, DO Late ________ Delhi. I am a student of grade 12. My DOB is _______. This year, I met a friend through a (girl) friend of mine. He used to come to meet us by the school and he had told us his name was Vijay. We became friends and started talking over the phone. One evening he asked me to meet him at __________. I went to see him at the pretext of (I told my mum I was) going to the market. He took me to _____ Park for conversation. There he sexually assaulted me and despite my protest and without my consent he raped me. He had covered my mouth with his hand. He threatened to kill me if I cried.

Since I had lied at home about our meeting, I couldn’t tell anybody about this incident. I stopped talking to him after this incident but he kept calling me. He also kept hovering around my school. He asked for forgiveness for his deeds and said he would commit suicide if I did not forgive him. I started talking to him again.

Once he met me in front of the school and asked me to go out with him on occasion of his birthday. He took me to _________ where he raped me against my wish. I cried for help but nobody came as nobody seemed to be there on that floor. There he told me that his real name was Farooq and he was a Muslim. And he lives in ___________. He threatened to slit my throat with a knife and took several nude pictures of me on his cellphone camera. I was very scared of his threats. And since I had bunked my school, I couldn’t tell anyone about it. After this incident, he started threatening and exploiting me. He gave me a mobile phone which I kept hidden from others. He would threaten me and ask me to stay in touch with him on this mobile. He would keep changing the handset and SIM card frequently. He kept threatening and blackmailing me. He would take me to the same Guest House and raped me numerous times. He never made any entry in the Guest House register as the attendant of the Guest House was his friend. He used to inform the Guest House attendant of our arrival in advance via phone. He also extorted money from me which I withdrew from my mum’s ATM and swiped away from my mum’s purse. Farooq asked me to convert to Islam and when I refused he threatened to throw acid on my face and put my pictures on the Internet.

I was getting sick of my life and one day I told everything to my mum. Farooq used to call me on ________ and _________ numbers. Among the numbers he gave me, I could remember only _________ and ________. Farooq Khan, S/O K. _____________, resident of _________ has threatened me and raped me several times without my consent. He has also blackmailed me with my nude pictures he took. I request that legal action be taken again Farooq and he be brought to justice. ___________ (mother) do to register a case U/S-4 & 6 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 & 384, 376, 34 IPC. Investigation to entrusted to ______.

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