Maurice Strong dies age 86, what is his legacy?

Maurice Strong Dies











Maurice Strong, whose work helped lead to the landmark climate summit that begins in Paris on Monday, has died at 86, the head of the UN’s environmental agency said Saturday. Strong ended his days in China, the largest polluter on the planet.

Strong, born in 1929 in Oak Lake, Man., was a companion of the Order of Canada and a member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.

“Strong will forever be remembered for placing the environment on the international agenda and at the heart of development,” Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Program, said in a statement Saturday.

So what will be the legacy of the work of this giant of the United Nations and the environmentalist movement as a whole? Will he be successful after his demise and raised to the position of saint by the equally emphatic climate guru, Pope Francis?

Will his legacy be in saving the planet from CO2 overload now that we no longer mass produce the stuff in the West because we have moved all that kind of dirty nonsense to the East, to China and India?

OOPS, did you see that there? Those wonderful industrialists have saved the planet by moving an expanded CO2 release from the West to the East, everyone go back to sleep, X Factors on….

Well, according to Dr Eric T. Karlstrom man made climate change is a fantasy, and that the UK government are the leaders :

Natural Climate Change and the Twisted Global Warming Script [Audio]

The following video is excellent in presenting the real game with what was called the Environment today called Climate.

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