Edgar Cayce and the EU-Canada trade agreement threatens European fracking bans










A dangerous game

Fracking is a very dangerous game indeed not only for the environment but as a means to procure land under the mantra of national emergency. The following report I first published in May 2013 to highlight the back room modus operandi of the powerful lobby behind the fracking extravaganza, and how they intend to forcefully introduce the industry in spite of all opposition. Today we can see clearly this forced approach having a very big affect when it comes to overriding the decisions of local councils and county councils. 

Fracking and earthquakes brings forth memories of my studies into the renown psychic Edgar Cayce who offered up maps to show the future landmass of the earth after earthquakes and other cataclysms. Of course for fracking to procure such memories and then to connect the two, one has to also understand the fact along with fracking come earthquakes.

Before we expand on the Edgar Cayce connection with fracking let us look at the corporate mechanism that will force this dangerous form of gas production across Europe and the UK.

As European member states consider the implications of environmentally risky shale gas development, the proposed EU-Canada trade agreement could give energy companies new powers to challenge fracking bans through the back door — claims campaigner

Public health problems related to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has not been proved safe either for the environment and in the potential to dirty underground water basins. As such countries concerned with shale gas endowments in Europe are taking positions against the technology, these include : France, Bulgaria and the region of Cantabria in the north of Spain each country banning it. Romania, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany have proclaimed moratoria.

According to The right to say no , a new research paper from Corporate Europe Observatory, the Transnational Institute and the Council of Canadians shows that the controversial European Union-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, may weaken the ability of countries to implement fracking bans and regulations.

With the squeeze on gas imports to the UK which threatens to double the cost to British consumers if they are not allowed to continue fracking, there are fears that governments could activate statutes under the 2004 Contingency Act to force a land grab by Crown agents under emergency protocols. This ability will be available to all countries that allow the controversial technology to take root.

In the US State governments have commandeered lands they claim are ripe for fracking and forced the radioactive waste creating technology to move ahead unchecked.

Concerns over CETA are based in the fact the contracts will include a process through which Canadian investors can settle disputes with the EU or a member state outside of the regular court system. This process, called investor-state dispute settlement, is increasingly controversial globally as mining and energy firms use it to challenge environmental and public health measures that do not suit their financial interests. Sometimes, the mere possibility of a lawsuit based on investor-state arbitration is enough to deter authorities introducing strong public health and environmental policies.

The proposed CETA investment protection provision will enable energy and extractive companies with an office in Canada to challenge fracking bans, moratoria and environmental standards for fracking sites across the EU – and potentially pave the way for millions of euros in compensation to be paid to these companies by European taxpayers.

A precedent already exists for these types of challenges under a similar provision in the North American Free Trade Agreement, where an American energy firm – Lone Pine Resources – is challenging a moratorium on fracking in the Canadian province of Quebec following growing documentation about water pollution and public resistance. Lone Pine is demanding $250m in compensation, arguing that the moratorium is an “illegal revocation of [its] valuable right to mine for oil and gas”. Lone Pine’s right under the NAFTA to make a profit might trump the right of communities to say no to destructive and environmentally dangerous resource projects.

European experience as a direct result of existing international investment treaties saw Germany sued by the energy company Vattenfall for environmental restrictions on a coal-fired power plant, claiming more than €1.4bn in compensation.

The case was settled out of court with Germany agreeing to water down the environmental standards.Germany is also being sued by Vattenfall in their decision after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, to phase out nuclear energy. Vattenfall is seeking €3.7bn for lost profits.

The Lone Pine and Vattenfall cases show that governments are highly susceptible to investor-state disputes related to fracking and other controversial energy projects, with corporate energy companies eager to establish or expand shale gas exploration and extraction in Europe will be able to use investor-state dispute settlement as proposed in the CETA to undermine precautionary measures in the public interest — as long as they have a subsidiary or an office in Canada. That would create needless risk to European communities weighing the pros and cons of fracking. Not only would they have to pay for related environmental and health damages but also run the risk of having to compensate ‘big energy’ when they say ‘no’ to fracking.

In June 2011 a European Parliament resolution on the EU-Canada negotiations stated that :

“Given the highly developed legal systems of Canada and the EU, a state-to-state dispute settlement mechanism and the use of local judicial remedies are the most appropriate tools to address investment disputes”. In July that year, the European Commission’s own sustainability impact assessment of the CETA came to the same conclusion, recommending a state-to-state dispute process only.

Edgar Cayce
Cayce was a psychic who foretold many things that have come to pass. I remember studying his work many years ago and because of his accuracy did wonder, if he was indeed reading from the script as laid out by the Illuminist’s of the corporate empire.

What always remained with me was his maps prophesying the extent to which we can expect earthquakes and the loss of lands because of them.

Having studied for a few years the technology they call fracking it dawned on me that perhaps I was looking into the method that in order the Illuminist’s could carve up the globe in the exact manner as presented by Cayce, the connection in the case of fracking would be the ability to create earthquakes.
For many years I studied the HAARP system as possible means to that effect, not that is not a method as it clearly is, but HAARP appears to require a lot of simultaneous apparatus and strange weather anomalies that can be picked up by the populations. But since learning of the dangers of fracking, and, after experiencing a quake here in Lancashire a couple of years ago as a result of fracking, I do believe fracking is by far the superior method and the means for the Illuminist’s to destroy Europe and any nation they so choose

cayce map  
 If you hit the above image you can see that according to Cayce Japan will disappear beneath the sea, he states because of its advances in the world of technology. He presents it as a punishment which is rather interesting given the Illuminist’s today are punishing Japan for its refusal to go along with the Banking new world order agenda which positions China as supreme in the Pacific.
It is upon such moral authority presented by Cayce as a messenger that we better understand whom it is that is dishing out the punishments and for whom Cayce himself more than likely channelled, because clearly what is happening to Japan comes directly out of the Committee of 300, As such the destruction in Japan is not of god but the opposition to the will of the creator and the empire of earth, for not going along with the empire of earth.

cayce map

 If you click on the above image you will see it is the plan of the Illuminist’s to destroy Europe (root) and huge parts of Great Britain. When it comes to Britain the areas lost are the areas today the crown wants —to unleash fracking. There has to be a connection.
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