Climate mafia re-define a hurricane for extra weather terrors

 As the United Nations becomes a fully fledged nest of liars with a foundation script of, “the weather is going to destroy mankind and so they must tax and levy against Co2,” is being handed yet another fraudulent instrument to terrorise the corporate affiliated and television drunk masses.

A new definition of the hurricane is at hand after the latest terror story over hurricane Mathew failed to wreak the havoc promised by the climate mafia.

Eleven years ago, Al Gore swore that “the science is extremely clear now. Global warming was magnifying the destructive power of the “average hurricane. Man’s impact on the environment makes the duration, as well as the intensity of the hurricane, stronger.”

Gore said last week that in Hurricane Matthew, “Mother Nature is giving us a very clear and powerful message.”

From the same stage in Florida, Hillary Clinton said “Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change.”

Mmm, it would appear the presidential candidate has not the psychic abilities one would expect from a chairman of the corporation the United States of America.

Nature and geoengineering are not playing along with the climate mafia (CM) script therefore the mafia must act or lose the upper hand in the fiction of man made climate catastrophe.

Andrew Freedman wrote in Mashable that “its time to face the fact that the way we measure hurricanes and communicate their likely impacts is seriously flawed. “

“We need a new hurricane intensity metric,” he said, “that more accurately reflects a storm’s potential to cause death and destruction well inland.”

The measure used today is the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, which, according to the National Hurricane Center, provides a 1 to 5 rating based on a hurricane’s sustained wind speed.

But if the intensity of a storm is redefined by using other criteria, such as rainfall and storm surge flooding, the game completely changes.

Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and producer of Climate Hustle said :

“This is all part of a financial scheme,” says Morano. “If every bad weather event can have new metrics that make them unprecedented and a record, then they will declare it fossil-fuel-‘poisoned weather.’ Warmist attorneys general will use any storm now to get money from energy companies claiming that their company made tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and droughts worse. They will use any bad weather event to shake down energy companies. That is why the extreme storm meme is so important.”

Shake  down energy companies and as is the current financial trend, read tax the populations, stop them using transport, and the big one, kill yourself, to save the planet.

Given the current benchmark for the CM just won’t play along with the climate script, in the measure of temperature, the CM must move to completely undermine science.

This comes on the back of the hitherto accepted scientific data platform, which today is showing no signs of an increased threat from the hurricane, in fact it shows a reduction in the number and intensity of such storms and can find no direct link whatever between hurricanes and global warming.

O dear….

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