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The new world hell being implemented all around you today has realised that some people just won’t be subdued with the dementia pouring out of government and the media, the answer to this quandary is to intervene medically to achieve the behavioural change required to ensure all bow down to the banking cartel.

Human behaviour is a major determinant of health. Factors that influence health related behaviours and people’s adaptive responses to disease and illness are becoming better understood. This understanding is leading to behaviourally based interventions targeted at the level of the individual and at service delivery, with impacts on both. Yet there is much more to do. In the United Kingdom the Society of Behavioural Medicine has been set up to promote research into and the use of well founded behavioural interventions.

The above paragraph is a report from the BMJ dated 25 February 2006, the reality of what it means is an abomination indeed The real problem with this document and the agenda it portrays active in Britain today, comes in its potential use in the schools.

Parents are forever receiving letters demanding full medical permissions to deal with children should there be an accident on a school trip, permission to do whatever surgical operation they deem fit and allow whatever medication they are advised to administer to the child.
Behavioural medicine is the new toy for the Tavistock programmers and they aim to have it in the schools as soon as possible, if it is not in there already.

Once the programmes coming out of the Institute for Government are accepted and operated by the entire school staff, then those medical permissions you continue to offer the school will be taken as full power of attorney to medicate your child to alter their behaviour to achieve the outcome based programming forced onto the children in the corporate schools program.

We must also consider the Olympic legacy agenda which is to be used to promote Olympian mentality in children, it appears they are to use a program called sport to usher in a medical health program which will lead to psychological screening for all children. On the subtle levels the subscript clearly shows a future whereby health plans are prescribed by computer diagnosis and ultimately the issuer of medicine.

Parents need to consider their legal position here, not only must you cease signing power of attorney for your child’s health to the schools, you must send in a letter rescinding all signatures so far given for the school to decide what medical interventions your child receives while in the care of the private corporation today called schools.

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