Forcing vaccinations through the denial of education, 900 students suspended

vaccines Forced via Schools in Canada











During the 2009 bird flu scare script there were many devious statutes sneaked into all kinds of mental health legislation, tied and enforced by the United Nations through its agent the World Health Organisation. Everything in the background during 2009 aimed to connect vaccine refusals to mental disorders, with the legal authority to section those who have come to understand the magnitude of the eugenics programs through the vaccine agenda. 

We can now begin to understand the real aims of those changes as we witness the schools becoming a gatekeeper for the pharmaceutical corporations, and ultimately the evil intent of the self appointed masters of men that have decreed a global population cull to satisfy their dream for a new world in which great swathes of the populations alive today are not invited.

Ottawa Public Health has suspended another 900 students from 75 schools in both the Ottawa Catholic School Board and the Conseil descoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario ¬†over out-of-date immunisation records.

The agency had already issued the first round of 20-day suspensions, under the authority of the Immunisation of School Pupils Act, to 900 Ottawa Catholic School Board elementary students at 40 different schools just before the holiday break on December 15.

Since then, about 82 per cent of those students have provided proof of updated records, leaving about 160 students still under suspension, the agency said.

Suspensions can also be lifted when a valid exemption is provided.


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