How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?

How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?








25 January 2020

Jeffrey Epstein’s wider network and the charity ARK (Absolute Return for Kids.)

Ark = Noah = Noahide = Priesthood = Third Temple =  Sanhedrin = Talmud

The prize offered by the Epstein script comes in the cataloging of those named in the little black book and the dates they attended, either the Island or took a lift on the plane. Then consider the role those in question had at the time of their entry into the little black book. From this body of data we can recognise what decisions were made at any crucial time in which the hidden hands forced their will due to the fact they had been compromised through Epstein.

Wall’s, Unilever, Epstein, Ark And The Blackmailing For Covid Support, propaganda made easy when you control the influencers :

Epstein science is also the backdrop to the Covid science :

In the following collection of data, we look specifically at the giant Academy spearhead and Frontline controller, Absolute Return for Kids, or ARK.

How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?










Academies mean children, your children…  with only a little research we find the paws of Jeffrey Epstein and associates, Sir Jimmy Savile and the Dutroux Affair all over personnel intimately connected to ARK in the drive to incorporate education in order a forced programming of your offspring becomes the only offer on the table, globally. Even the fraud that was Nelson Mandela gave support to this giant paedophile’s paradise they call ARK.

Over a decade ago we here at lifeinthemix did connect the Dutroux affair in Belgium back in the mid 90s to ARK through EIM, this caused a bit of a stink and Busson resigned as chief :

There is another dark and sordid tale to offer as relates to the tentacles of ARK including child abuse and the procurement of children coming on the back of the death of Sir Jimmy Savile. Almost immediately after his death and exposure out popped another arm of ARK, Frontline. Frontline was the response to the outrage of how such as Sir Jimmy Savile could have gotten away with all he did prompting Social Services, (now fully incorporated and thus private corporations) to offer up Frontline as the answer :

“A revolution in child protection which would see elite graduates fast-tracked into social work has been given the go-ahead by Michael Gove, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.”

“The programme, called Frontline, is modelled on Teach First and would create a new movement of social workers to bring leadership, prestige and a sense of “social mission” to one of the least appealing and most widely criticised professions. The Education Secretary gave the green light to the plan amid growing concern about child protection in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal. The revelations have once again highlighted widespread problems with the protection of children and the state of social work in Britain, which has been described as a “national scandal” by Lord Adonis, the former education minister.”

Frontline with ARK:

If you look at this with open eyes what stands out is the idea that the entire Savile mission of child procurement through his many children’s charities, would climax in his being fully exposed to launch ARK’s baby, Frontline. Savile in an interview did state that he would be known as a “crooked” when he kicked the bucket. That suggests ritual initiation as a life choice to become a lifetime actor in the service of Satan.

The charity ARK’s (Absolute Return for Kids) ventures include school sponsorship, HIV/AIDS and orphans. Ark’s website :

ARK held fundraisers every year. Those at ARK fundraisers have included a number of people either linked to Ghislaine Maxwell or mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’. This includes :

How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?







Arpad Busson, Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson, Countess Allesandro Guerrini-Maraldi, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Princess Maria-Chantal of Greece, David Tang, Debbie von Bismark, Eduardo Teodorani-Fabbri , Elisabeth Murdoch (father Rupert listed), Elizabeth Saltzman, Elle MacPherson, Fi and Alex Wilmot-Sitwell, Georgie and Katharine Greig, India Hicks, Jean Pigozzi, Kevin Spacey, Lady Helen Taylor, Lily Safra, Liz Hurley, Lucy Wastnage, Mariella Frostrup, Matthew Freud, Naomi Campbell, Nat Rothschild, Nicholas Candy, Nicky Haslam, Nicola Formby, Petra Nemcova, Pia Getty, Rolf and Maryam Sachs, Rothschild, Sabrina Guinness, Saffron Aldridge, Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Dahl, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, The Dellal Family, the Goldsmiths, Tim Jefferies, Toby Young, Todd Meister, Tom Ford, Tony Blair, Yasmin le Bon, Viscount and Viscountess Linley, Richard Branson, Mike and Angie Rutherford, Princes Chantal of Hanover, Robert Tchenguiz, Eddie Jordan.
This list is expected to expand.

How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?





The ARK 2011 fundraiser was attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton; their first public engagement as a married couple.

ARK is linked to the Dutroux Scandal, the text box is essential reading :

It is quite likely this story is under a gag order, as someone posted these two videos together some years ago :

Ark Academy took a number of children to Legoland in 2010; they had their photos taken next to a reptile. The symbolism is curious to say the least.

Epstein is linked to Zionism, on account of his having contact details of Yakof Neima, Hovevei Zion (Lover of Zion)

ARK Schools, Academies, and Eugenics :

What lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent?

Bill and Malinda Gates have also joined with ARK to push their deadly vaccine cocktails.

And not forgetting the current blah with the Chinese Coronavirus :

And  when you take into consideration the changes brought about in the 2009 flu scare at the back end of our social domestic system, the following reports suggests a worrying future indeed for school children imprisoned in the fenced and gated Academies and corporate Primary Schools :

Developing A School Emergency Response Plan Guidance For Governors And Head-Teachers :

And they have drilled for this shutdown of schools :

MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill And Purves Ali :

Nelson Mandela

How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?







Above, Nelson Mandela, deputy Leader, African National Congress, visits London, UK for the first time since his release (February 11th 1990), Sunday 15th July 1990. Pictured with Robert Maxwell, owner Mirror Group Newspapers. More

2009 Ark event :
The event was organised by Absolute Return for Kids (Ark), a children’s
charity set up by Arpad “Arki” Busson, the French financier married to
actress Uma Thurman.

It was supposed to be more low-key this year to reflect the financial
difficulties but celebrities turned out again to encourage the traders to
spend. Nelson Mandela had written a note of support.

Nelson Mandela and his Jewish backers :>

The Zionist Factor in Africa : Mossad & Nelson Mandela :

The Hidden Askenazi Hand in the Destruction of South Africa :

“In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men — Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organisation. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA. Their end goal was KILL WHITEY.”

Additional Images :

How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?





How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?





How deep is the Epstein relationship with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)?






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