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Brief History of Belgium

The land which eventually became the state of Belgium has mainly been a battleground between Catholic and Liberal-Protestant interests. Over the centuries and decades, this land subsequently belonged to the Spanish and Austrian Hapsburgs, Napoleon’s France and since 1815, the Netherlands. In 1830, mainly the Catholic middle and upper class living in the southern provinces of the United Netherlands had become so fed up with their lack of self-determination that they staged a revolution. It succeeded and the state of Belgium was born. Families like de Merode and De Ligne were initially offered the throne, but they refused and the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas came in.

The Dutroux Affair

Perhaps one of the most chilling expositions on the elite child abuse and torture networks to date. With first hand accounts of direct experience within this network, which is vast and continues to this day, hidden and protected by the secret society cults that ultimately benefit from such acts through the blackmail and damaged personages that are birthed from such actions.

Abortion is Not a Christian Doctrine, Source Document

Today, there are those who believe abortion is nothing to be concerned about, my body my choice, they cry, as they move to murder their offspring inside the womb. The first two parts of this mantra are correct, it is your body and you always have choice, but such a shallow degenerate idiom is born of a lowly spirit, a spirit that cannot see beyond its own image.

Moving assets to the Vatican bank, What it means

Pope’s admission of genocide demands all assets move to the Vatican bank to secure the debt to China levied against the western nations and person. Under the terms of the International Criminal Court (ICC) should it be known that genocide has occurred, then those responsible, either as individuals or as officers of the institution or corporation must be prosecuted and punished. Another act that can be brought against the perpetrator is to seize all assets under the “avails of crime’ statutes.

Club of Rome : Planetary Emergency Plan. Another New Deal

1933 – Hitler entered power on a new deal in Germany. In the United States Roosevelt pulled in his new deal also. Do I need to explain further? 1997 enter Gordon Brown and Tony Blair again with a new deal for you the public. Well they have been very busy at it again with another New deal coming out of the Club of Rome in partnership with The Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research.

Patent Proves Vaccine is an Obedience Training Platform

The end game of the pandemic is to have you connected to an electronic control grid via a portion of the contents of the Covid vaccine. The grid is set to become the method from which your entire day to day actions become a file that the A.I. will determine how well you act in accordance with any given form of laws at any given time. What this boils down too is an obedience system fully controlled by A.I. and administered via government agencies. Dependant upon what information is held in the database, which is changeable dependant on your behaviours at any given time, will be the ruling factor and thus  determine what strength of noxious vaccine content you are to receive as a booster, based entirely upon your behaviour as collected through the apps they insist you download.

Statutory Declaration, You are Essential

The demented are moving to divide the populations into vaccinated and not, one of the big methods to this endeavour is to determine who is essential and who is not. This of course will play out in shops, fuel stations, food outlets and other corporate animal farms. The following document is a good method of declaring your status before they do.

Fact Sheet, Moderna Shot

Vaccination providers enrolled in the federal COVID-19 Vaccination Program must report all vaccine administration errors, all serious adverse events, cases of Multisystem Inflammatory
Syndrome (MIS) in adults, and cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalisation or death following administration of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine.