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City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

15 May 2024 The Black Nobility have been slowly relocating London’s financial centre to Astana in Kazakhstan, the ship is about to sail. In an area looking very central for the Belt and Road initiative between Rotterdam and Beijing, full of oil and minerals and looking like a possible replacement for the Saudi oil, Kazakhstan Read More …

Civil Unrest and Readying for Conscription for WWIII

lifeinthemix livestream from 28 April 2024. Topics discussed: The Mongols Need You Via the Khazars, Get Ready For Signs of Conscription. Australia gets a warning.Canada QR codes to leave the city.90.000 NATO troops on exercise in Eastern Europe.Ireland Martial law.Trump as King Cyrus.Dip into MKUltra.Grounding the Avatar.Destroying the Eyes.Face recognition at the Asda.Alex Jones.David Cameron’s Read More …

From the Horses Mouth

The full interview between James Wickstrom and Rabbi Abe Finkelstein from the mid 2000s. Further StudyMiddle Temple MafiaWoman in the Wilderness House Pallavacini Descended from Marie de MediciEvil Eye Cult Controlling Ireland

Inner City Temple Bar

The City of London has an interesting and sinister name, ‘the invisible empire’.
Things are not as they appear when one takes a look at the real power brokers that made and make up the Inner City of London, Temple Bar and the City Corporation.

What Controls the British Army?

That by the law of this Kingdome no papist can be King or Queen of this realme nor bear any office whatsomever therin nor can any protestant successor exercise the regall power untill he or she swear the Coronation Oath.
Claim of Right Act 1689 1689 CHAPTER 28

NG 191-NG 163, Murder by Government Decree

1,642 people per day in England  are being euthanised in order the NHS Trusts get money, your money to the tune of £161 billion per year from the National Insurance contribution alone. They have hidden the protocol NG 191 within a new protocol NG 163 to serve the Cygnus programme unleashed in 2016 to deal with pandemic. From the legal standpoint the state is moving to have the named nurses liable as the administrators of the medical procedure.