How Islam is responsible for the war against Islam to secure social fraud






Today I set out to expand my pre-censored Twitter aim to show how Islam is responsible for the wars against Islam through block voting. It is fair to say the investigation took a rather strange turn indeed.

It is no secret that Islam in Britain block vote as directed by their Mosques and always vote for the socialist party because it is the one that secures they’re funding from taxpayer benefits, which they have mastered the art of defrauding to build the communities they are now shutting off as no go areas for non Muslims. It is a directive of the Talmud.

The same can be said of all nations in which there is a clear socialist-capitalist division and a corporate democracy, Islam block votes for the party that will secure the gravy train of benefits.

If we look back to 1997 and the landslide victory for the communist cabinet of Soviet Grandmaster Gordon Brown, fronted by Tony Blair, who is a puppet of Israel through Lord Levy and to Jacob Rothschild through Peter Mandleson, it is clear, it was not the native British that by a huge percentage voted in this unclean cabinet.

If we look now at the last general election we find that 64% of British Muslims block voted for New Labour, this comes after every war against Islamic nations started by New Labour since 1997. A profound statistic indeed when you consider many of the native Brits have ceased to vote in the elections as it is clear non of the parties act in the interests of the nation, in fact they each move further into the hands of the U.N. E.U. the U.S. and Israel.

In 1997 we can see a clear labour vote for all non white ethnic British because of the free money

                           con    lab      ld      oth     





After 1997 the Mori poll ceases to offer up the ethnicity tables yet does offer religious intent to vote but omits Islam and Judaism. This I found to be the same for all years available from 1992 to the present. I sent a message to Ipsos Mori requesting the information.

Everything goes strange.

After sending the request maybe 30 mins after, the entire information for 2001 disappeared, leaving this message :







It was the same for all the available years available as links from this screen shot :







The same results appeared for the election tables for 1992, 2005, 2010, and then 1997, all of which I have been looking at all afternoon previous to my request with full tables as you would expect from this organisation.

What should we make of this?

Having recently had my Twitter Account permanently suspended it may well be because I presented a lot of tweets in the two days before they killed it about this very topic.

It could also be because the backdoors in the processors means Israel, and other Talmudic groups are watching my internet actions in real time…

Somebody in control of the Ipsos MORI website does not want the Muslims to see this serious contradiction and spiritual disconnect they have going on in their move against itself from within the heart of the West.

I leave it to you to decide which of the potential reasons are most likely valid.

Further Study
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