Global compact for migration ratified without consent of the public

Global compact for migration ratified without consent of the public







On Monday 10 December over 150 bankrupt governments did as they are told by the bankers and ratified an international migration pact which has been the cause of infighting within all political parties within Europe due to the fact, the public say no and they are struggling to sell it.

The United Nations held the conference in Marrakech, Morocco, in which corporate leaders of bankrupt governments agreed on the Global Compact, without any form of consultation with any nations populations for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

If you look to the image above, the government has no mandate to vote on our behalf, the image forces a debate on the matter itself.

The non-binding agreement sets out a cooperative framework for dealing with the central bank and Israel’s call for international migration to dilute all nations with the exception of Israel. Israel let us not forget, is the only apartheid state remaining on the globe.

The bankrupt governments in favour, have agreed to limit the pressure on countries with migrants and say they will aim to promote the self-reliance of newcomers. The document states that no country can address migration alone, while also upholding “the sovereignty of States and their obligations under international law.”

The U.K. Government is bankrupt, it has no obligations save for folding itself in bankruptcy from which all contracts are then null and void.

In July of this year, all 193 U.N. members with the exception of the United States, finalised the commercial contracts.

The decision has created a lot of conflict amongst the populations of the European landmass which has spilled into the laps of the corporate politicians which had the knock on effect of European countries changing their minds.

Over the weekend gone, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel changed his government.

King Philippe of Belgium allowed Michel to reorganise his government without the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), which objects to the U.N. pact.

In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made anti-migrant policies his main policy in response to the populations demand that immigration cease, pulled out while the agreement was being negotiated. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz renounced the pact at the end of October and Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland following that lead.

Australia, Chile and the Dominican Republic refused to sign an agreement that would raise a foreign secret society controlled army over that of the natives.

In Germany, the pact became an issue in the battle to succeed Angela Merkel as leader of the ruling Christian Democratic Union.

Why Stop Immigration?
In very simple terms ladies and gentlemen, in Britain the white Christian natives have ceased to vote in the charade that has seen war after war expand as policy. The real cause of all the wars against Islam have been decisions made by the Labour Party, and of course in Britain that political party is a socialist communist party that dishes out my tax money like smarties to all the immigrants as benefits. That said, Islam in Britain block votes the Labour Party always, and collectively are responsible for every decision that has taken Britain to war against Islam since the inside psy-op that was 911, the symbolic made physical as the end to world trade to make way for monopoly to rise from the ashes of commerce.

Global compact for migration ratified without consent of the public







The rise of the New Atlantis

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