What is the European Union, and who controls it?










June 2016 and the people of Britain go to the vote on whether we remain bound too, or we leave, the Lisbon Treaty contract, a contract that governs the European Union as a political and financial dictatorship. 

Not unlike the American Civil War era which was a time a nation struggled against the might of the private banking cabal from Europe, or to be more precise, the Roman Imperial families, who moved hard and fast to force the entire Northern continent called America, into a conglomerate of United States, governed by the private Central Banking system formed out of the old money families that held Europe in its web of serfdom and slavery.

I present the issue in these terms because when you study the following information, what becomes clear is the fact, the European Union today, is run by over 3000 lobbyists, of which by far the majority appear to be USA corporate entities. In those terms what Britain faces today is the finalisation of the takeover of the British Isles via the super corporation the United States of America as a proxy, the all encompassing scapegoat for the Bank of England….Think about that for a while.

So what does the revamped Imperial invasion of these isles today, actually look like?

Briefing of most important points :
1-Complete loss of Democracy for all 27 member nations.
2-Re-issued the same constitution the French and Dutch rejected and call it a ‘Treaty’.
3-The Treaty is written so that it cannot be read, thus all Prime Ministers have signed without reading it.
The Treaty unravels the right to self determination by all nations and  yet another facilitator for the agenda through the United Nations.
4-Eastern Block companies can come in and pay there employees the same salary as they get at home which gives the same companies massive advantage in gaining contracts over the indigenous companies.
5-All Criminal Courts will hand over to Brussels all power, which is corporate law, or ‘commercial rules of contract’ they call ‘Statutes’
Under these Statutes, if you are suspected of terrorism in any member state, upon giving the name they are looking for, you are sent to either a British or Spanish judge. Let us not forget they use terrorism law for civilians and even children.
6-Private religion is also under question under the Treaty


EU Council
All 27 nation Prime Ministers will make up the ‘EU Council,’ with a President. This council can amend all treaties at will without peoples recourse under article 48 of the Treaty (self amendment)

The EU Commission
Is made up of ‘unelected’ Civil Servants who proposes laws. The Commission President will be chosen by the 27 EU Council Prime Ministers, the remaining Commissioners will be chosen by the council President on suggestions by respective governments. Remember the EU President is not elected by the people.

The Council Of Ministers
Made up of ordinary ministers such as agriculture, etc. Not all Laws are voted on in the EU, those that are will be voted on by this council under ‘Qualified majority Voting,’ giving the largest nation members the ability to dominate all voting. All documents from this council are not available to the EU parliament, nor the people. That is dictatorship.

EU Parliament
Made up of all elected MEP’s who have absolutely no voting power at all, they can only make suggestions, and even this power is limited. They can only make suggestions of amendments to laws passed down from the unelected Commissioners.

The top tier of Council, Commissioners and Ministers work in secret with over 3000 work groups which are made up of The Pharmaceutical Corporations (IG FARBEN of the Fourth Reich), and NATO, it is the Military industrial Complex which determines policy and law, which sidelines all the elected MEP’s completely…So why are they getting so much money for nothing?? It is a show.

The EU system under the Lisbon Treaty removes power from the smaller nations in favour of the big four, Germany, France, Britain and Spain. This is about Corporate takeover of nation states, it has nothing whatever to do with a better world for the people. Only un elected Commissioners can make Law for over 500 million people, and the politician’s claim the Treaty is ‘GOOD,’ we need to face facts here, politician’s are thick, brain dead, or happy to destroy every member state involved in this treasonous Treaty. Demos + People Cracy + Rule, We lose Democracy Full Stop.

The 3000+ Work Groups : An Insight

Of course we in the UK and Europe have nothing like the availability of information as the Americans have. That being the case then we are blessed by the fact in America they can see who the working groups are, of course the other name for these private controlling forces are lobbyist’s. Here is the top 100 Working groups dictating to the US government which are the same and more belonging to the 3000+ Working groups dictating to the EU :

Health Care, Health Insurance, & Pharma :
3. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America: $6,910,000
6. Pfizer, Inc: $6,140,000
12. American Medical Association: $4,240,000
18. American Hospital Association: $3,580,000
19. Eli Lilly and Company: $3,440,000
37. America’s Health Insurance Plans, Inc: $2,030,000
39. CVS Caremark Inc: $2,005,000
47. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association: $1,800,000
49. GlaxoSmithKline: $1,780,000
63. Merck & Co: $1,500,000
65. United Health Group, Inc: $1,500,000
69. Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc: $1,460,000
76. Novartis: $1,347,134
87. Abbott Laboratories: $1,260,000
89. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP: $1,250,000
92. Medtronic, Inc: $1,238,000

Oil :
2. Exxon Mobil: $9,320,000
4. Chevron U.S.A. Inc: $6,800,000
7. Conoco Phillips: $5,980,935
16. BP America, Inc: $3,610,000
20. Marathon Oil Corporation: $3,380,000
45. American Petroleum Institute: $1,810,000

Defence :
5. Lockheed Martin Corporation: $6,380,000
11. General Electric Company: $4,540,000
28. Northrop Grumman Corporation: $2,570,000
30. Boeing Company: $2,410,00
51. Honeywell International: $1,760,000
73. Raytheon Company: $1,360,000

Telecoms :
10. AT&T Services, Inc: $5,134,873
14. Verizon (excluding Verizon Wireless): $3,760,000
21. National Cable and Telecommunications Association: $3,370,000
23. Comcast Corporation: $2,760,000
68. Motorola, Inc: $1,470,000

Automotive :
22. General Motors: $2,800,000
27. United Services Automobile Association: $2,590,244
52. Ford Motor Company: $1,750,000
84. Toyota Motor North America: $1,290,000
86. Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers: $1,264,400

Financial :
32. Financial Services Roundtable: $2,260,000
33. Prudential Financial, Inc: $2,180,000
41. American Bankers Association: $1,890,000
61. Visa, Inc: $1,540,000
74. Investment Company Institute: $1,359,917
75. Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association: $1,350,000
82. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.: $1,310,000
90. Citigroup Management Corp: $1,250,000
90. Credit Union National Association: $1,250,000

Biotech :
36. Monsanto: $2,094,000
40. Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO): $1,920,000
44. Bayer Corporation: $1,843,672

Railroads :
24. Association of American Railroads: $2,759,545
54. Union Pacific Corporation: $1,717,108
71. BNSF Railway: $1,400,000

Life Insurance :
42. American Council of Life Insurers: $1,867,075
44. New York Life Insurance Company: $1,840,000
64. State Farm Insurance: $1,500,000
93. The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company: $1,237,000

Other :
1. Chamber of Commerce of the USA: $9,996,000
8. National Association of Realtors: $5,727,000
9. U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform: $5,480,000
13. AARP: $4,090,000
15. Southern Company: $3,650,000
17. Altria Client Services Inc: $3,580,000
25. Amgen, Inc: $2,750,000
26. National Association of Broadcasters: $2,600,000
29. Edison Electric Institute: $2,550,000
31. Fedex Corporation: $2,370,000
34. Textron, Inc.: $2,140,000
35. General Dynamics Corp: $2,101,945
38. International Business Machines (IBM): $2,030,000
43. United Technologies Corporation: $1,860,000
46. Recording Industry Association of America: $1,810,000
48. CTIA-The Wireless Association: $1,790,000
50. Time Warner Inc. $1,780,000
53. The Dow Chemical Company: $1,735,000
55. American Electric Power Company: $1,716,913
56. Microsoft Corporation: $1,650,000
57. Qualcomm, Incorporated: $1,620,000
58. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc: $1,600,000
59. L-3 Communications: $1,580,000
60. Exelon Business Services, LLC: $1,540,000
62. Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc: $1,530,000
66. Norfolk Southern Corporation: $1,485,026
67. Koch Companies Public Sector LLC: $1,480,000
70. American Airlines: $1,450,000
72. Oracle Corporation: $1,390,000
77. Air Transport Association of America, Inc.: $1,340,000
78. Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.: $1,330,000
79. Sepracor, Inc: $1,324,157
80. National Association of Home Builders: $1,320,000
81. UPS: $1,316,426
83. Siemens Corporation: $1,300,000
85. Duke Energy Corporation: $1,282,770
94. Distilled Spirits Council of the US, Inc: $1,230,000
95. Business Roundtable: $1,220,000
96. Wellpoint, Inc: $1,220,000
97. American Wind Energy Association: $1,212,504
98. F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd: $1,206,427
99. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association: $1,200,000
99. CBS Corporation: $1,200,000

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