Roman Tribunal of False Judgement Pushing Noahide

Roman Tribunal of False Judgement Pushing Noahide











20 November 2022

By Israel Zeus

They are spying on society and meddling in peoples personal lives. They work closely with the Talmudic Sanhedrin in Israel with Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef and Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau.

Yosef and Lau are extremely evil and work with the Cabalistic witch Esther Hayut the Chief Justice of Israel’s Supreme Court. The Roman Rota also works with a covert Evangelical Council of Christian pastors in the United States with members like Franklin Graham and Joel Osteen. Members of the Supreme Court are involved. Chief Justice and Jesuit adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University Law Center John Roberts is head of the Supreme Court in the United States. New Zealand’s Chief Justice Sian Elias is involved and she is a member of the Queen Elizabeth II’s privy council.

Meet –  Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond is the United Kingdom’s President of the Supreme Court, Hale is responsible for preventing Boris Johnson from proroguing parliament to remove us from Europe, against the wishes of the people that voted Boris for execute BREXIT. This can now be seen to be an agenda of the Roman Rota.

They operate under Canon and Talmudic law and think they have the right to know every single detail about a person and use their massive intelligence networks to gather information on those they have declared as heretics.

They do this in order to create a false sense of self righteousness as they go after anyone that opposes they’re corruption. They are completely corrupt psychopaths filled with self righteousness that falsely accuse and condemn innocent people which oppose their corruption. Members of the Roman Rota and supreme courts are professional liars that are extremely ruthless and conniving. They are all false accusers and lying hypocrites and involved in framing their victims and getting paid to do it. They torture innocent people and then laugh about it. They are completely sadistic.

Canon, Talmudic, and Shariah law systems are the same concept and used for condemnation on anyone who opposes their fascist regimes. If a person gets condemned under their secret courts they issue and finance persecution which often leads to death or imprisonment. The persecution is often through the use of electronic weapons or directed energy weapons.

They are involved in all out torture of innocent people. Persecution is also carried out by paid members of secret societies. The United States is currently under Canon and Talmudic jurisdiction which is why most Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic or Jewish. All Supreme Court justices are trained in either Canon law or Talmudic law. The British Crown manages Talmudic law which is covertly taught in law schools like Yale and Harvard which were issued by the British Crown. The British royal family run Talmudic law in the United States and use it to persecute those they have declared as outlaws.

The word Rota means a wheel or rotary. The Theodoli family oversee the Roman Rota and have a wheel on their coat of arms. The Odescalchi family are heavily involved in Canon law and in the 19th century the Jesuit priest Carlo Odescalchi was an auditor of the Sacra Rota Romana. Cardinal Benedetto Erba-Odescalchi was a Canon priest.

Today Prince Carlo Odescalchi has been made Rome’s top judge because he is a psychopath with an extreme god complex. Scalchi refers to scales a common symbol used for judicial systems. The Giustinani family married with the Odescalchi family and Giusto means “good” or “just” like justice. They are false justice. The Giustiniani and Odescalchi families oversee judicial and justice systems in society. The Odescalchi and Pallavicini families manage covert weapon systems like HAARP, CERN, electronic weapons, and satellite radio weaponry. Maurice Monier is Pro-Dean of the Roman Rota today. Monier is similar to the Italian word Moneta which means money. These false judges involved in murder and persecution are paid very well to ruin the lives of people. This group is involved in ordering the persecution of hundreds of thousands and murder of tens of thousands.

Roman Tribunal of False Judgement Pushing Noahide








Roman Tribunal of False Judgement Pushing Noahide








Roman Tribunal of False Judgement Pushing Noahide








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