Moving assets to the Vatican bank, What it means

Moving assets to the Vatican bank, What it means










16 October 2022

Several countries within the United Nations are preparing a motion to indict Bergoglio and other Vatican officials after the popes admission of genocide carried out within Canadian residential schools for indigenous children. The admission was announced on 30 July 2022 before Bergoglio left Canada to avoid all protests.

Under the terms of the International Criminal Court (ICC) should it be known that genocide has occurred, then those responsible, either as individuals or as officers of the institution or corporation must be prosecuted and punished.

Another act that can be brought against the perpetrator is to seize all assets under the “avails of crime’ statutes.

On 23 July 2022 the Pope signed a deal with the corporation China which brought to the fore how the Vatican Bank is the underwriter for China’s economy, after the admission of genocide by the Pope, both deals are now in jeopardy.

Now open to the possible seizures of Vatican assets leaves Beijing at a loss given the IOR, (Vatican bank) could be frozen if a criminal investigation is commenced. 

This was the situation in the summer of 2022 and by the autumn of the same year we witnessed the rather strong announcement by Bergoglio that all Vatican assets must be sent to the Vatican bank in Rome before 30 September 2022.

Pope Francis’ Rescript, Issued August 23, 2022

Paragraph 4 :

4. The Holy See and the Institutions connected with the Holy See that are holders of financial assets and liquidity, in whatever form they are held, in financial institutions other than the IOR must inform the IOR and transfer them to it as soon as possible within 30 days from 1 September 2022.

This unprecedented move comes in the wake of the public admission of Pope Francis on July 29 that the Catholic Church committed genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools. The Pope made the admission following the nullification of Catholic Church tax exempt status by the city council of Iqaluit, Nunavut. Similar nullification actions by other municipalities in Canada and other countries are in the works.

This tax exemption cancellation movement has been accompanied by the seizure of Catholic churches by indigenous elders in Canada, and the issuing of legal expropriation and banishment orders against the Church in Canada, America, Ireland, Britain, France, Holland, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

In addition, a formal motion to expel the Holy See and the Vatican from the United Nations will be presented before the UN General Assembly when it is re-convened on September 13 in New York City.

According to a UN delegate :

“Our own Genocide Convention prohibits a self-admitted genocidal actor like the Vatican and its diplomatic arm, the Holy See, from being seated at the Assembly. Obviously, Rome is doing a pre-emptive safeguard measure to protect its assets in case anyone tries to put a lien on them for reparations and damages.”

How does this affect England?

Scotland has her own constitution based in Roman law. England has the oldest constitution and is the foundation of freedom found in the world. During the English Civil War, both James I and his son, Charles I did battle with the Puritan mindset and lost the crown to an aristocratic parliament of landowning Babylon’s. The following Act was thrust upon the realm by the Puritan elect : 

As it is found that the bestowing and holding of the office of monarchy in any one person is unnatural, unnecessary, burdensome, and dangerous to the liberty and safety of the people, Therefore Be it Enacted by this Parliament that the office of kingship in this nation shall henceforth not reside in any single person, nor shall any person hold the office, power, or authority of monarch. It therefore be considered a crime of High Treason to attempt or to reimpose such monarchy on this nation. — from An Act of Parliament for the abolishing of the Kingly Office in England and Ireland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging, March 17, 1649, London

After the death of Cromwell, it was clear that the population was not behind the installation of the foreign merchant class and in order they did not lose all power, the latter pulled in a puppet monarch in Charles II. This would pacify the rabble before it turned into a mob.

On 19 September 2022 a Legal Notice was delivered to Charles Windsor in his capacity of King of England that he appear at a tribunal dated 1 November 2022 to answer the claim of complicity in the crimes of both his mother and father for the abduction and permanent disappearance of ten indigenous children by Elizabeth and Philip Windsor, on October 10, 1964, at the Kamloops Indian residential school in British Columbia, Canada. 

First point of note, on this day 13 October 2022, Charles Windsor is not the King of England, he is the King in Waiting, thus the claim is null and void as pertaining to Charles. Should there be no issue with the current protocols of succession, Charles is to take the Coronation Oath on 23 May 2023.

Second point of note, The English realm does not belong to the monarch. All assets beholden to England are the property of the people of England. 

Under what is termed the Holyrood Agreement of 16 September 2010[1] the Queen amalgamated the Church of England and the Church of Scotland with the Vatican positioning the Church of England and Scotland respectively, under Vatican II, Vatican II is the Jesuit Noahide system. Clearly this is an attempt to shift all assets under the Church of England within the claims being made for seizure against the Pope and his assets.

The agreement is null and void due to the fact, to carry out such an agreement falls foul of the Coronation Oath itself and the laws of England. This does however, have standing in the Legal system on Persons. 

On Monday  26 August 2019 the first Chinese catholic bishop was ordained with the blessing of both Pope Francis and the Chinese Communist government under a new deal between Beijing and the Holy See. Monsignor Antonia Yao Shun received the papal mandate and was consecrated as the bishop of Jining, according to Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni. China has around 12 million Catholics who are split between the Chinese Patriotic Association (CPCA) and an underground church loyal to the Vatican itself. The Chinese Politburo from this agreement can appoint the bishops to Rome.

Covering all these misrepresented and unlawful actions is the job of the Constitution Unit . Their main role is to fudge the reality of the Constitution in order they can change it without the people seeing the game.

If you are paying attention you have noted the fact, Charles III is being acclaimed to be the King of Great Britain, the United Kingdom and King of Scotland. There is no mention at all of the realm of England. This is because the realm of England is in her entirety, a realm of Christendom with the common law affirming the Gospel law as opposed to the law of the Torah. This standing cannot ever be incorporated into the coveted Noahide Law which has its root in the Babylonian priesthood who built the second temple.

After the fall of Rome those uprooted from the destroyed temple took advantage of Rome’s problems and began to insert themselves into the remnants, making serious headway through Charlemagne who would further the advance of the Carolingians direct into the monastic system. By the time we reached Crusade it was clear that the Holy See had become in debt to the merchants of Venice and Genoa. From this point forward the phrase; all roads lead to Rome , and then back to the cities that controlled it Genoa and Venice had teeth. Through the Templars the merchant class expanded their money lending to monarchs across Europe with the 1066 invasion of England being the catalyst to the advancement of the feudal system outside of Northern France, into the British Isles and spread across the European landmass. 

Contrary to popular belief Henry VIII did not break from Rome at all he was given a new ecclesiastical jurisdiction under the title, Defender of the Faith from the Pope, he also received one of the Pope’s Crowns (triple tiara) A second of these Crowns was taken from Spain and given to that purported Protestant King James VI of Scotland and James I of England on the Union of Crowns (England and Scotland) and creation of the British Crown.

The important factor to this information is the fact the British Crown cannot subsume the English Crown as that is an Office distinct from the Office of Monarch formed during and as a result of Edward II’s Reign c 1310. 


The Papal Crowns relate to specific Papal Bulls. The Gunpowder plot was, if not a false flag operation a very controlled operation, during the period in which the power of the merchants of the City of London was increasing exponentially. We have the Petition of Right, (another) Civil War, a King losing his head, successful Anglo Dutch War, the Restoration, a dissolute crypto Catholic King Charles II followed by an overt one James II. 

During the trail of Charles I we learned :

The trial opened on the afternoon of 20 January 1649, with further sessions on the 22nd and 23rd. With quiet dignity the King exasperated the Commissioners by refusing to answer the charges against him. He did not recognise the jurisdiction of the High Court and challenged the basis on which the purged House of Commons could claim to represent the people of England. Each session ended with Bradshaw ordering the soldiers to remove the King—thus emphasising the overriding presence of the Army in the proceedings and underlining the King’s claim that the present administration was a worse threat to the liberty and welfare of the people of England than he had ever been.

On 24 January, thirty-three witnesses against the King were heard by a sub-committee of the High Court and the following day their depositions were read out in a public session. The depositions proved the King’s personal participation in the wars, gave evidence of his approval of various atrocities and demonstrated his intention of stirring up and continuing the wars. On 26 January, the commissioners drafted the sentence, condemning Charles Stuart as a “tyrant, traitor, murderer and public enemy to the Commonwealth of England”.

The final session of the trial was held on 27 January. Bradshaw’s 40-minute address to the prisoner asserted that even a king was subject to the law, and that the law proceeded from Parliament. Furthermore, Charles Stuart had broken the sacred reciprocal bond between king and subject. By making war on his own people, he had forfeit his right to their allegiance. Declaring Charles guilty of the charges against him, Bradshaw ordered the sentence of death to be read out. To his great dismay, Charles was not allowed to speak and was abruptly led away from the court to await his execution.

The death of a king clearly marked the point at which the constitutional monarch became subverted by the barony of the merchant class, again… with the accent of Mary and her consort, William of Orange, history presents what can be seen as a move back to the sanctity and sovereignty of the English realm and an attempt to remove England from the yoke of Rome which was carried out via the Scottish aristocrats, this would again be scuppered under the Act of Union under a totally demoralised Queen Anne, a measure ensured by the sinister works of Sarah Churchill.

Some would argue that Glorious Revolution was the invocation of Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 – in any event The Bill of Rights 1688 and the Scots equivalent and the other Constitutional acts mentioned in The Royal Law and of course the Bank of England Act 1694, which essentially moved the Money Power from Amsterdam following William of Orange’s death. 

James I’s second daughter Anne became Queen, England still has a Lord High Treasurer – Charles Talbot, however shortly after German George arrives he breaks the White staff or Rod of Office and the Treasury is put out to commission. The first Lord and first Prime Minister the super corrupt Horace Walpole and the debt mountain starts it’s up’s and downs until 1799 when a new corporate entity is formed to manage the Bankruptcy – which then is expressed with the 1707 Act of Union an Act George III refused to Sign – in 1812 Spencer Percival is assassinated, he was disliked as he held both Office of Prime Minister and Office of Chancellor and wanted to pay off the debt hence Taxes were high.

So we can see bankruptcy and debt followed the commissioning of the Bank of England with corporate bodies formed to administer the bankruptcy in 1799.

What has been usurped? :

Act of Settlement 

[An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject]

Provided always and it is hereby enacted That all and every Person and Persons who shall or may take or inherit the said Crown by vertue of the Limitation of this present Act and is are or shall be reconciled to or shall hold Communion with the See or Church of Rome or shall profess the Popish Religion F2… shall be subject to such Incapacities as in such Case or Cases are by the said recited Act provided enacted and established And that every King and Queen of this Realm who shall come to and succeed in the Imperiall Crown of this Kingdom by vertue of this Act shall have the Coronation Oath administered to him her or them at their respective Coronations according to the Act of Parliament made in the First Year of the Reign of His Majesty and the said late Queen Mary intituled An Act for establishing the Coronation Oath and shall make subscribe and repeat the Declaration in the Act first above recited mentioned or referred to in the Manner and Form thereby prescribed.

and :

…after the said Limitation shall take Effect as aforesaid no Person born out of the Kingdoms of England Scotland or Ireland or the Dominions thereunto belonging (although he be . . . made a Denizen (except such as are born of English Parents) shall be capable to be of the Privy Councill or a Member of either House of Parliament or to enjoy any Office or Place of Trust either Civill or Military or to have any Grant of Lands Tenements or Hereditaments from the Crown to himself or to any other or others in Trust for him

Central Banking Power

In 1913, The Temple Crown gained full control of the United States currency with the installation of the Federal Reserve. Great Britain first came off the Gold Standard in 1914 only to return to it in 1925 and finally coming off in September 1931. 

Switzerland was one of the last to leave in 1935, however  internationally the Bretton Woods agreements maintained a link with Gold until Nixon in 1972 with the introduction of the petrodollar and the massive inflation that followed. The BRICS group is trying to remove the petrodollar ultimately with the intention and next move to destroy the dollar as the global reserve currency.

The Royal Law , a book that people should be reading and comprehending. Notwithstanding all the immigration the common law of England is still Christian and was still directly accessible until ~1972.

In 1897 The King’s Fund was formed and with the installation of the Brown Blair Labour government 1997 the fund celebrated its centenary. New labour was a new deal against a backdrop of change. After 18 years as the Fund’s chief executive, Robert Maxwell resigned and Rabbi Julia Neuberger succeeded him. In December 1997, the structure of the Fund, created as a result of its post-war re-organisation, changed (p 5). The staff training colleges that had been in place since the early 1950s were replaced by a new corporate structure that could respond to the changing world of charitable governance and new demands in health care.

Traditionally, the Fund had been involved in developing London’s hospitals, but this period saw it expand its influence in areas such as care for older people and the capital’s mental health services. The London Commission was established to address these growing challenges, and its findings were published in the 1997 Transforming health in London report. ‘Transformation’ was everywhere at the time under Tony Blair’s New Labour government ending 18 years of Conservative leadership. Devolution was the name of the game as the political class on behalf of the Scofield aristocracy moved to dismantle the English realm. First on the list was of course how to dismantle the National health Service, This was the true agenda of the Kings Fund.

Take note of the name Julia Neuberger, the Rabbi that took charge of the kings Fund which included health and mental health. This character has to be a master from within the Tavistock Institute that quaint old benevolent operation moving to control your mind.

Julia Neuberger is a Baroness and was the first female Rabbi to have her own synagogue. In a report from the Jewish News back in June 2019, Julia is a ‘health leader’ and  chairs the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, she is also described as an author. The report goes on to state Baroness Neuberger was once an attendee at one of Cynthia Paynes fantasy sex parties.

In January 2020 the Guardian reported issues against the Rabbi set to take over the West London Synagogue (WLS), the flagship of the UK Reform Judaism movement, when they appointed Rabbi David Mitchell as its joint senior rabbi to replace Baroness Julia Neuberger. Members of the synagogue’s congregation include historian Sir Simon Schama and the actor Maureen Lipman.

Julia Neuberger headed the House of Lords Science and technology Select Committee at the same time her brother headed the Supreme Court, the latter enforcing the former. From this select committee the aim was to create Public health England in order they could change the behaviour of the population to accept the fake science builds up through the Epstein blackmail networks.

This was achieved in the creation of a post holding power over two departments of government, the DWP and the Department of Education, the post was named The Chief Social Scientist (CSS) Page 25-

Moving assets to the Vatican bank, What it means

Brexit Sophistry

Keep in mind that another Neuberger and Lord, David Neuberger headed the Supreme Court during the behaviour change agenda being launched by the Temple Crown through Julia.
Lord David Neuberger, Privy Councillor. Lord Neuberger, a former employee of NM Rothschild, previously advocated censorship of social media to suppress references to VIP paedophiles. Neuberger’s wife, Angela Holdsworth, was a BBC executive for many years and must have known about Jimmy Savile’s activities. She also worked with Nick Ross and Esther Rantzen on before becoming the editor of Crimewatch. Neuberger’s sister, Lady Julia Neuberger, was previously senior rabbi at West London Synagogue; its members have included Esther Rantzen and deceased alleged paedophiles Alan Bradley and Sir Simon Milton. WLS rabbi David Mitchell was suspended after joking and laughing about seeing kids’ genitalia. Past directors of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research include: Julia Neuberger, Greville Janner, Edgar Bronfman Sr whose son is listed in Ghislaine Maxwell’s Black Book, Jacob Rothschild and Daniel Finkelstein.

We can see the success in word wizardry playing out when Boris the blonde bombshell moved to leave Europe without any form of agreement :

25 September 2019 – Today, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom admirably discharged its role as one of the three arms of a democratic government responsible for checking the power of another. It held that the advice given to the Queen by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to prorogue (suspend) UK Parliament for a period of 5 weeks in the lead-up to the date by which the UK is due to exit the European Union, namely 31 October 2019, was unlawful. Note the use of the term ‘unlawful.’

This gives the impression that the Supreme Court is operating according to English common law that makes up the English Constitutional realm :

The Supreme Court ultimately held that the sovereignty of Parliament, as the foundational principle of the UK constitution would be undermined if the Executive could, through the use of the prerogative, prevent Parliament from exercising its legislative authority for as long as it pleased. The longer Parliament stands prorogued, the greater the risk that responsible government may be replaced by unaccountable government. For this reason an unlimited power of prorogation by the Executive would be incompatible with Parliamentary sovereignty. So, contrary to the Prime Minister’s arguments made to the Supreme Court, there must be limits on the power to prorogue (or to advise to prorogue). It is at those limits that Supreme Court stands guardian. Having analysed the question in this way, the Supreme Court held that it was “firmly of the opinion” that the question of whether the advice to prorogue was lawful was one with which the Court could deal. For it to do so would not be an interference with the lawful exercise of the power, within its limits.

There is no UK constitution, there is an English constitution and a Scottish constitution, the court is making clear they are operating under neither while using the term lawful. The wizardry in the use of the term ‘UK constitution’ fools the mind and prevents the mind from seeing that this whole affair, is based on corporate contract law and again we see real law is not operational at all. A clear example of behaviour change in the 11 justices that sat the case. The behavioural change in the judiciary and masses shows itself in the acceptance of the wizardry.

Constitution Unit University College London

In May of 2018 the constitution unit procured itself to change what is not changeable, the Coronation Oath.

Chapter 4 : ‘Ideal reformulation’ the unit considered the following :

No change to the actual wording of the oaths, but adding some prefatory text to explain the history and to put the oaths in a modern context.

Minimal change to the oaths, just to take account of legislative and social changes since 1953, which might be possible without legislation under the doctrine of implied repeal, generously interpreted.

Medium change, maintaining but toning down the religious exclusivity of the oaths.

Maximum change, removing all references to Protestantism and the Church of Englandand giving each oath a new purpose suited to its context.

Information as a video : 


[1]The Queen this morning welcomed the Pope to the palace of Holyrood house in Edinburgh, her official residence in Scotland. As the British national anthem was sung, and as a blustery wind blew, the Pope removed his zucchetto (skullcap). The Queen welcomed Pope Benedict and said: “Your holiness, your presence here today reminds us of our common Christian heritage.” She went on to pay tribute to the work of the Church, praising its “special contribution” in working with the poor and its extensive network of schools. She hoped that this state visit by the Holy Father would deepen the ties between the Catholic Church and the Churches of England and of Scotland.

The Pope in his wide-ranging address spoke vigorously of the dangers of atheism and aggressive secularism, quoting a phrase from his encyclical Caritas in veritate, that the exclusion of God leads to a “reductive vision of the person and his destiny”. He began his remarks, however, by warmly saluting the Royal family, thanking in particular the Duke of Edinburgh “for his kind welcome to me at Edinburgh Airport”, present and previous Governments and Lord Patten and former Secretary of State Murphy.

He said: “The name of Holyrood house, Your Majesty’s official residence in Scotland, recalls the ‘Holy Cross’ and points to the deep Christian roots that are still present in every layer of British life. The monarchs of England and Scotland have been Christians from very early times and include outstanding saints like Edward the Confessor and Margaret of Scotland. As you know, many of them consciously exercised their sovereign duty in the light of the Gospel, and in this way shaped the nation for good at the deepest level. As a result, the Christian message has been an integral part of the language, thought and culture of the peoples of these islands for more than a thousand years.”

“Your forefathers’ respect for truth and justice, for mercy and charity come to you from a faith that remains a mighty force for good in your kingdom, to the great benefit of Christians and non-Christians alike.

“We find many examples of this force for good throughout Britain’s long history. Even in comparatively recent times, due to figures like William Wilberforce and David Livingstone, Britain intervened directly to stop the international slave trade. Inspired by faith, women like Florence Nightingale served the poor and the sick and set new standards in healthcare that were subsequently copied everywhere. John Henry Newman, whose beatification I will celebrate shortly, was one of many British Christians of his age whose goodness, eloquence and action were a credit to their countrymen and women. These, and many people like them, we’re inspired by a deep faith born and nurtured in these islands.”

The Holy Father recalled how Britain and her leaders stood against a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society and denied people’s common humanity — especially the Jews. He also reflected on the Nazi regime’s attitude to Christian pastors and religious who “spoke the truth in love”, opposed the Nazis and paid for that opposition with their lives. He added: “As we reflect on the sobering lessons of the atheist extremism of the twentieth century, let us never forget how the exclusion of God, religion and virtue from public life leads ultimately to a truncated vision of man and of society and thus to a ‘reductive vision of the person and his destiny’ [a phrase from the encyclical Caritas in Veritate].”

Pope Benedict addressed the British media, saying they had “a graver responsibility than most and a greater opportunity to promote the peace of nations, the integral development of peoples and the spread of authentic human rights”. He expressed the wish that “all Britons continue to live by the values of honesty, respect and fair-mindedness that have won them the esteem and admiration of many”.

Finally he spoke of “aggressive secularism” of the modern age and noted the challenges of Britain’s efforts to be a modern and multicultural society. “In this challenging enterprise, may it always maintain its respect for those traditional values and cultural expressions that more aggressive forms of secularism no longer value or even tolerate,” he said. “Let it not obscure the Christian foundation that underpins its freedoms; and may that patrimony, which has always served the nation well, constantly inform the example your Government and people set before the two billion members of the Commonwealth and the great family of English-speaking nations throughout the world.” He concluded by saying: “May God bless Your Majesty and all the people of your realm. Thank you.”

The Pope afterwards moved on to a busy reception inside Holyrood house.

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