Is Islam being set up to set up the west with world war the aim?










I think an enquiry into the policies of western governments is required as the world enters into slow starvation. An enquiry in order we can better understand why seemingly demented ideas and statutes of division are forcing policies that will serve to channel only anger and blame, leading ultimately to hatred and violence. But first a little reminder of a not to distant history from which shining examples of what not to do, when a nation experiences a state of poverty and suffering with a serious overbalance to violent authority, but most important of all the examples present a clear case as to why we must cease listening to the whispers of diverted blame, especially from leaders and the media.

Ignorance is born from the lack of effort as an individual in seeking knowledge. It must then be understood that not to seek knowledge you exist in ignorance of the world in which you live leading to a position of ignorant reaction, this is the teaching of the religions. If you do not know morality as your base resonance you will act contrary to it.

In a broken and poverty stricken Germany between the two wars under the reparation regulations, one religion was placed for appearance sake, as moving to takeover the landmass lived on by Germans, a position facilitated through the Bolshevik takeover of Russia which saw a mass migration of Jews and Christians into Germany. Such an influx of people not in abstract poverty positioned them to buy up business and property. This formed the perception by the beleaguered German’s that the Jews were taking over their beloved country. This position was promoted between the First World War and the Second, and from 1933 was promoted by the state under the Theosophist Adolf Hitler.

When the people had had enough they reacted under the political thesis of chaos with consent, with the state allowing and supporting it. From that chaos would be activated the already implemented corporate contingency system which shut down Germany under martial law, or, no common laws active, everything became military which is a position of no law and therefore no rights, in order the will of the corporation can prosper.

From this position was thrust upon Germany the Third Reich which gained hatred from the entire world ensuring no shortage of willing governments to procure soldiers to counter the rise of the fascist state. In disgust at the rise of fascism, England declared war.

The Balkans
In Yugoslavia the Islamic populations were encouraged by the corporate intelligence wing of the banking cartel, which runs the Cherry Marine assassination squads,  persuaded the Muslims to arm and attack their host nation, arms that would be procured by the same military intelligence networks through Armenia.

This they did which formed the severe reaction from the Serbian government that had also been deceived by the banking cartel’s intelligence through their Russian allies.

The natives reacted as you would when your population is under serious attack, and for their action, the global media whipped up the global community with the mantra of ethnic cleansing, in went NATO and bombed the living daylights out of Yugoslavia in a ten year genocide of the Balkan peoples.
Islam has been set up from the get go in the western host nations, but for this reality to take physical form it had to be based in the mistake of Muslims. The mistakes as I see them are twofold, first :
The Prophet (saw) said :

Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim

Islam has misunderstood the order to seek knowledge by believing it is a demand to seek that knowledge only from within the Koran and such works as the Hadith. You cannot seek the knowledge of a foreign race through a book from your own race alone; you must study the knowledge of the other race to understand its premise and thus its knowledge.

In this failure, though not a failure of Islam alone, Muslims have failed to understand the fact that western statutes are not western law, and the second aspect to this manipulation shows itself in the breaking of the law of the host nation in gaining rights under statutes in direct contradiction to the law itself.

Furthermore since they arrived, speculative masonry, allied with the Muslim Brotherhood ensured the Muslims had the information enough to defraud the social system. Those that chose this way immediately fell foul of the command of Mohammed to live by the laws of the host nation, and of course the commandment, “Though Shall Not Steal.”

In Great Britain the common law is based in Canon Law, all else is a commercial statute to support the corporation in the many contracts forced onto the populations by deception, ergo a corporate statute is not a law.

In the use of statutes to gain advantage is to subvert the laws of the nation, is to support the corporation against the law.

From this perhaps unwitting mistake the statutes they use to further the benefit and rights of Islam in the host nation leaves them in breech of the protocol of the Koran, to obey the laws of the host nation, laws in the west that have their basis in Christian Canon Law.

Canon Law was operational in Christendom at the time of Mohamed, Mohamed would have known this and reason for his directive.

The four protocols of common law of England are thus :

You must not harm, injure, or wound in any form be that mental or physical another.
You must not vandalise the property of another
You must not defraud in a contract or agreement
You must not thieve

The four cornerstones of common law above are not in breech of any laws relating to the House of God, they act in a complimentary manner with the Laws of Moses, laws to ensure the weakest in society are protected and nurtured to understand the knowledge of the path to god so they can protect themselves from slavery.
The overall doctrine of common law in Great Britain comes in the form of the British Constitution which includes Magna Carta and is clear, that power over these lands cannot be removed from the laws of Christendom, or, the Laws of Moses.
Obeying the laws of the host nation
For this insight we must turn to a Muslim scholar, he states :

We have to abide by the law of the place where we live. We are not committed to obey any law contradictory to Islam. You cannot live in a society without complying with its rules and laws. You will be forced to follow those laws. If you want to disobey the laws of that society, you will make yourself liable to penalties and punishments. That liability is against Islam.

He is clear that to breech any doctrine presented by Mohamed is to position that liability against Islam itself, or against the House of God. This in spiritual terms then positions those who do breech the doctrine by default, as having moved their soul into the House of War, an affront to Islamic doctrine.
It is actions that determine the state of ones being, all the talk in the world only masks the true intention. God as it where sees all and all will be judged on their actions.

And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad [saw]) gives you, take it, and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it). [TMQ59:7]

The ignorance of this truth is a direct consequence of failing to uphold the doctrine to seek knowledge, one sin begets another.

There is a third aspect to this conundrum which in the last paragraph I touched upon :

Islamic theology divides the world into two spheres locked in perpetual conflict: The House of Islam and the House of War. The House of Islam (dar al-Islam) embraces territory where Islamic law (Sharia) is the law of the land, while the House of War (dar al- Harb) comprises the rest of the world. The House of Islam is enjoined by Allah to make war upon the House of War until the latter is permanently assimilated into the former.

A misunderstanding of the use of the word Islam in this context has led to another serious mistake.
The term Muslim translates as one who submits to the will of god, they have equated the will of god to be only from within the Koran, that all other religions are not of God.

Therefore in this understanding of the prophet, Imams have forsaken the Laws of Moses and removed themselves from the Israelite tradition entirely.

This mistake shows itself in the recognition given to Christianity by Mohamed, if he was of the belief Christianity was not of the House of God, he would have given them no rights, but he did.

If a man, whatever religion or race, submits to the will of god which resides in your own personal spirit over his own will, then regardless of which book or indeed prophet he prescribes to or not, he is of the House of God. His actions will show this.

For any man to exert his own will to the exception of the will of the creator, your own spirit, then he or she is at war and by default has shifted into the House of War. Claiming god is not enough, your actions have to synchronise with the way as set through the true Israelite tradition, not as commanded by the Talmud.

In pursuing Sharia Law in countries outside the homelands Islam is operating a war against the laws of the host nation, you breech the Koran, you make Islam as a whole, liable for your deeds. In that sense to break with the koran via false interpretation, which radical Islam is clearly doing, you are responsible for the judgement upon your entire race.

To continue this path in the west will bring forth the prophecy also within the Koran, that Islam will be wiped of the face of the earth, the Koran states this because the prophet knew the seriousness of not upholding, as an individual, the doctrines as given by Mohamed, if you believe that the Koran is the word of god.

For further insight to this reality one need only look at what has happened in Libya and today in Syria through energising ignorant youth to bloody rebellion and the House of War, while using the name of god to sanction action that is clearly in contradiction to the laws of god.

Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not covet.
If you judge your financial success in terms of gods grace, then think again, Jesus turned over the money tables as not of gods will, if you are gaining wealth then know it is the kingdom of earth that is rewarding your efforts.

The kingdom of earth is controlled by those of the Talmud, a doctrine that aims to have the two main threats to its power, Christianity and the Israelite tradition, because both still follow the Laws of Moses. Radical islam, however, despises both traditions and is set to become the sword of Iblis in an attempt to remove the Israelite tradition from the face of the earth, with the victor left to face the eastern allies on behalf of the UN. 

Another point we in the West need to grasp is the role of the Untied Nations when it comes to civil unrest anywhere on the globe. Should we have an emergency situation such as racial civil unrest, all our troops and equipment are overseas fighting NATO’s wars. Who do you think the corporate governments will call for help in the civil disruption? They will call the United Nations.

And did you know that some 1.9 million Chinese troops make up this UN military intervention force and are already positioned around the United States?

American’s, do not give up your guns, but move together against the Federal Reserve system and take back your military.

The simple fact is, if we as people do not begin to understand the game playing against us, enough to not act our allotted role as the elites of this world have scripted, then the whole world will be shut down under martial law with foreign troops in all nations dishing out the orders. According to the Protocols this will be achieved in one day, on that day the peoples of the earth had better be ready and prepared to revolt against tyranny, or tyranny it shall be.
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