How Western Civilisation has Been Stolen

How Western Civilisation has Been Stolen

8 May 2024

The following video offers the insight into a method played against us by which all western capitol, through a deception played by the Church and finance, has undermined our natural right of dominion over land and property, described in Genesis 1.

In November 1302 Boniface had issued a fundamental declaration concerning the position of the papacy in the Christian world, the bull Unam sanctam (“One Holy”), which has become the most widely known of all papal documents of the Middle Ages because of its allegedly radical and extreme formulation of the content of the papal office. The bull as a whole is indeed a strong but not a novel invocation of the supremacy of the spiritual over the temporal power. Nevertheless, the old Gelasian doctrine that both powers are distinct and both are from God is clearly stated, and in the final dogmatic sentence the pope speaks not of the temporal power but of the human creature as the object of the papal plenitude of power, submission to which is said to be necessary for salvation.


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Timeline of Lucifer/Yahweh,  Masonic Lodge British Isles.

How Western Civilisation has Been Stolen

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