Endgame in the West, time for a rebirth of the Militias

Endgame in the West, time for a rebirth of the Militias











In Germany the supermarket Edeka in Hamburg played a serious mind control operation to support the open door policy for migrants using the supermarket importation of food as a symbolic gesture to the importance of diversity.  The supermarket Edeka emptied the shelves of all products not made in Germany which had the entire store almost empty of goods for one day only. The signs on the shelf were very well crafted to communicate directly with the emotions of the German’s, it said :

“On offer today, much less diversity.”

Chanel 4, which aired the video added that :

“A shelf without foreigners is empty.”

An Edeka spokesperson said 24 August 2017 : 

“Edeka stands for variety and diversity. In our stores we sell numerous foods which are produced in the various regions of Germany. But only together with products from other countries is it possible to create the unique variety, that our customers value.”

Endgame in the West, time for a rebirth of the Militias







All might at first appear fine with this supposed moral lesson, but when you consider how the Bolsheviks used starvation as a weapon against populations, then it must be regarded as a maxim of national security to ensure the nation does not suffer a failure in its capacity to grow and control its own food production. What was carried out in Russia from 1917 leading to the starvation of over 65 million Russians, was a military attack method. What they are attempting with the Edeka method is a means to procure the same result, but from an emotional assault, with the sole aim to change the psychological paradigm to one of consensual genocide through deception. This is achieved through gaining the Tacit Agreement to a contract you did not understand was being offered. Deception built on deception, this is the theology of the priestcraft of Commerce.

The real script of the Edeka propaganda piece to be noted, is presented in the fact, the supermarkets purchase almost all food from outside all the nations in which they operate. They import the food supply.

The German Edeka presentation is a masterpiece of wizardry, it is an attempt to bolster and continue to enforce all food importation by consent, so they can continue subsidising farmers across the EU block not to grow food. Nations loose self sufficiency which is exactly what the bankers want because it gives them control of the basic human requirement.

They attack children to gain emotional authority to program the emotional self through the scientific and psychological formed methods of educating your offspring in the schools.[A] Working along side and through celebrity culture to drum in the school programming as normal to procure Fear Authority which is then used by all forms of private security and the corporate State.[B]

Great Britain

In Britain under the corporate U.K. the Inner Temple to which the current Queen, as a woman, is a member, has played a game against the British people over Brexit. They knew the overwhelming majority of the native population wanted out of this super dictatorship, so they offered a referendum and manipulated the actual result to make it look like it was a close race between out and in. This is a complete fabrication, almost all those who voted to remain were the immigrant collective who block vote Labour to secure the benefit handouts, as such Islam in Britain is directly responsible for the wars against Islam since 2002. The rest were the communist programmed puppets acting for Labour and the superstate. The powerful that back remain are the communist landowners and big farmers who are fat because they sit on their arses while sucking the tit of the EU cash cow in subsidies not to farm the land and keep all others off it. They all operate for the Inner Temple, which is part of the Crown Temple.

After World War II and the landslide victory of the Bolshevik Labour Party on behalf of the Crown, was launched a superstate over the nation to have you all suckling on its tit. They also launched an industry formed entirely within the Third Reich’s I.G. Farben, based on the results from the experiments carried out on those held in some of the concentration camps, this gave the ability for precision medical intrusion into all bodies of the population to break it. This was achieved through the NHS, with the full consent of those who’s trust would turn out to be misplaced as they swooned over the issuance of the National Insurance number. The Hippocratic Oath gave the public some form of protection at least at doctor level, but the real Eugenics agenda was being carried out at the pharmaceutical level as only they knew the real content of all the synthetic medication, doctors were taught only what to prescribe for ailments brought to their attention. Today this has shifted into an all out coverup to secure a salary, and for many Doctors and specialists, it is about prescribing medication from companies in which they hold shares. This agenda has been made easier by the importation of foreign personnel.


As we have learned from the Edeka psy-op, the supermarkets import almost all the food they sell. From that fact we can move our mind forward and see that the ability to completely cut off the food supply to nations will be precise and absolute. The Food Banks[C] which will be the first point of succour for those unable to purchase food, are set to incorporate and demand intervention orders if you wish receive food. The intervention is aimed directly at your offspring which means the food bank regime is nothing but a mechanic set up for the procurement of children for the child trafficking network.[D]

I have expanded the reality of the supermarkets in a report named : What is happening to my Town and Who is Responsible.[1]

The flooding of Western nations by the Muslim has to be seen as another aspect of this plan because it has formed a secondary system of food importation outside the supermarket network but still within the global food production network under five corporations. The immigrant likes to eat their own brand of products because they are distinct from the menu of western tables, because of this fact the priesthood know they will be self sufficient in all lands they have been sent, they will thrive while the western populations starve because the supermarket platform will collapse. It is all about division.

Blinded by the falsehoods forced upon them by the Imams, through a misrepresentation of the Koran,  the Hadith and the Sira, they will believe God has given them the right to watch and facilitate the murder of the non Muslim’s through the false Sharia formed under the misdirection of the secret society member Imams. If the Sharia is based on a false interpretation of the Koran, then it is not of the prophet and therefore not under Allah. They lose the protection and insight of the theology. Of course if they were true to the book they claim to follow, they would understand this deception and follow the commands of the Koran, one of the main maxims being that they exist within the laws of the host nation and not the rules of contract. That failure is born of another initial failing and a command from the book, they have clearly failed to seek knowledge which has secured the former deception. Government legislation is not law.[2] All religion suffers this dilemma, subversion from the top moves the body into a false version of the creed. Questions always need to be asked and correctly answered or there is a problem.

The Koran does not divide Islam into two houses, that of war and that of peace, this is a misrepresentation of the book by the Imams connected to the secret society networks which is forced upon the Muslim communities via the Mosques. In operating under the false House of War, you are no longer acting under the protection of the book, you are no longer Muslim according to the book itself.

The priesthood that sent them here fully understand the position, this has prepared the way for the Muslims in all nations to become classed as terrorists when they see fit, but not before they have achieved the aims of the priesthood in helping to carry out genocide and slavery upon the host nation populations. Another failure of recognition amongst the guest communities is the reality that Muslims in Britain, ensured the wars against Islam, birthed after the catastrophe that was 911, because of the fact they block vote the Labour Party under command of the Mosques to secure the benefit handouts. It was Labour that set off all the wars under the premiership of Gordon Brown through his front Tony Blair. Through lack of intellect they have failed to recognise that they are the cause of such wars blinded by greed and the demands from the Mosques on how they must vote, against the will of millions of white natives in Britain who marched many times to prevent Britain joining George Bush and war.

From this position will they be labelled terrorists and all they have been given will be scooped under the Legal maxim of Proceeds of Crime.

China is the New World Order and Islam needs to understand how China looks upon Islam.

You need to recognise what is coming down the line if it is not stopped in its tracks.


WWI killed all the men in Britain from which the Russian Jewish immigrants (from 1888 to 1915) took over the high Degrees of Freemasonry from which they were able to acquire all the large land estates. Through the Legal Instrument the Land Registry, huge swathes of property and other land plots across the nation have also been Legally taken into their hands. Through the Heritage platform and the National Trust they have scooped up huge tracts of our countryside which they will prevent all from utilising to grow food. Through the incorporation of council and government they use fronts such as Accrington Stanley Football Club, to completely take over the common land. It is all about preventing you from growing food when the Rothschild fiat currencies collapse and with the creation of full electronic currency, they can thieve all you have when the time comes. This is the bail in principle seen in Cyprus in 2013.

The Baby Boomer generation are too busy being retired having sold out the infrastructure and hoarding all the cash, that is if they have not committed suicide through the NHS obsession with the Crown taking the inheritance. Generation X, from 1960 to 67 is were the Men are at, you know of what I speak, it lies latent in your DNA. The Millennial’s are all about nail polish, feelings and hairdos, they are totally programmed by the MK Ultra gangster culture, which focuses on grassing and sodomy, but the real program they have taken upon themselves is the worship of the black man who are being pushed into all our towns as overspill from the cities, the Housing Associations carry this agenda out with your properties.

The Morgenthau Plan activated the starvation platform against Germany after WWII and came through the new centre of financial power, the United States.

It is time to Grow up and understand the game. Now is the time to break the coming genocide script and the implementation of the Kalergi Plan which aims to turn Britain and Europe into the land of Pharaoh, because the immigrants are already slaves in mind, body and soul.

From the Kalergi Plan we learn :

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid is the race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, [they] will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals.”

When the starvation begins the Noahide laws will be the platform on which all the immigrants and Noahide groups already rooted across Europe will act against you, this includes the Masons, Jehovahs Witnesses, Scientologists, Mormons, and the Evangelical Noahide slaves. The Evangelical Satanic Churches are in full control of the Food Banks.[C]


The Police are no longer Constabularies which is a platform operating according to the laws of the Realm. Today they are private corporations operating under charitable status and are therefore unaccountable to the public.

Militia is the way forward, it acts according to the realm and is therefore authorised by the realm. You are not required to ask permission, the realm is the permission as a duty incumbent upon the Citizen, the nation is the ultimate jurisdiction it is the jurisdiction of man and stands above the State and the Ecclesiastical in jurisdiction. The State and all its employees are governed by the legislation coming out of the corporation called Government. As a Crown Corporation, Government is a Legal Instrument of the group of private clubs called the Inns of Court, the Templar Crown, via oath they become private corporate Crown employees, they no longer serve the public, they serve the fiction QEII which is also a Legal Instrument for the Crown via the Inner Temple.

Under the British Realm you are classed as a Citizen, so you would take up that title, if you accept that title then you can take all your authority from the Realm in all your actions. When it comes to Law Enforcement we take the 1829 accepted set of 9 Principles as the authority.[4]

In short :

Principle 7 is the overriding Principle that determines the duty of the Citizen as it relates to the upkeep of the Realm :

Principle 7

“To maintain at all times a relationship which gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen, in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

Principle 2 :

“To recognise always that the power of the police to fulfil their functions and duties is dependant on public approval of their existence, actions and behaviour, and on their ability to secure and maintain public respect.”  

[They are now a force acting contrary to this principle, you forgo approval and respect when you refuse to come out to a reported crime.]

Principle 5 (in part)

“To seek and preserve public favour by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to law, in complete independence of policy.”

[Today they act only for policy enforcement which comes from corporate government and is administered by the corporate Courts. They are no longer a Constabulary under the realm, they are a  Police Force impersonating the Constabulary.]

Principle 9 (in part)

“To recognise always that the test of Police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder.”

Crime has expanded over 1000% since the change from Constabulary to Force. We have gangs trying peoples door handles day and night, we have organised burglaries in the town centres to close local trade, we have idiots using the roads as race tracks at night. The Police refuse to come out to reports of crime and claim it to be because they do not have the resources. That is a dereliction of duty under the laws of the realm, you pay directly for the Police through Council Tax, have they told you they no longer work for you? The Police no longer operate according to the realm, they act as a foreign private corporation on the land because that is exactly what they are, they work for private interests.

We have a void in law enforcement due to the fact, the Police claim it as a duty only incumbent upon them. Not only are they acting contrary to law, they are actively deceiving the public as to your own duties using false claims and threats of all kinds to invoke fear authority.

Duty as a Citizen demands you take this unlawful gang of criminals to task. They enforce the removal of children with the equally private and corporate Social Services, all under fear authority with the threat of violence and kidnap. They support the robbery and theft of your goods and property, all coming from within the Legal jurisdiction which is beneath the jurisdiction of law.

So when I speak of Militia, I am not speaking of gangs of marauding hooligans on the streets, I am speaking in terms of Citizen networks that have understood the current position as relates to law over commercial legislation, and in understanding distinct jurisdiction when it comes to authority in law and the fear authority the private security groups enforce as the only authority for submission.

It is the duty of the public to demand and enforce that the police move back to Constabularies and thus back in line with law, this move will never come from within the power base that is Speculative Masonry because it is they who benefit through enrichment. Freemasonry controls the private security by definition of the fact, they are its hierarchy.

Sitting on the fence is no longer an option we must understand our situation and how we move to remedy this aberration of how to act according to law and how to use the law.


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