Dr’s Murdoch, Banks and Kanani want DNR Forms for autistic and learning disabilities

Dr's Murdoch, Banks and Kanani want DNR Forms for autistic and learning disabilities

17 April 2020

The lockdowns are supposedly to ‘protect the vulnerable’. First they had the elderly sign DO NOT RESUSCITATE FORMS, and now they’re recommending those with autism and learning disabilities do the same.

The source wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Doctors have been asking parents of children with autism/learning disabilities to sign DNR forms if they go into hospital with “Covid-19” and if they went into cardiac arrest the hospital staff wouldn’t help them in any way. They would be left to die naturally until their heart stopped. This letter is from a mental health nurse who also works in an NHS improvement team stating that under no circumstances should these children be left without any form of help. It’s against the law. Unfortunately it’s falling on deaf ears.
So this letter was detailing that patients with learning disabilities do not have health conditions and should not be considered as a “do not resuscitate”.

Claire Murdoch is a Temple Crown Agent
Dr  Claire Murdoch CBE is the Chief Executive of the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and national director for mental health, NHS England.

She was rated by the Health Service Journal as the seventeenth most influential person in the English NHS in 2016.[1] She was the inaugural Chair of the Cavendish Square Group of the 10 London NHS trusts responsible for mental health services, succeeded by John Brouder, Chief Executive of North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) in 2018 [2]

She was involved in the development of a rating system for Clinical Commissioning Groups performance in mental health during 2016.[3]

She has particularly supported moves to ensure mentally ill people, especially children and adolescents are treated nearer their homes.[4] [5]

She was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2019 New Year Honours for services to the NHS.

Her sister Alison Reynolds received the British Empire Medal (BEM) in the 2018 New Year Honours for services to Community Sport in Kent.

Since 1984 Murdoch has been a registered mental health nurse.[6]
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Dr's Murdoch, Banks and Kanani want DNR Forms for autistic and learning disabilities


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