Dictionary of the English language, Samuel Johnson

Dictionary of the English language, Samuel Johnson










Language is everything. To understand what has gone amiss in Great Britain you must understand that language determines the jurisdictions of law. They have removed what is necessary from education to ensure the populations do not understand their own language and culture, from which all attacks upon nation move forward without opposition that has teeth.

About the year 1150, the Saxon began to take a form in which the beginning of the present English may be plainly discovered ; this change seems not to have been the effect of the Norman conquest, for very few French words are found to have been introduced in the first hundred years after it; the language must therefore have been altered by causes like those which, notwithstanding the care of writers and societies Instituted to obviate them, are even now daily making innovations in every living language. I have exhibited a specimen of the language of this age from the year 1135 to 1140 of the Saxon Chronicle, of which the latter part was apparently written near the time to which it relates.




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