The Corruption Remedy Process, Edward William Ellis

The Corruption Remedy Process, Edward William Ellis










The name of a court exercising third jurisdiction at law but mainly in Equity :

“Common law judges consider Equity to be arbitrary and a royal Encroachment on the power of an independent judiciary.”

Renowned 17th Century judge John Sheldon said :

“Equity is just another interpretation of a man over another man.”

Equity therefore, has no jurisdiction over a man.

It is no secret that the Crown is controlled by the House Rothschild. We need to understand all moves to secure absolute power to this cursed house of mammon.

Equity lawyer Edward Ellis is moving to establish Equity as the means to invoke the Crown against Parliament. He says :

The Equity Monarchy Trusts govern Parliament Session Powers for the United Kingdom Parliament. They fell into disuse for 45 years when the Politicians developed the European Constitution. It vested Dictator Powers in the State. The European Leaders needed Election Frauds to get Referenda Acceptance of the European Constitution. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got the Election Fraud Proof and revived use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts. It started a Corruption Remedy Process that has continued for 15 years. Presidents Obama and Trump both assisted with the Remedy Process. The issue now is Remedy Publicity. It is how the population will discover the scale of corruption and what is being done to remedy it.

1. How did the Equity Monarchy Trusts help nations to win their independence?

When the Equity Monarchy Trusts were established it ceased to be treason for an Englishman to say the Colonies should have their independence. It helped the Colonies to win the American War of Independence.

Corruption was Taboo in the UK. Revival of the Equity Monarchy Trusts broke the Taboo. It revived the Citizen Identity. Politicians misjudged the influence it had. It was a Significant Influence that got the Leave Decision from the Brexit Referenda.

2. How does the Remedy Process work?

The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern parliament Session Powers. The Citizen has Investigation Jurisdiction. The Crown has Prosecution Jurisdiction. The 24 Lord Bishops have Adjudication Jurisdiction. Up to 12 Lord Bishops sit as Trial Jurors. Up to 12 Different Lord Bishops sit as Appeal Jurors. Nothing happens until the Citizen gets Corruption Proof. The action starts when the Citizen does get Corruption Proof. The Crown makes Trial Orders of Corruption Cases against the State or Unfitness Cases against Officers and Authorities. The Corruption Proof gets a Corruption Finding, Remedy Entitlement Finding and Remedy Priority Finding. The Relevant Officer or Authority has a chance to service the Priority Finding. A Remedy Success is Justice Proof for an Honourable Officer. A Remedy Failure gets an Unfitness Case, Remedy Failure Finding and Dismissal Priority Finding.

The Ultimate Sanction is a Parliament Session refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. It enables the Crown to impose Corruption Remedy Conditions in Parliament Session Agreements.

3. Have they ever threatened to use the Ultimate Sanction?

Yes. In 2006 the choice for Prime Minister Mr Blair was to sign a 10 Month retirement Notice or face a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. He signed the Retirement Notice. He spent the rest of his time in office making Protection Fraud Arrangements in the hope they would last his lifetime.

In 2007 the choice for Prime Minister Mr Brown was to accept the Corruption Remedy Conditions in the Parliament Session Agreement or face a Forced General Election. He tried to resist, lost confidence, and signed. Organised Crime controlled the Labour Governing Majority. He had no hope of performing the Remedy Conditions. The result was a Remedy Failure Finding, Unfitness Finding and Dismissal Priority Finding against him and the Labour Majority. The 2009 Expense Account Scandals were used to execute it

In 2017 the choice for Prime Minister Mrs May was to call a Surprise General Election or face a Forced General Election. The Corruption Remedy Conditions needed an Election Free Period to enable a Long Session for Remedy Management. The Corrupt Officers had many chances to choose between Remedy Co-operation and Continuing Corruption. Ordinary Officers deserted the Corruption Controllers. The result is Proof Sets that validate the Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof. Some of the Honourable MPs believe they need a Forced General Election for Remedy Management against the Law Professions and Law Courts.

4. What does Remedy Management need?

The Forced General Election will flush a lot out in a short time. The Remedy Process needs Independent Candidates in every constituency who at short notice can be Substitute Candidates for Discredited Candidates of the Major Political Parties.



The United Nations runs the Agenda 21 now 30 on behalf of the financiers. They operate on the three Es : Economy, Ecology and Equity through Public-Private partnerships. All of a sudden NGOs are dictating all terms in your town.


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