City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

15 May 2024

The Black Nobility have slowly relocated London’s financial centre to Astana in Kazakhstan, the ship is about to sail. In an area looking very central for the Belt and Road initiative between Rotterdam and Beijing, full of oil and minerals and looking like a possible replacement for the Saudi oil, Kazakhstan and surrounding areas have to be seen as a subject of extreme interest when it comes to the agenda they call the great replacement.

Astana has a dedicated financial district in which the official language is English suggesting preparation for the global power of the old City of London to relocate in Astana. They also boast an independent judiciary, similar to that enjoyed by the three independent globalist cities: the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C.

How this has been carried out:

Haileybury Almaty

Main article: Haileybury Almaty

In 2006/2007, Haileybury advised on the building of a Haileybury in AlmatyKazakhstan where all English GCSEs are taught and the curriculum is taught similarly under the guidance of Haileybury. The school, opened in September 2008, is known as Haileybury Almaty.

The pupils are made up mostly of Kazakhstan citizens. They are all required to speak English. The academic year 2010–11 saw the first batch of pupils pass their IGCSE exams. Since August 2011, Haileybury Almaty has opened a sixth form. In 2016, 11 pupils graduated from the sixth form, with one getting admission to Trinity College, Cambridge University, and 6 securing places at University College, London (UCL). A second school, in the Kazakhstan capital, Nur-Sultan, was opened in September 2011.

Chatham House and its Trustees :

Billions of Petro-Dollars have been spent in the construction of this New World Order central headquarters which is Masonic in its entirety.

The main architect is Nursultan Nazarbayev constructing the city in what is a desolate and remote area of the Asian Steppes. Classed as the futuristic occult capitol of the New World Order, celebrating the oldest religion of the world that of Sun Worship, aka, the light of the world, the black Sun, Lucifer who in my opinion is also the same entity they call Yahweh and reason the Masonic and Evangelical arena, while believing themselves to be in opposition are in fact working together to ensure the construction of this black tree of death through the collection of all the energy released by the minds acting in both camps. Double Eagle, symbolic of controlling both sides.

City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

The city incorporates the Sun, a Mosque, an obelisk, a pyramid, the eye, a black sphere, extensive Masonic symbolism and a huge grail cup, with the entire project protected by the Russian branch of the New World Order. What are they amalgamating in Kazakhstan? Could it be the realm for the man under 666?

The Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan consists of 4 Lodges. The 1st Masonic Lodge in the history of this country was founded on Sept. 19, 2015 in Almaty, with the help of the Grand Lodge of Russia, attended by Freemasons from Russia, Georgia and Belarus

The centre piece is a large pyramid so named the pyramid of peace, incorporating an opera house in the basement with huge image of the sun (Lucifer) adorning the entire ceiling, ground level is dark and cavernous, the mid section boasts a huge Round Table for global leaders and religious figures to offer confession and actions to pull in the one world religion and system, the apex being full windows adorned with the dove bathing those inside in sunlight. The architect of the pyramid is Lord Norman Foster which he dedicates to the forcing together of the world religions to permit the harmonious reunification of confessions, from my studies aims to building the timeframe before the fall of Lucifer.

In the summer of 2022, the President of Kazakhstan, Kasym-Jomart Tokayev,  instructed the government to create all the necessary conditions for the relocation of companies that have left Russia. Tokayev has also said that 1,400 large foreign companies left the Russian market, emphasising that this presented a good opportunity for Kazakhstan. More than 20 companies have moved their regional offices and relocated their teams of specialists to Kazakhstan in 2022. Among them there are large global giants such as InDriver (USA), Honeywell (USA), Weir Minerals (UK), Marubeni (Japan), and Koppert (Netherlands), among others. Furthermore, popular Chinese company TikTok opened its the regional office for Central Asia and the Caucasus in Almaty in October 2022 after freezing activities in Moscow and deciding to expand cooperation with Kazakhstan.

I would suggest we are witnessing the completion of the Master City from which all cities across the globe will be subservient, with each subservient city holding absolute control of the public pool of estates (Persons) enslaved within the boundaries of those cities, all coming under the new ‘Trust’, the Noahide system of Law.

City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

City of London Moving to Kazakhstan

Bolshevism, a documentary

Perhaps for those with eyes to see we can better understand the Mongol Hoard, what it was and who it served…

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Astana hosted an international conference on Sept. 7, marking the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The conference was organised by Kazakhstan’s Centre for Chinese Studies and took place at Nazarbayev University, where Chinese President Xi Jinping initially announced the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative a decade ago.

Deeper Insight

How the game is playing out:

The Real Game

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Chatham House rules the shift

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