Football, no longer a sport, it is the theatre of programming

Football, no longer a sport, it is the theatre of programming











31 December 2019

Girls in football… is it really about the enforcing of branded equality or is it because the female naturally submits to the will of another? What say ye, well, something has moved to remove the white male from western sport, of that there is no doubt. I am of course open to all possibilities, but I suggest the following report could well be a pointer in the correct direction.

Girls in Football…That statement under normal circumstances would sound a bit anti-woman, but football is not what it was 20 years ago, you all know this, but have you considered why?

Just who are these football coaches to whom you handover your offspring?.. whom you believe are being taught the skills of football, when in reality they are being programmed and used like lab rats in many arenas, to further the capacity of the new world’s acceptable language that forever promotes the fantasy script, that none but the priesthood are worthy of life, but if you kowtow to those ascended, good things will be given to you by the priesthood of Disney Inc.

Football is not outside this brain drain theology, in fact, it has been one of the main facilitators in dragging down western culture to satisfy the programmers, get the football fanatics to submit to nonsense and it will pass down to all the football beloved who will also take on the new way to think and thus behave, as ordained by the great ball in the sky, the grantor of the dominion of football.

Spectatorship as a prime motive of life has removed the idea of sport as a pastime to be played by individuals, no longer need you get your little feet cold when all things come to you via the pre-paid box in the centre of your home, pies and popcorn out, thrashed down with fluoridated water brewed cans of lager, all brewed in the U.K. The only sport you have entered my friend is the sport called obesity and its child called laziness.

Football as a religion has been successfully implemented as the fans now move to synchronise with the language and behaviour pumped out from the pulpit of football. 

Not forgetting that many football clubs today are Intelligence fronts, Accrington Stanley being a prime example of such, a club rescued by a secret society puppet, with the club swiftly used to grab land from the public on behalf of the Stakeholder Committee through the Council.

Welcome to the world of SOCOP – System for Observing Paraverbal Communication :

Coaches’ behaviour in competitive matches is an interesting subject for observational methodology in sports. The current approach has undergone significant developments in recent decades and is now well integrated within the scientific context.




Source : Gudberg K Jonsson

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