War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

8 September 2022

In last Sunday’s livestream, we went through a few prophecies, one prophet’s work in particular was very well received, that prophet was Mother Shipton, a wise woman from Yorkshire.

Two verse heralded a rather perturbing picture relating to the effects of a great global war : 

And Christian one fights Christian two
And nations sigh, yet nothing do
And yellow men great power gain
From mighty bear with whom they’ve lain.
These mighty tyrants will fail to do
They fail to split the world in two.
But from their acts a danger bred
An ague — leaving many dead.

In the stream I suggested the ague could be the result of nuclear conflagration or indeed a biological attack, however there is another aspect to what this ague could be.

220 years ago on a small island off Sweden called Yuto, a mineral that was brittle, clear, with a yellow and whitish tint, was found by Jose Bonifacio Andrada, a geology professor at the University of Coimbra. It was seen to be worth no further attention and was put away in a Swedish laboratory for 17 years. The lab called it Petalite.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

After 17 years Swedish chemist John Jacob Berzellus decided to analyse the mineral and found an element never before known to science. The element behaved similar to potassium and sodium but was much less soluble in water and appeared more solid, also. They named this new element Lithos, Greek for stone, we call it Lithium.

Up until the 1940s Lithium was only used in the production of ceramic bowls and for the treatment of the insane, so called. As WWII approached Lithium began to be used as the grease in the engines for military application, specifically in the fighters and bombers of the Air Force. Lithium was still only a small part of the human equation until it was realised how important it was for thermonuclear detonation when heated and had thrust upon it, subatomic particles, namely neutrons, after that, Lithium became a huge part of the human world.

In essence Lithium became the root of the cold war situation in having both the Soviet Union and the United States of America in the race to procure the most devastating nuclear weapons. From 1947 until 1989 this arms race would see the United States create some 40.000 warheads while the Soviet Union produced 32.000, and as we understand today, many of these tests some 1747 in all, on both sides, left a serious Ague in all areas they were tested.

The toxicity of lithium to human cardiomyocytes : https://enveurope.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s12302-020-00333-6

The dangers of Li-ion Batteries : https://hackernoon.com/dangers-li-ion-batteries-might-aware-4960f2f75ae7

Environmental Problems with Lithium Batteries : https://youtu.be/sfp8JoVvs5E
Processing Lithium : https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/renewable/the-environmental-impact-of-lithium-batteries/

We also have another noxious chemistry in the use of depleted uranium in weaponry used by all methods of warfare, including down to the round in each soldiers rifle. This has also caused a serious hidden ague in both soldiers and civilians alike in all areas that have seen war since the First Gulf War.

During the Cold War Lithium was mined all over the earth with the United States being the largest miner of Lithium up until the 1990s, when the need for Lithium ceased as the nuclear arsenals were deconstructed.

Sony released the first commercial superlite lithium battery, the Li-lon in the 1990s.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

In 2007, Apple launched the I Phone but it would be the need for a better battery in the laptop, that would see a second rise in the use of Lithium.


War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

All things would change as the mobile phone industry moved into the smart grid, the technology required a much more potent battery to power the expectations of the control mechanism in your pocket.

Two more industries would expand the need for Lithium by 600%, as the rise of the electric car took off, and so too the clean energy systems that require a battery to store the electricity created from the so called clean energy methods. Lithium became the main factor in procuring full control of the technocratic system, with the claim that using lithium is good for the environment, with many uneducated fruitcakes in full support. Nothing to do with vested interest, it’s all about saving the world.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

On 21 January 2022 it was announced there was a shortage of lithium across the world, this claim alone increased the cost of electric cars, smart phones and to construct the so called clean energy grid. This caused a massive expansion for nations to seek to become the kings of all things lithium, because he who controls lithium controls the future energy, transport and global economic systems, in short, the opportunity to become the king of the world is open.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

The largest producer of lithium today is Australia at 45% of the total lithium mined, China is the largest processor of lithium at 50%. In this manner Australia is key to the control of lithium, the battle line being between the United States and China. Australia at this point, could become the largest power by far in the global lithium industry which would give her leverage in the war between the United States and China. This is also a very dangerous position to hold when two mammoth military powers have to beg for your favour, get it wrong and you will be squashed, by the hands of one or both of those you serve the gravy.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

The United States through the corporation, ALBEMARLE, has purchased the majority of lithium mining rights in Australia and also in a new found land rich in lithium, said to be potentially holding half of all lithium on the earth, they call it the ‘Lithium Triangle’ in the Atacama Desert, a desert bordered by Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, this means to process 50% of the world’s lithium, which China does, they are buying it from the United States. 

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

South Korea through the corporation, POSCO, is investing $830 million in a new lithium plant in Argentina. If you are a competing global superpower you have two methods of undoing this situation, you either gain the rights in more places than the United States and her allies, or you go to war, first economically, then by subversion or by all out invasion of the existing producers land and take control by force.

China has been very busy in both Australia and New Zealand buying up rights and property, China has also been buying rights in Africa.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

Russia is a big producer of copper and up to the day sanctions were laid against her by the western collective, after the Ukraine invasion, sold over 50% of that copper to Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey. This means they have to buy elsewhere causing yet more problems for the collective west. It also offers China another supply outside the western powers. China has very little of its own mineral requirements although she does have some copper, this shows how the Ukraine conflict has been set out by the bankers to completely disrupt the global supply chain in all things imported and exported, the perfect storm for dividing the world into two sides as described by Mother Shipton. As the two sides scramble for precious resources, specifically those required for the new world order’s technocracy, Russia will now offer only her partners in BRICS, the copper she produces and processes.

There is another aspect to this game, Afghanistan. Under Biden we saw the pull out of United States forces leaving billions of dollars worth of military hardware. Biden being subject to the will of China, presents a real tangible reasoning for Biden’s decision which can only help to serve China’s hunt for mineral resources. It must also be recognised that Elon Musk is doing all he can to secure Afghanistan’s lithium wealth, in other words, Afghanistan is in the middle of a new war, the war of corporate need.

War, Lithium and the Clean Energy Reset

It has been projected that by the year 2040, electric vehicles will account for 49% of the global silver supply.

Silver is also required for solar panels to the tune of around 100 million ounces per annum.

It would appear this clean energy fantasy, born of the Club of Rome, is potentially the  most catastrophic attack upon the environment and to man itself.

There have been very serious moves to empty California over the last decade, first they debauched Hollywood enough to have those who called it home, leave. There have been many strange fires in the hills around California which saw what looked like laser beams coming from aircraft destroying only the actual properties and the populations within them, sometimes while in their cars. Aluminium actually melted on the highway such was the heat of the lasers. This begins to make sense when you consider the fact, much of the East Coast is looking like the new gold rush, albeit white gold which is how lithium is today being described.

Draining off lakes and other water holdings could well be to allow access to some of the potentially lithium rich land to be prospected. Lake Mead and the Salton Sea could well be a big part of this hunt for lithium.  Silver is also required for solar panels to the tune of around 100 million ounces per annum which shows clearly that this so called clean energy grid is nothing of the sort.

There are two other options for batteries, zinc and the redox flow system. 

All said and done, we must not forget the most important ingredient in this new technological battery system, an ingredient that the media never includes when they push the corporate line for all things clean energy, the ingredient of interest would be the means to produce the electricity in the first instance, weather they like it or not, oil and coal are still the main methods of filling those batteries with all things electricity.

We know the effects of depleted uranium on soldiers, civilians and the environment. We can see just how active lithium can be when those electric vehicles set on fire. Then there is the danger of the batteries in the smart phones which tend to explode. I can only conclude that the ague of which Mother Shipton speaks, would be the use of all these mineral resources in warfare. Now we can see how the earth would be cursed, nothing would grow and life would be unable to exist. From this image of the future we must cease in laying the blame upon God, if this future is to come to pass, it will be entirely at the feet of man.

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