In Profile : Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

In Profile : Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard










First published 2010

Big on the Index… aka Jupiter, Julia means Jove’s child. Not only was this girl thrown into the arena quick-smart, the history of her life throws up some remarkable and rather chilling information indeed.

Julia Gillard, was educated at the Mitcham Demonstration School, in the heart of the ‘Paradise of Dissent’. The key is in the title, dissent…we are of course speaking of all things Nonconformist, Adelaide being the centre of this behaviour in South Australia.

What is Mitcham Demonstration School
In the first instant the use of the term; ‘demonstration’ is synonymous with a Steiner, Montessoir Froebel  or similar  educational method, therefore we can deduce that Mitcham was indeed demonstrating a particular system of programming during the time Julia attended, from within the following information it would be fair to suggest Mitcham was spearheading the demonstration of a grammatical form of  programme.

It is known that Froebel in particular has been very prevalent in Southern Australia’s education, I ask you keep this in mind as we look into the life of Julia Gillard (More on this at the bottom of the page) In a media report within the Eastern Courier dated June 24 2010, June 24 of course being symbolic of John the Baptist, we find Mitcham making claim on their most famous student : “We’re very proud,” principal Brad Boyd told Messenger Community News. “Unley High School gets all the kudos but it was us really who gave her all the education that made her what she is today,” Mr Boyd said. Source

”It was really us who gave her all the education that made her what she is today” That is quite a statement on its own merits, but looked upon with open eyes, it says a lot lot more….
The history of the Mitcham Primary School : 086. Mitcham Primary School Australia (Julia Gillard);

What is Julia Gillard?
Julia and her Mum “Mum was in front of all the contemporary psychological research about how young your intellect develops,” Gillard says, smiling. Psychological research…. and the strategies thereof equates to programming, and from her own mouth we learn she was mum’s Guinea Pig even before she arrived at Mitcham. If memory serves me correctly she is what they call a ‘Special One’. Source

Punctuation, politics and the knack of catching tadpoles . . . Julia Gillard reveals what she learnt during her childhood in Adelaide. Quote Julia Gillard is a grammar obsessive. A serious nut. What else can you say about someone who has her own grammar chant? Or someone who draws cats with hats on correspondence with grammatical errors? The nation can thank Mitcham Primary School and a teacher called Mr Crowe for the Deputy Prime Minister’s and Minister for Education’s predilection for apostrophes. Source

Julia is grammar obsessive : the term obsessive by their own data exposes the fact Julia has a big psychological problem.

A serious nut : again coming from the standpoint of the elite occult language equates to the fact in Julia, they have planted a seed (nut) from which will grow a whole new tree.

Predilection for apostrophes : again in the language of the elite we are being shown who ‘possessed’ Julia in her time at Mitcham, who is Mr Crowe?

In the language of the elite, Julia by her own admission is announcing her status, and so those with eyes to see must support her in her field, I use the term field in its occult meaning. To expand the game here it would be wise to venture into the dark side of Froebel. Froebel by use of his shapes gave the shadow elite the means to mind formation without the physical trauma. Froebel’s system has been paralleled within the human mind, through the crystal palace, aka the Pineal Gland, can have its boundaries set through the implementation of a new shape system at the pre school age. This is the same we see played upon Julia by her Mum in readiness for the Mitcham education she would suffer as she grew. We have found this very twisted Luciferian- shape shift programming to be coming directly out of the Royal Society for the Arts in the John Adam Street Gang, under a system and pseudo-charitable trust controlled education system called : ”Opening Minds.” Charitable status means unaccountability.

In Britain this strategy is being aimed at year seven, or first year high school, and I might add they present it to the targeted schools as an Australian system, without any mention of the RSA. From the successful implementation of this mind twisting programme, they can completely shift the paradigm of all our 11 year olds, the conclusion of which can be seen in the achievement of Hitler, we have a ready made army of psychologically damaged children, ready to demolish their own family for the Fuhrer, then merrily off to the front lines to die. They tried to turn Obama into an adored leader using the same strategies without the rallies, because now we have the TV. In today’s script they will be Green Shirts, armed with the lies of all things man made climate change, and mummy and daddy are to blame with our bad behaviour in the past that we show no signs of acknowledging due to the fact we are broken and not special. The New Age Movement, (Club of Rome) has created the backdrop for this in the idea of extraterrestrials being born as humans, and Indigo Children…

And to force the seriousness of the situation, the odd film of dying animals does the trick. We can now better understand why Mitcham is a big supporter of : Building the Education Revolution scheme : Insight

Here we have further insight to the meaning of mind shaping through the use of Froebel’s shapes system in a comment from an old pupil : I grew up in Adelaide and attended Mitcham Demonstration Primary School (placards provided by school), and then Unley High School. My future was in the balance at Mitcham when it was discovered in Grade 4 that I could do long division with paper and pencil (my Dad had taught me), but NOT with those wretched units, sticks of 10, planes of 100 and cubes of 1000 blocks that the “New Math” demanded we use. Source

More A five stage programme is given for creating new design languages : a vocabulary of shapes, spatial relations, shape rules, initial shape, shape grammars. Stiny uses Froebel’s building blocks in the many simple and elegant shape grammars and designs created with this approach. These shape grammars are the first defined in a three-dimensional space, laying the groundwork for three-dimensional architectural grammars to come. Source

From the above we can see it is not the education of the children that is prime motive, it is that the children become programmed to the new system itself which removes the ability of critical thinking to accept only group think,  the system is presented to be superior to the child’s in-built capacity to learn. Is not education at pre-school and primary better placed to advance each child’s natural abilities in readiness for the high school curriculum, instead of uniform thinking and uniformed action? To say different is to see through communistic eyes, and given the Fabians have a big stake in this education programme, I am not surprised. There has to be a reason for this insanity, Hitler called them the Hitler Youth, the people called them Brown Shirts, and within a six year period, Hitler had a conveyor belt of soldiers to fight his war, this ladies and gentlemen is the exact plan being set forth against our children across the globe, and of course to achieve this the schools have to become fully incorporated. Merge the political with the corporate and fascism is in place in the political, of course now they need to educate its relevance in the population. And for the older minds….eugenics I believe, see

 The Optimum Population Trust and How To Turn A Country Into A Concentration Camp

Julia has been paralleled with our very own Conan the Destroyer, the Methodical Margaret Thatcher, methodical in her strategies and Methodist in her background, her father was a pastor. In Julia we have a different angle only, in that Julia comes from the Baptist arena, yet still from a background of all things Zionist. Baptist Nonconformism comes under the British Crown branch managers, the House of Rockefeller under the Alpha lodges, Australia take note here. Yet more revealing is the following snippet :

“Redheads are on the rise at Julia Gillard’s alma mater Mitcham Primary School in the Adelaide suburb of Kingswood.”

Yet again we must look at the above statement through the eyes of the elite, the term redhead’ is code for : ”programmed operative live” Of course not all who are want to colour their hair are to be seen as programmed, but we are not speaking of any ordinary woman, the coded language is relevant in the case of Julia Gillard.

Froebel and the Hitler Youth Froebel & the Hitler Jugend : the Britishing of Froebel

History of The ‘Colony’ of South Australia
After the historic meeting at Exeter Hall on the 30th June 1834, where the principles, objects, plan and prospects of the New Colony of South Australia were explained to the public, hundreds of enquiries from prospective immigrants started to arrive at the South Australian Association’s rooms at 7 John Street Adelphi. Note the address Exeter Hall was located on The Strand, in London. The South Australia Lodge of Friends also had their first meeting at 7 John St Adelphi. South Australia has been described as the ‘Paradise of Dissenters” since there were no convicts and no state church. Non-conformists (dissenters) felt it was an opportunity to establish their own church. So we have a direct connexion to  what we call the John Adam Street Gang.

George Fife Angas, a Baptist, set up The South Australia Company in London, which bought land from the South Australia Association.  ‘He was convinced the Old Lutherans, who placed such high value on their religious beliefs, would make excellent settlers in the South Australian Colony.’ Enter a Chameleon, Froebel but not quite Froebel The South Australia Education Board was also set up by George Fife Angas; he had most influence over it and was himself influenced by Friedrich Froebel. It was Froebel who first established Kindergartens and introduced children to the ‘Froebel Gifts’, the first child development toys. Most interesting yet not unexpected is the fact the first British Froebel Kindergarten was formed in Tavistock Place in 1851. Angas was also a firm believer in Sunday Schools, yet another Nonconformist agenda in order the British become Christian Industrialists…started in Macclesfield under the wing of the Pearsons, now situated in Shell Mex House next door to the Adelphi building, again we are speaking of the John Adam Street Gang.

By 1901 the largest of the dissenters in South Australia were the Wesleyan Methodists. Schools were established in the initial phase in the Village of Mitcham Separate from the village of Adelaide, the ‘Village of Mitcham’ was established, next to the South Australia Company’s farm. The Mitchell Primary School, the oldest primary school in South Australia, was established by a ‘Thomas Mugg’ in 1846. The school was first housed in the Union Chapel. Close friends of Thomas Mugg were William Findlayson and Thomas Playford; the three were also founders of the Mitcham (dissenters) General Cemetery. The Playford family have an interesting family history, from wiki : The Playford family heritage can be traced back to 1759, when a baby boy was left at the door of a house in Barnby Dun, Yorkshire, England, with a note to christen the child ‘Thomas Playford’. Thomas Playford settled in Mitcham in 1844 and called his home ‘Jerusalem’. He was a preacher for the Methodist New Connexion chapel in Adelaide. In 1848 those who agreed with his teaching on the imminent second advent formed an independent congregation, describing themselves as ‘believers in Christ with no other name but that of Christians’. A split in the congregation brought about the formation in 1856 of Zion Chapel, Adelaide, pastored by Jacob Abbott and William Finlayson. Thomas Playford’s eldest son wanted to be a lawyer, but his father said ‘I would just as soon article you to the Devil’. He attended Thomas Mugg’s Village School. William Finlayson’s son, John Harvey Finlayson, was also educated at a George Mugg’s school in Mitcham, a newspaper editor who consistently promoted free secular compulsory education.
Expanded History of South Australia : 085. The South Australian Colony, Froebel, and the John Adam St Gang.

Froebel’s Influence
The Thornbers, influenced by Froebel, set up a school at the Village of Mitcham, ‘Harpurhey’. (The Thornbers from Harpurhey in Manchester, Harpurhey meaning “hedged enclosure by a man called Harpour”, the name Harpour being a form of ‘harper’, the one who plays the harp.) Two daughters, Caroline and Emma, spent time in England researching Froebel’s teaching methods. Lillian de Lissa (1885-1967) studied at Froebel House in Sydney; de Lissa took Froebel’s Gifts with her to Adelaide; she was appointed as Director of Adelaide’s first free kindergarten in Franklin Street in 1906. Lydia Longmore; (1874-1976) with her father, a Wesleyan, and mother, arrived in South Australia in 1884. They brought the Froebelian philosophy with them.  The superintendent of primary education at the time stated : ‘At no time … in South Australia has there been such living contact between the school and the home’. Their mothers’ clubs grew from one in 1920 to thirty-seven in 1931, with over 20,000 mothers being involved. The Froebel and South Australia information is crucial to the story, but I do not at this stage wish to bog down in history, but we shall look at the girl herself :

Julia Gillard Official Biography
Julia Gillard is the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and the only woman to have had this position. She lives in Melbourne  and is a non-practising Baptist. She is single and has no children; her partner is Tim Mathieson, a hairdresser. 27 of course is the magic number known to those versed in numerology, it also breaks down to nine which represents endings, of course leading to new beginnings. Australia you had in Julia the making of a one party state under the same ideology as Tony Blair, namely the ”third way”, which shifts from a debating politics to all out dictatorship, by definition all MP’s vote the party line without any individual determination in parliamentary votes. The Third Way is all about programming, the civil service, the entire government, security and military to the dance of the corporate, but the one we can change is the programming aimed directly at your children with the sweeping changes announced to the Australian education curriculum. In Britain we have had the first age group demolished under the military Industrial Complex education leave school last year, 2009, and the drive is now to have these new youngsters employed in as many of your companies as possible, they are not what they seem, many of these youngsters are committed to pseudo-charitable trust mentors, made so from strategies used in the schools and colleges to remove trust from the parents unto the said mentors. The means to targeting particular children in an emotional state comes in the form of the constant profiling going on in the schools today, using electronic means to accomplish this agenda. They have the children choose from six pre-programmed emotional states, punched into an electronic device which looks very like a mobile phone, sort of live profiling of each child to understand what they are feeling at any given time. Basically, if little Peter had a row with mum in the morning, these devices will coax out how Peter is feeling in the raw after the tension, it is at this point that little Peter will be off to see the school psychologist, then the school has a good picture of what the home life is all about, not to mention the opportunity for the mentors to move in and begin the removal of the child’s trust in the parent, to be given to the mentor.

The possibilities with live profiling are immense, and very dark indeed The collection of data has been going on over 13 years now, possibly more, although less subtle before the arrival of the above gadget, profiling the family via the pre-school and primary children has already given the state and its shadow controllers, a huge picture of life at home for all schoolchildren. The schools collect the data for the ‘Oracle’, yet another operation to be found within the John Adam Street Gang complex in London. As stated, these mentors are allied with some seriously sinister charitable trusts, unaccountable and seemingly unstoppable, and with limited liability. They take their funding in the main from the corporations which gives the corporations absolute control.  It is these charitable trusts which act out the agenda of the Evangelical movement, strewn as they are throughout the civil service of each targeted nation. In Australia, this subversive agenda is directed out of the Alpha lodges, which very interestingly control the same in Britain, more than that, they are also influencing British politics, on behalf of the British Crown of course. It would seem Australia is the designated bolt hole for all things Evangelical, I suggest you consider why so many farmers are being evicted, because these Evangelicals see only others within their ranks as human, to hell with all others, and of course being the Insane Zionist legion from hell, they love all things Scalar weapons, and Australia has become Scalar central, this is the reason for the immense no go areas in the centre of your country. Australia, awaken to the reality here. Note that Julia Gillard has travelled to Washington, DC, where she signed a deal with the US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, to encourage improved policy collaboration in education reform between both countries. This is what they are doing to our children, not tomorrow, today : Transcript of above video at the bottom of page

Australia Wake Up and Wise Up and smell the VB
Julia Gillard was born in Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, 29th September 1961, to parents John Gillard and Moira Mackenzie. Her father came from the mining village of Cwmgwrach; Nye Bevan, the Welsh MP who established the NHS, was a political hero of her father’s and remains one of Julia’s political heroes. Her father worked at various times as a coal inspector, a green grocer, a policeman and a booking clerk on British Railways. Her mother was a cook. She has a sister, Alison, who is three years older. The family migrated to the warmer climate of Adelaide, South Australia, in 1966, partly because of Julia’s ill health. Gillard’s father worked as a psychiatric nurse, while her mother worked as a cook at the local Salvation Army nursing home. Julia attended Mitcham Demonstration School, apparently arriving at the school in February 1969, more than two years later.  She later attended Unley High School. On attending the University of Adelaide she joined the Labour Club as well as the Student’s Union. She was also the secretary of the ‘Socialist Forum’ organisation. She moved to Melbourne in 1982 to become the vice-president of the Australian Union of Students. In 1983 she became the head of the Australian Union of Students. She graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor and Arts and Bachelor of Law in 1986. In 1987, Gillard joined the law firm Slater & Gordon at Werribee, Melbourne, working in industrial law. In 1990, at age 29, she became a partner.

In the 1998 Federal election she was elected to the House of Representatives seat house of Representation Lalor for the Australian Labour Party (ALP). After Labours’ victory in the 2007 Federal election, Gillard became Deputy Prime Minister, with Kevin Rudd as leader of the party. Gillard was given responsibility for a so-called “super ministry”, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. She had three distinct portfolios: Minister for Education; Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations; and Minister for Social Inclusion. In her role as Minister for Education, Gillard travelled to Washington, DC, where she signed a deal with the US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, to encourage improved policy collaboration in education reform between both countries. Gillard removed the Work Choices industrial relations regime introduced by the Howard government, and replaced it with the Fair Work Bill. This established a single industrial relations bureaucracy called Fair Work Australia. In 2009 Gillard oversaw the government’s “Building the Education Revolution” program, which allocated AU$16 billion to build new school accommodation including classrooms, libraries and assembly halls.

On 24 June 2010, after Rudd lost the support of his party and stood aside, Gillard became federal leader of the Australian Labour Party and thus the Prime Minister. During her first day as Prime Minister, she reassured U.S. President Barack Obama, giving him Australia’s continuing support for the military campaign in Afghanistan. Health Like her predecessor, Gillard has maintained health as a priority in her agenda. She has announced that if she is re-elected, there will be an increase of 270 placements for emergency doctors and nurses and 3,000 extra nursing scholarships over the next 10 years.Mental health would be a priority in her second term, with a $277 million suicide-prevention package which would target high-risk groups. Immigration Gillard has taken a tougher stance on asylum seekers, with plans of establishing a process centre to be possibly located in East Timor. Although East Timor’s parliament has voted down the plan, East Timor’s President Jose Ramos-Horta has said that he is open to the idea for a process centre. Education She has promised to “make education central to my economic agenda.” She has also made a promise if re-elected, she is offering to extend tax-cuts to parents to help pay for school uniforms for people struggling to cover the costs of education.
Climate Change

Gillard has unveiled her climate change plans in Brisbane. It includes a 150-person citizens assembly to work on a consensus for climate change, and a crackdown on dirty power plants, a $1 billion investment into greening the electricity grid and also further investment into green technology.A $2000 subsidy for cashing in old cars was also announced to reduce pollution.Reaction to this by Australian businesses has been positive. After receiving the agreement of the Governor-General, Prime Minister Gillard announced on 17 July that the next federal election would be held on 21 August 2010. The election has resulted in a hung parliament, with one Greens candidate and some independents gaining the balance of power in the House of Representatives

Froebel in South Australia and Direct Links to Gillard :


THE INSTITUTE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD The Institute of Early Childhood comprises the following inter-related elements: • Academic and professional staff body • Children and Families Research Centre, and • Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre. P. 2-3

HISTORY OF THE INSTITUTE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD The Institute of Early Childhood traces its origins back to the 19th century, when the Kindergarten Union  established a course to train early childhood teachers in the Froebelian method. In 1898, the original course was extended from two to three years, reflecting the Kindergarten Union’s emphasis on the educational potential of early childhood services, as opposed to the provision of care as an end in itself. The Nursery School Teachers College was established in 1931 to prepare teachers for the Sydney Day Nursery centres. During the 1970s, the Australian Government became involved in the financial support of early childhood education, and this culminated in the establishment of the two constituent colleges as Colleges of Advanced Education in 1976. By 1982 these two Colleges were amalgamated to form an autonomous Institute within the Sydney College of Advanced Education. The new Institute was a strong combination of early childhood expertise from a range of disciplines. When Sydney College of Advanced Education was disbanded in 1989, the Institute became the Institute of Early Childhood, a department of Macquarie University. P. 32 The Children and Families Research Centre at IEC, led by Jennifer Bowes, has rapidly expanded since it was launched by Julie Bishop in 2007. It has received $423,000 in funding and has 4 doctoral students and 6 postdoctoral research fellows. Mia Mia has also received visits from the Julie Bishop in 2007, Maxine McKew in December 2007, 2008 and 2009, senior policy advisers to the Julia Gillard in 2008 and 2009, and senior policy advisers from the NSW Department of Community Services. Jane Torr and Wendy Shepherd (director of Mia Mia Child and Family Centre) participated in the 2-day symposium in Canberra on 28 and 29 May, to frame a national curriculum for children from birth to 8 years, called the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework when completed will be implemented nationally.

Full Document : 095. Froebel Education; Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University, Australia.

Transcript of  ‘Who Controls Our Children?’ Peg Lukisk at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 1992.

074. The Symmetry Lessons From Froebel Building Gifts

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