Geelong Grammar says sorry

Geelong Grammar says sorry








29 December 2019

When it comes to all things twisted you have to begin very early to shift a balanced child into a psychopath, this is helped along with a good run of sodomy to break the will of the child to form a loyal serving slave for the rest of its life. At Geelong we have a premier Australian institution that satisfies this agenda with flying colours.

Among the school’s notable alumni are Charles, Prince of Wales; media mogul Rupert Murdoch; actress Portia de Rossi; John Gorton, Prime Minister of Australia 1968–1971; Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu, King of Malaysia 2006–2011; Tim Macartney-Snape, mountaineer and author; billionaire businessman Kerry Packer; and singer-songwriter Missy Higgins.

In the latest breech of security that protects the creed, Geelong made a statement :


Geelong Grammar


Former pupils of Geelong Grammar have told an inquiry that their abuse claims were ignored for decades. A royal commission into child sex abuse is hearing evidence about five decades of complaints at the school.

The school’s principal Stephen Meek wrote to the school community encouraging abuse victims to come forward. (Letter from Stephen Meek, dated 25 May 2015, addressed to ‘Dear community member’.) However at the hearing at the Royal Commission, the first witness was attacked mercilessly by the school lawyer over minor points. During the exchange, the Geelong Advertiser reported that the school lawyer was warned by the Royal Commission for referring to the ex-student by his actual name during the proceedings in spite of the abuse victim requesting anonymity. At no point did the school lawyer take issue with the abuse claims.

One former student said he was touched on the genitals by a chaplain and then threatened with expulsion when he reported the abuse. Referred to as “BKO” by the commission, the witness described the school’s Timbertop camp, where Prince Charles spent two terms in 1966, as “similar to Lord of the Flies”. BKO said the school in Victoria was concerned only with avoiding scandal, rather than stopping the abuse.

Local media report that another former student, described as “BKM”, told the commission that Geelong Grammar should repay the fees of abuse victims. “They made my father pay an exceptional amount of money”, he said. “I was sexually abused, and repeatedly and seemingly uncaring, re-exposed to the situation that allowed the abuse.”

In a statement issued in August 2015, the current principal of Geelong Grammar, Stephen Meek, said the school “absolutely condemns any form of abuse… that has occurred at the school in the past”. “I greatly regret that not all of our students received the care and support to which they were entitled”, he added, whereas he had told school council meetings in 2007 that litigation regarding Trutmann’s (41) victims had been settled for about $350,000, his report described it as “Overall, this has been a very satisfactory financial outcome for the school”.

List of perpetrators
Jonathon Harvey, here
Philippe Trutmann, here
John Hamilton Buckley, here
The Revd John Davison (deceased)
Graham Leslie Dennis, here
Stefan Van Vurren, here
The Revd Norman Smith (deceased), here
Max Guzelian (deceased), here
Andrew MacCulloch (deceased), here
“BIM”, here

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