Climate science verses the real facts of climate physics

Climate science verses the real facts of climate physics









13 February 2020

The current climate change script is based on fake science. In Britain back in 1988 the fantasy took hold when  the corporate queen Margaret Thatcher used the fakery to support her destruction of the mining industry in favour of going nuclear.

Today Boris Johnson is set to sign the corporation ‘The United Kingdom’ into a raft of green protocols that will see a new tier of taxation and the slow move against the means of transport we today take for granted….They want you out of your car.

As a caveat they offer a high speed rail system (HS2) costing £106 billion for 150 miles of railway that was contracted in the Treaty of Rome back in 1958. Wait a minute…have we not just left the European Union?

The High Speed rail proposal will see 700 natural sites of beauty and 100 ancient woodlands destroyed  with the likes of Boris Johnson said to make £2 million for the sale of his home to allow the plan to go ahead. Such is the contradiction that is climate change based on the levels of C02.

If we look at satellite images from 12 February, yesterday, specifically on polluted airspace including carbon monoxide, the results are in direct contradiction to the idea that nations are cause of any forms of climate interference. Intense industrial activity is the cause of toxic air and because of the shift of industry to China, China and the North eastern region of the United States show high levels of toxicity in the air that we breath : (Click to enlarge images.)

The United States

Climate science verses the real facts of climate physics






India and China

Climate science verses the real facts of climate physics






Looking at the air quality in China one cannot be surprised at the idea of a plague like event such as the one being spread across the global media over the Coronavirus, with suggestions the problem appears not to affect non Chinese as it is claimed it affects the natives.

From the following document we find :

Climate change is not the new phenomenon. The palaeo-climatic studies reveal that during the Pleistocene and Holocene periods several warm and cold periods occurred, resulted change of sea level and change in climatic processes like rise and fall of global average temperature and rainfall. The last medieval warm period was observed from 950 to 1350 AD, followed by the little Ice Age from 1400 to 1900 AD.

According to IPCC, 2007 report on climate change during the last 100 years the earth’s average temperature has increased up to 0.6 degree Celsius and if emission of greenhouse gases particularly carbon dioxide continues to rise, global temperature will rise up to 5.8 degrees Celsius by the end of 2100 AD. Similarly as a result of this threat of global warming, glaciers will disappear even from Antarctica and Arctic sea will open for navigation throughout the year. Many islands and coastal cities will submerge as a result of sea level rise.

In 2004 Canadian Broadcasting T.V presented a documentary with the name “The doomsday called off” in which leading climate scientists, astrophysicist and geophysicist presented evidences that science of global warming presented by IPCC scientists is incomplete and incorrect based upon computer models and stimulations which are deliberately exaggerated.

IPCC scientists who believe that human induced carbon dioxide emission is responsible of global warming and climate change. The claim is in contradiction to the reality of nature that trees and plants eat C02 for photosynthesis the result of which is the creation of oxygen, the substance we all ere quire to exist.

Energy Sources for the Heating of the Atmosphere
The ultimate source of energy for the heating of earth’s surface and atmosphere is the Sun. Out of the total solar radiation that reaches the top of atmosphere, about 49 percent reaches on the earth’s surface called insolation. 31 percent is reflected back to space while 20 percent is absorbed by atmosphere. This shows atmosphere absorbs only 20 percent of solar radiation directly while earth’s surface is the major source of energy for the heating of atmosphere. Earth’s surface after being heated by the insolation, emits radiation in wavelengths ranging from 4 to 70 micrometer called long wave terrestrial radiation. Thus earth’s atmosphere is heated by long wave earth’s radiation instead of direct solar radiation.

Natural Greenhouse Effect
There are some atmospheric gases, called greenhouse gases, which absorb earth’s long wave radiation; thereby they contribute to the heating of the atmosphere. Major atmospheric greenhouse gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, ozone and methane. The heat trapping mechanism of the greenhouse gases is known as the natural greenhouse effect. As a result of the greenhouse effect earth’s average surface temperature is 15° Celsius. In the absence of greenhouse effect, earth’s global temperature would be-18° Celsius. It may be noted that that the greenhouse effect is a natural process.

Water Vapour is the Single Largest Atmospheric Gas Rather than Carbon Dioxide
It is quite interesting that pro human induced global warming scientists exaggerate the contribution of carbon dioxide as a major greenhouse gas in absorbing long wave earth’s radiation which is not true. The fact is water vapour is the single largest atmospheric greenhouse gas (2 percent by volume), Carbon dioxide is second major absorber (0.0385% by volume). Out of the total atmospheric carbon dioxide only 3 percent come from fossil fuel burning while 97 percent comes through natural processes. Water vapour absorbs in a much wider band of long wave radiation (4-8 micrometer and 12-70 micrometer bands), Carbon dioxide absorbs in narrow bands (13-16 micrometer) and ozone absorbs in a much smaller narrow band 9-10 micrometer). Thus water vapour absorbs in a much wider wave length band, it has the single largest greenhouse effect among all the greenhouse gases (calculated by Prof. S.F. Singer (Atmospheric Physicist, University of Virginia).

Increase in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration
It is estimated that atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was 285-290 ppm before the industrial revolution (18th and 19th century. Measurements of carbon dioxide taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii show that atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased from 310 ppm in 1957 to 385 ppm in 2009, IPCC reports claim that if the rising trend continues, atmospheric carbon dioxide may reach 450 ppm by the year 2050. Present atmospheric concentration of 385 ppm is simply 0.0385 percent of the atmosphere by volume and projected value of 450 ppm by 2050 is nothing 0.045 percent of the atmosphere by volume, which still are very small fraction of the atmosphere.

Earth’s Temperature Variations During last 1000 years
Earth’s temperature pattern in the past 1000 years shows two relatively long cycles
a. The Medieval warm period from 950 AD to 1350 AD followed by
b. The cool period called little ice age from 1400 to 1900 AD.

Complexity of the Earth’s Climate System
Earth’s climate system consists of several interactive components of lithosphere (rocks), hydrosphere (water), cryosphere (sphere of ice), biosphere (living organism) and atmosphere (sphere of air). There are several subsystems of these spheres which interact and develop a complex system of climate system of the earth. Therefore any forecast of climate system based upon selected parameters of stimulated computer model as used by IPCC for future projection and estimation is not real and correct picture of global warming and climate change.

Recent Global Warming and Climate Change is because of Natural Factors
It is quite interesting that the mandate of IPCC scientists to published reports on climate change based upon man-made factors particularly burning of fossil fuels. Therefore IPCC reports did not consider natural factors of climate change. Evidences on the basis of ice cores, tree rings and historical data confirm the medieval warm period and cold period which were caused by natural processes like

1. Change in Earth-Sun orbit shape and angle of earth’s axis
2. Variations in solar radiation and activities, such as solar flares or sunspots, if large enough, could have an impact on the global temperature.

Water Vapour is the Overwhelming Primary Greenhouse Gas
Water vapour because of wider wave length and largest share by volume is the largest greenhouse effect among all the greenhouse gases. Water vapour contributes 95 percent to the greenhouse effect, all other greenhouse gases put together contribute only 5 percent to the greenhouse effect and man-made portion of carbon dioxide contributes only 0.117 percent to the greenhouse effect. IPCC did not consider water vapour as a greenhouse.

Credibility of IPCC is Questioned
A major blow to IPCC credibility came on October 19, 2009, when thousands of documents and emails were leaked out by some computer hackers from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of UK’s East Anglia University. CRU is one of the IPCC’s centre for research on global warming and climate change. Some of these documents were published in newspapers and discussed in talk shows labeled as the Climate Gate. These leaked documents reveal misconduct of the top IPCC climate scientist in the UK and USA in creating manufactured data about release of carbon dioxide through burning of fossil fuels and industries causing global warming. Some of the US governmental agencies like US National Climate Data Centre and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies were also involved in data manipulation.


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