Aged Care Australia, Rathdowne Place kills granddad

Aged Care Australia, Rathdowne Place kills granddad







12 August 2019

There is something very wrong in corporate Australia’s idea of how to care for the elderly, within 24 hours a healthy gentleman was demolished, Fee, $800.000.

Rathdowne Place is owned by Australian Unity formerly Manchester Unity IOOF.

Concerned as they were they moved to hide the fact by having Scribd prevent you from seeking out the media report.
Relatives of those in the care home are too frightened to speak out for fear of reprisals against their elderly relatives, unless of course they are dead.

Relatives of patients told lifeinthemix that during the night there are many strange visitors coming in and out, that the atmosphere is one of secrecy and deception, especially from Gavin Young. (Below)

Aged Care Australia, Rathdowne Place kills granddad






Gavin has now stepped down from his position.

Taking his place is acting manager Jade McGaw. (Below)

Aged Care Australia, Rathdowne Place kills granddad





If the staff have not killed your relative you can be fleeced as follows :

The camp has other corporate friends cashing in on your aged relatives care, they offer trips to the day respite centre at $100 for the day and $50 for a half day, they offer in home lunch services at $20 and $15, and if you are very good they will allow a ride on a bus at $15-$30 and $30-$60. Brochure.

The home also offers the services of a beauty salon and room bookings, food not included at $100, $150, $200 and $350, but you can also pay extra for food direct from their kitchen. They also offer a wellness centre and events and outings. Brochure.

Rathdowne Place Aged Care. Be aware

Rathdown Place Aged Care is owned by Australian Unity, (as is the ‘Better at Home’ agency, whose staff they employ). Australian Unity: chairman Glenn Barnes, FRSA, Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (commonly known as ‘The Royal Society of Arts’).

Pay particular attention to ‘The Royal Society of Arts’.

The Royal Society of Arts :
The RSA was founded in 1754 by William Shipley as the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, modelled on the Dublin Society for improving Husbandry, Manufactures and other Useful Arts. In 1774, it moved into a new building near the Strand in central London which had been purpose-designed by the Adam Brothers (James Adam and Robert Adam) as part of their Adelphi scheme. The address was 8 John Street (now 8 John Adam Street). The RSA is still in there, but it also occupies nearby buildings (2-6 John Adam Street, plus 18 Adam Street). The original building includes the Great Room, which features a magnificent sequence of paintings by Irish artist James Barry : The progress of human knowledge and culture. The first occupant of 18 Adam Street was the Adelphi Tavern, which is mentioned in Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers. The former private dining room of the Tavern contains a magnificent Adam ceiling with painted roundels by the school of Kauffman and Zucchi.

The RSA today
The organisation is Incorporated by Royal Charter, is registered as a charity in England, and has more than 27,000 Fellows living in around 70 countries who support the aims of the society, and who have achieved — or who have the potential to achieve — eminence in their profession or calling. Its Patron is currently HM Queen Elizabeth II, its President is HRH The Princess Royal (who replaced her father, HRH Prince Philip in 2011), its Chairman is Luke Johnson (businessman) and its Chief Executive is Matthew Taylor.
Geography :

Rathdowne staff
Aged Care Australia, Rathdowne Place kills granddad











Rathdowne Place - oxygen starved death.pdf


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A few unsavoury facts about the Royal Society for the Arts :

‘End of Life Care and Care Pathways in Victoria Report and Recommendation’

Prepared by the Centre for Palliative Care, St Vincent’s and Collaborative Centre of the University of Melbourne: funded by the Department of Health Victoria…

The most widely used and recognised pathway nationally and internationally is the Liverpool End of Life Care Pathway. The Liverpool End of Life Care Pathway or approved modified versions are already in use across the State in a range of settings. There is significant and positive momentum in the palliative and health care sectors in Victoria for the use of end of life care pathways.

Interview with Carolyn Wallace on euthanasia in care homes in Tasmania

The Liverpool  Care Pathway (LCP), euthanasia and the Greens Party

Rathdowne Place list of General Practitioners :…

Dr Christos Pavlidis, Green

What Residents Say

Nutritional Supplements

Skin Tear

Holes in Walls Behind Beds

Mushroom Trial for Dying



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