In Profile : Corporate Charitable Trusts

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Charities of the corporate ilk are but a convenient front for the monster while the charitable status ensures when it all goes pear shaped, they can shut up shop without any accountability for its operations. Charitable Trusts pay huge salaries to their elect whilst the public offer their time for free and hand over the money for the Trust’s existence.

Funds are left to earn interest and to ensure when the fund is required for the interests of the corporation, the cash is ready and waiting. Charitable Trust’s are also the means to tax evasion for the corporations which ensures more of the money is used for the corporations and not for the taxpayer.

Taken as a whole we find the charitable Trusts operating within the domestic system to present a caring front for what is nothing other than a system to carve up the family unit. It ensure the statutes of the corporation are set against every individual in order they become fully consenting Indentured Servants either from benefit receipts, or through the intervention by Social Services who will play the devils advocate in order to fill the corporate and charitable courses on which they will send you.


In Profile : The Six Important Functions of Secondary Education
In Profile : Charitable TrustsThe principles Inglisl laid out were adopted as the best means of destroying all ideas of the sovereign individual in children, achieved by programming the subconscious of the recipient procuring an immediate response to what the same masters would instil in the child, the acceptance of corporate legislation as ‘Thee’ authority to be obeyed, removing the genetic inheritance of rights and freedoms under law. Clearly a deceptive act removing the natural protection offered by the nation and supplanting a foreign profit driven system that issues licenses for ‘benefits and privileges’ they call legal.


In Profile : György Lukács and the Frankfurt School
In Profile : Charitable TrustsFrom the Frankfurt School would be launched an agenda to subvert European culture through psychological programs thrust upon the populations. One of the thinkers to whom the soul of the Frankfurt School is attributed is a man called György Lukács. He was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher and a philosopher of Leninist strategy but shifted the Marxist method to focus on the cultural attributes. He formed and agitated for the formation of subversive programs to be operated after the success of the military principle of Marxist revolution.


In Profile : The Alpha Course
In Profile : Charitable TrustsThe Alpha God is not the God of the Bible, says Chris Hand. What is Alpha , who is behind it and does its source lead back to Rome? In over 25 years, the Alpha system is growing like wildfire in Protestant and Catholic churches. Marriage courses, Alpha in the Workplace, and 80 percent of all prisons and universities in the UK now run Alpha. There were 8,142 Alpha courses running in over 7,300 all denomination churches in the UK alone. The number of churches in the U.S. using Alpha is growing faster than any other country.

In Profile : The Society of Jesus
In Profile : The Society of JesusThe Jesuit Order or more correctly The Society of Jesus, ‘The Company’ is headed by the Jesuit Superior General also known as the ‘Black Pope’ is the most formidable enemy to religious and civil liberty that the world has ever seen. The Jesuits became so infamous in Europe for fomenting wars and revolutions, and for assassinating heads of State, that they were expelled from 83 countries, city-states, and cities by 1931 – quite often by Roman Catholic monarchs. Roman Catholic Bishop Palafox found almost all the wealth…and all the treasures of the Province of [South] America in the hands of the Jesuits.

In Profile : The Froebel Education Model
feoble@0 copy 2Having worked long and hard on the life and work of Friedrich Froebel, we intended to refresh ourselves by revisiting educational controversies of the early twentieth century as recorded in Child Life, the organ of the Froebel Society from 1931-1939. The eye catching title of an article from 1933 drew us into the world of British froebelians and there, as we read on, we became aware of a process of transformation whereby Froebel’s quintessentially German idealist philosophy became British empiricist froebelian theory Froebel inspired the educational innovators of Third Reich

In Profile : ARK Absolute Return for Kids
ark and prince willian and kate 2ARK-Absolute Return for Kids is an umbrella lobbyist and mover for the incorporation of education through the Academy system. Funding comes from the military industrial complex and hedge funds, its about programming the next generation to the will of corporate insanity. ARK works withIn the Brain Research Trust which likes deep brain stimulation (DBS) which is a surgical treatment involving the implantation of a medical device called a brain pacemaker, which sends electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain. Smith and Nephew, offices at 15 Adam Street, London, same address as ARK, work in partnership with Medtronic, who manufacture brain pacemakers.

Bill and Melinda Gates, GAVI, Vaccines and ARK, Absolute Return for Kids 
Bill and Melinda Gates and ARKFirst, consider the fact Bill and Melinda are the most overt promoters of population reduction. Second, they are crazy about vaccines and medical interventions, especially in Africa, their dark playground. Third, consider the opportunities for their passions when they get a big influence in the Academy agenda forcing its corporate way across education in the West.


In Profile : Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) 
In Profile : Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)What controls your child’s education within the internet platforms? Welcome to The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) a  group of high level aristocratic people dictating the methods to turn our children into corporate slaves. They call this the gift of skills.



In Profile : Maurice Strong
maurice strong 2How the corporate media presents anyone on high is the key to understanding the real character and agenda of whomever they are blowing smoke up the rectum : The survival of civilisation in something like its present form might depend significantly on the efforts of a single man, wrote The New Yorker. The New York Times hailed that man as the Custodian of the Planet. So say the New York branch of the puppet media about Maurice Strong. Never heard of him? Well, you should have. Militia members are famously worried that black helicopters are practicing manoeuvres with blue-helmeted UN troops in a plot to take over America. George Soros and his Canadian sidekick, Kyoto architect Maurice Strong, are the brains behind the likes of Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev, The Dali Lama and Barak Obama, With the exception of the Dali Lama they also belong to the Chicago Climate Exchange which will make billions on climate change. Barrack Hussein Obama is the one out in front talking about Change we can believe in, but the senator from Illinois is only the latest puppet.

In profile : The Optimum Population Trust
Optimum Population Trust, they want to kill humansThe Optimum Population Trust is a green think tank and campaigning organisation whose aims are to carry out research on sustainable population sizes, educate the public, and campaign for sustainable population policies globally, in Europe and the UK. It was founded in 1991 by David Willey, whose widow continues as its treasurer, and for its first decade it worked as a respected and scholarly group of scientists, academics and others on the implications of growing human numbers, and on measuring sustainable population levels.

In Profile : Hess Corporation
In Profile : Hess Corporation 2A LEADING GLOBAL INDEPENDENT ENERGY COMPANY Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company, engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as in refining and in marketing refined petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity. Our vision is to maximise shareholder value by enhancing financial performance and providing long-term profitable growth. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of our employees, safeguarding the environment and creating a long-lasting, positive impact on the communities in which we do business.

In Profile : The Cookson Group Plc
In profile : Cookson Group plcCookson is one of 3000 UK companies signed to support recycle-more, all are members of the Valpak compliance scheme. So we have Cookson involved in the man made climate change lie using its reach to push for all criteria coming out of the global warming camp. As seems to be the case with all so far profiled Adam Street Gang companies, we find Cookson in the stakeholder community, and again as is the case with this network, they have a big interest in children.


In Profile : The Dulverton Trust, Slave Traders & Much Worse
In Profile : Charitable TrustsWhat does a Charitable Trust run by the Admiralty actually look like in 2016? Try the Dulverton Trust which has control of the Trussell Trust. We embrace charities which Trustees consider to be worthy of support, despite being at the margins of the Trust’s Guidelines, and also some which provide services for the benefit of the charitable sector as a whole. The largest grant was the continuation of the three-year grant to Combat Stress, and this was augmented by a grant to Gardening Leave, a new charity which offers horticultural therapy for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. An exceptional grant was awarded to the National Gallery towards the Titian Appeal. REACH Volunteering continued to receive a Perennial Grant for its excellent work in support of the whole charitable sector, by matching skilled volunteers to the needs of individual charities.

In Profile : The Trussell Trust
In Profile : Charitable TrustsConsider the Food Banks as nothing more than a facilitator for the procuring of your children. Beware of “Intervention Orders.” As a system, the program created by the corporate state to deal with the coming widespread poverty agenda has been to hand the entire safety net to the charitable organisations the same corporate state controls. In fact the myriad of charitable operations launched in the year 2000 under New Labour, are mere fronts for the corporate state as a means of hiding their actions from the glare of transparency and therefore from the populations.


In Profile : The Committee of 300, the Olympians
Committee 300 secret societiesThe Committee of 300. If we are to understand the immensity of this organisation we must look at the mindset and goals of the secret elite group who’s ultimate aim is to ensure they are the inheritors of Moriah, The All Conquering Wind, the Dionysus, the Isis, Catharism, Bogomilism? This elite group that also calls itself the Olympians, because they truly believe they are equal in power and stature to the legendary gods of Olympus, and as such have set themselves above our true God and absolutely believe they have been charged with implementing the following by divine right 

In Profile : LINKS : London Information Network On Conflicts And State Building
Lnks of London Controlling Mass ImmigrationToday Europe stands on the precipice of being overrun with refugees according to the corporate media. A closer look shows that far from an influx of refugees, what is happening is an influx of wealthy and fanatical Muslims from across the Middle East as the Sunni move to absorb the Shia of Syria, and, positioning the other nation of Shia Muslims, Iran, into the scapegoat position for nuclear attack upon the West as the secret script behind Obamas Nuclear deal with Iran. LINKS of London is a network dealing with all things conflict and the spill out of people that always accompanies military action. If the corporate empire is to have its global multicultural agenda fulfilled, then it had to ensure it not only controlled the military planning of war it also needed to fully control the movement of people in order such movement would satisfy its global diluting of cultures and race. 

In Profile : The Heritage Foundation
heritage foundation@0 copy 2Since 1982 the Heritage Foundation, the most influential conservative think tank in the United States, has channelled as much as $1 million to right-wing organisations in Britain and other Western European countries, with the aim of influencing domestic political affairs. In one case large sums were paid through a former Central Intelligence Agency contract employee to undisclosed third parties. The British groups financed by Heritage were closely linked to senior figures in Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party. 

In Profile : International Institute For Strategic Studies 
In Profile : International Institute For Strategic StudiesThe International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) describes itself as the world’s leading authority on political-military conflict.Based in London, IISS is registerd as charity in UK, US and Singapore. Founded in 1958 the IISS has strong establishment links, with former US and British government officials among its members. The Foreign Office contributed £100,000 towards the setting up of its headquarters in central London, and the opening was attended by Margaret Thatcher and Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, then secretary general of Nato. Its early work focused on nuclear deterrence and arms control and was by its own account hugely influential in setting the intellectual structures for managing the Cold War.

In Profile : RSA : Royal Society of the Arts
In Profile : RSA Royal Society of the ArtsAt first glance this operation looks pretty insignificant, it looks after the encouragement of arts. If there is one thing I have learned on my journey tis the fact what people think they understand, is exactly what the elite want them to understand, in the RSA we have a premier example of just such a play. To the masses the word Art has serene images of masterpieces in music, poetry and paint, but the word art in the occult world has a very different meaning altogether. 

In Profile : Westminster Foundation for Democracy
In Profile : Westminster Foundation for DemocracyThe Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) describes itself as the UK’s ‘Democracy-building foundation, and was established in 1992 : “To provide flexible and imaginative funding assistance to countries managing the difficult transition to democracy in central and eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. Throughout the 1990s WFD’s work expanded to support countries emerging from conflict and authoritarian rule and to support the consolidation and effectiveness of existing democratic regimes.”(WFD, 2007) WFD’s open approach is to bring together funding for civil society organisations and for political parties in ‘coherent thematic’ and country programmes. This work is undertaken with a grant-in-aid, currently £4.1 million, from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Half of this grant is distributed between the three major UK political parties (the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats) and smaller UK parties on a proportional basis. The other half is allocated by the Foundation to national and international organisations whose work supports WFD’s programme priorities.

In profile : Malvern House and illegal immigration
Malvern House and immigrationA very odd operation indeed taken on its own description, yet they are into education while expecting huge numbers of immigrants they intend to educate to serve the corporate script. An operation acting in tune with the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan which aims to genocide the peoples of Europe through mass immigration and forced breeding of the Europeans with the immigrants.


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