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Secret Societies

What Is The Crown Temple?

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The four Inns of the Temple are not incorporated, the same with the Bar Associations and yet the unincorporated four Inns control the global incorporated network.
The banks Rule the Temple Church and the Attorners carry out their orders by controlling their victim’s judiciary and by determining the jurisdiction under which they are to be judged.

In Profile : History Of Freemasonry, Albert Gallatin Mackey, Vol II, The Prussian Knight, 21st Degree
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This degree is based on the Order of Knights, known in Germany as the Holy Vehme, who exacted justice fiercely and morally. They inculcated humility, and constantly remembered the price of pride, exacted upon the descendants of Noah who erected the Tower of Babel. Today, this Order only claims jurisdiction among its own members, and their rule and duty is to judge others by the same rules by which they live.

Freemasonry Is Deception, The Blue And Red Cross

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Garbage, shit and piss, is there anything more contradictory by design than Freemasonry? When you enter this labyrinth you cease to be of nation. You can recognise the use of Cabbala and the inversion of the red/blue cross, blue afforded to Scotland, the home of the bloodlines which is really the York Rite that is claimed to be England, and in London’s Templar (Holy See) city of London they present themselves as the Red Cross which is in fact the Scottish Rite.

In Profile : The Watchtower And The Masons, Fritz Springmeier

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Deep insight into the origins of the Jehovahs Witness organisation as a Freemasonic cult and a heresy, readying for submission of the Christian to the Jewish Noahide Laws.

Pharaoh And His Legions And The Marked Slaves

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The Phaoronic calendar, which commenced as the new calendar in Egypt in around 4240 BC, hints at cataclysm, of which it is said, shifted the earth from her original orbit which was a yearly 360-day calendar split into 12 months each of 30 days. It is said that the orbit shift created 5 extra days. These extra days are known as the epagomenal days, or in the language of the Egyptian, the five Neters. So we are talking about names given to these five extra days in the religion of Egypt when we speak of : Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys and Horus.

Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Of The Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine

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The Rabbis are very clear as it relates to the enforcement of the Noahide Laws over the world of the Gentiles, which is to be centred in Jerusalem and controlled by the Sanhedrin through a Rabbi led Supreme Court, with the intention of forming a new United Nations in Israel to enforce the will of the Sanhedrin over nations through the already achieved incorporation of the State. In previous reports I have presented the root of all subversive societies as having origin in the Egyptian mystery schools, in this report we shall explore the Islamic priesthood of Imams who are moving to install the Unwritten Laws of Islam over the Written laws compiled in the Koran. This presents the fact, as declared by many Rabbis, that political Islam, born of the secret Sufi sects, is the broom of Israel, the direct result of political Islam being subservient to the Rabbis.

In Profile : The Essenes of Qumran
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Seeking the origins of the one world religion from the antediluvian age to the present and the secret societies that carry its light. The Essenes are classed as a Qumran sect holding the priesthood at the time of the Temple destruction by Rome in 70AD. Ergo they held all the knowledge contained within the Temple. They were essentially celibates and aesthetics, preferring the solitary existence as a monastic priesthood. Two other priesthood’s, the Sadducees and the Pharisees had elders on the council, forming a trinity which together, were classed as the Aaronite Priests, each group claiming continuum from the antediluvian period allied with Enoch son of Cain. It would be Cain’s bloodline that would work with the Nephilim to create the corruption of Atlantis.

The Secret Instructions Of The Jesuits

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This edition of the ” Monita Instructions of the Jesuits” mistranslation published in London in the year 1723 by John Walthoe. In addition the Four Oaths or Vows which must be taken by all Members of the Order. These form the third and fourth chapters of the fifth part of the Consti-tutions of the Jesuits, and are copied from a trans-lation published by Messrs. Rivingtons’, in 1838.

Ritual America, Secret Brotherhoods And Their Influence On American Society

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Insight into the priesthood of secrecy and how they operate through the secret societies to blind the populations while usurping the nation’s domestic and economic systems by incorporation.

In Profile : 6 million Jews
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The cry of 6 million Jews came before the Second World War, it is a continuum of a blackmail narrative to serve the unclean of spirit. Victor Gollancz had a publishing house The Left Book Club. Gollancz is famous for “predicting” the death of 6 million Jews in 1936. Not until 27 January 1945 was the camp liberated and from that point the 9 year old prediction would be used to batter nations and cultures to bow to the almighty apartheid state that is Israel.

 In Profile : Austrian Auspitz Jewish bankers, the hidden banned nobility
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The House of Auspitz the hidden power of the Diaspora after Adelsaufhebungsgesetz of 1919. A few very wealthy Jewish families were ennobled after the Toleranzedikt vom 1782 (“1782 Edict of Tolerance”) decreed by Emperor Joseph II. Under this Edict, very wealthy Jewish bankers, and later entrepreneurs and industrialists—some of them court Jews—could also be ennobled for their services. Jews had been ennobled mostly with no title or lower-ranking titles, such as Freiherr (Baron) or Ritter (Knight). The few Jewish families elevated into the nobility were not required to forswear their faith, but some of these families converted to Christianity in order to become more accepted.

In Profile : Second Balfour Declaration
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Privy Council Plenipotentiaries to take full control over Great Britain as the governments appear untrustworthy. Judicial takeover for the EU. The Balfour Declaration was approved at the Imperial Conference of 1926. Named after the conference chair, Lord Balfour, it stated formally what was already in practice – that the Dominions of the British Empire were autonomous and equal in stature with each other and with England. A new association was created that was called the British Commonwealth of Nations. ..The members of the Commonwealth were “in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united in a common allegiance to the Crown.”


In Profile : Three World War Strategy, Letter from Pike to Mazzini 1871
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Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini were the heads of Freemasonry in the United States and Europe respectively. As such they ofter wrote to each other in order they co-ordinate the agenda as set by the Illuminati.
In a letter dated 15 August 1871 from Pike to Mazzini, Pike made it clear that the plan to consolidate the world under the direction of Lucifer will be achieved through three world wars.


In Profile : Richard Nikolas Eijiro Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972)
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Mass immigration is a real problem today, we now know the coudenhove Kalergi plan to genocide Europe, but who is Richard Coudenhove Kalergi? When your friends include Winston Churchill, Bernard Baruch and a host of Rothschilds, you know the plan is all bad.
In profile : The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan  The genocide of the Peoples of Europe
Richard Coudenhove Kalergi. 2
Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. With this article we intend to prove once and for all, that this is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

In Profile : The Esoteric Agenda
God v Lucifer
If you live, you are aware today of the move to a one world order in all aspects of earthly existence.
The move is lead by those behind the central banking empire which today is deconstructing all that man has achieved for the benefit of the spirit of man.
But of course that is what we know as it relates to finance, there is another agenda in order they can merge the globe under one belief system, this is best described as the esoteric agenda.
In the West four the last few centuries, we have suffered a reconstruction of our religious thought leading to a distinct shift of understanding of spirit and faith.
During the 19th century in the aftermath of the American Civil war, the script for Three World Wars was presented as the means to bring a change in faith and understanding of the Israelite tradition in Christian Europe, offered to the elect by Grand Commander of the 33 degree of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry Albert Pike.

In Profile : Rome to Templars to Freemasonry, We Face the Same Enemy
duke of brunswick@0
With much play on the idea Freemasonry and the Knights Templar are one and the same entity, holding the same beliefs and the same morality as did those wholesome societies of antiquity, does this suggestion of morality play out in real time historical fact, and, if so, what happened to such a strong upstanding morality and why is it vacant in today’s world of finance given the entire order of Freemasonry together with the Jesuit Order stand charged as the protector of the corporate takeover?


In Profile : The Committee of 300, the Olympians
committee-300-secret-societies 2
The Olympians are the Military Industrial Complex operating under British Admiralty Law Membership of the UN must be made universal. The British Crown is the control point (Inner City of London) Developing nations must be assisted. (Meaning assisted to destruct). Committee of 300 is found in the vast number of powerful institutions The Mossad is able to pick agents among local Jews, The Mossad also has the advantage of having access to the records of all US law enforcement agencies and US intelligence services (ONI) ELINT services the Mossad at no cost to Israel. There is no entity the Committee cannot reach and control
People perish for lack of knowledge, Wisdom

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang
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We have witnessed the removal of our industry, the strangulation of our farming and fishing abilities and through the myriad of shell companies, have formed a channel of financial theft to the offshore accounts. To remove the entire wealth of this nation into the hands of the United Nations which acts as a front, a proxy for the old money families still today running the Roman Empire. As we are speaking of old money, we are not speaking of a Rothschild empire alone, we are moving behind that veil to expose the network head on these Isles that is sailing ship with the wealth of Great Britain into the hands of the Illumined such as the Aldobrandini, the Farnese, the Orsini, the Somaglia, and Breakspear.

In Profile : Trilateral Commission; Replacing Capitalism with Technocracy 
Trilateral Commission
The Trilateral Commission is a satellite organisation of the Round Table network. Its task is to oversee the implementation of the new world economic system they call technocracy, replacing the only system to allow for individual freedom, Capitalism. The Trilateral Commission, working in sync with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, make up the holy trinity that has formed and implemented the platform upon which the front organisation and its satellites, The United Nations, will operate and enforce the will of the Illumined.


In Profile : The Corporate Head of the Secret Societies, Chatham House RIIA
Chatham House (RIIA) Secret Society Headquarters
Chatham House also known as The Royal institute for International Affairs is the physical representation of the network upon which the new world system is to be based as understood and presented by Cecil Rhodes. The idea is to use the British isles to front the anti-life system. Ordered from within the Illuminati, administered through the Committee of 300 as the system depicted in the Protocols, to serve the elect council of self appointed bloodline representatives of hubris, who’s aim to is to command the entire world. They have usurped the British chivalric system to front the banking empire as a new world order under corporate authority.

In Profile : The Fabian Society
Red Flag of the Fabian Society
So how far do Mr Corbyn’s Communist protocols actually go? To support the UN ones leanings are to mass murder via medical interventions, the administration of concentration camps also called refugee camps in nations torn asunder by war. They position populations for mass migrations whilst in the background prepare statutes for absolute and total climate script dictatorship over every corporate government on the globe.

In Profile : Timeline of Population Control
Georgia Guidestones
Humanity must drastically scale down its industrial activities on Earth, change its consumption lifestyles, stabilise and then reduce the size of the human population by humane means, and protect and restore wild ecosystems and the remaining wildlife on the planet. The Wildlands Project

In Profile : The Six Important Functions of Secondary Education
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The principles Inglisl laid out were adopted as the best means of destroying all ideas of the sovereign individual in children, achieved by programming the subconscious of the recipient procuring an immediate response to what the same masters would instil in the child, the acceptance of corporate legislation as ‘Thee’ authority to be obeyed, removing the genetic inheritance of rights and freedoms under law. Clearly a deceptive act removing the natural protection offered by the nation and supplanting a foreign profit driven system that issues licenses for ‘benefits and privileges’ they call legal.

In Profile : György Lukács and the Frankfurt School
In profile : History
From the Frankfurt School would be launched an agenda to subvert European culture through psychological programs thrust upon the populations. One of the thinkers to whom the soul of the Frankfurt School is attributed is a man called György Lukács. He was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher and a philosopher of Leninist strategy but shifted the Marxist method to focus on the cultural attributes. He formed and agitated for the formation of subversive programs to be operated after the success of the military principle of Marxist revolution.


In Profile : Darda, Phrez, Zerah and the House of Judah
The Red Hand
According to some scholars, it is claimed that Darda is in fact Dara with the claim of a scribal error omitting the Hebrew letter Dalet, or the English D, and based in the fact a double Resh as not possible in the Hebrew language. (The Hebrew letters Dalet and Resh are very similar and easily confused) Darda was a real entity in the Bible narrative and was descended from Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham. If we look at the account of Tamar and Judah from Genesis 38, we are told that Tamar conceived of Judah and bore him twin sons, Pherez (Perez) and Zerah. Perez would then be the ancestor to King David, King Solomon down to the monarchs of Israel and Judah, and within the New Testament Perez is recorded as an ancestor to Jesus.

In Profile : The Zionist-Non-Zionist Issue
Kaufman presents the fact, contact had been made between both camps, that the Balfour Declaration had as its secondary aim, to force the Zionist and non Zionist camps to better define their relationship in order their claims could be understood by all in the wider world, specifically regions with large Jewish communities. The ethos of the Non Zionist camp, headed in the negotiations by Louis Marshall, then head of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), was based in the fact; Jews had made the shift from seeing themselves as a race without homeland, to a religious community.

In Profile : The Difference Between the Shia of Iran and Sunni of Arabia in Islamic Terms
Syria Iran, Shia and Sunni Islam
Not unlike Christianity which began as an institution under the Catholic doctrine, Islam has removed itself from the original text and ignored the rules and warnings given by their prophet. In so doing like the Vatican which today operates under the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II, Islam has removed itself from the Laws of Moses. With the Reformation of the Catholic doctrine, hitherto Christian nations moved to imperial empire and all that goes with it, Britain as the main aim of the reformers became the pinnacle of empire after the 1066 invasion by the Carolingian warlords who had reversed the Benedictine doctrine from 909 AD, enabling the ownership of land and property by Bishop and Cardinal. This expressed itself in the medieval feudalism of the Middle Ages.


In Profile : The Plutonium Deception
metal_plutonium 2The following video is essential viewing if we are to understand the world of Nuclear energy. The revelations around Plutonium itself, are important, yet Galen also presents the background for what could perhaps be the foundation of the new worlds financial system. He explains the fact there is no nuclear waste, what they call waste is quite the opposite, that they are storing it for future use. He rebuffs the future generational deformity from radiation contamination and states that if one does become affected, the symptoms are likened to measles. This brings up more questions about the reason for the MMR Vaccination, what are they covering, or what are they giving children that they can harvest later?. He also states that lead is not a metal that can be soluble in a human body, meaning all health and safety legislation on which the taxpayer has become in debt, is a fantasy. In this sense the entire raft of Health and safety regulation across the globe, is a fantasy of the corporate empire, enough to create a fantasy system that humanity exists within. Welcome to the bankers world.


A Letter to Caesar
Julius CaesarEvery British schoolboy knew by heart the letter British king Caractacus sent to Claudius Caesar. But not many know about the letter, written about a century earlier, from King Cassibellaunus to Julius Caesar. This letter is quoted in full by Geoffrey of Monmouth, who possessed an ancient manuscript from Brittany that evidently contained the letter. Geoffrey quotes widely from this manuscript in his historical work. The letter reads as follows: Cassibelaun, king of the Britons, to Caius Julius Caesar. we cannot but wonder, Caesar, at the avarice of the Roman people, since their insatiable thirst after money cannot let us alone whom the dangers of the ocean have placed in a manner out of the world; but they must have the presumption to covet our substance, which we have hitherto enjoyed in quiet. Neither is this indeed sufficient: we must also prefer subjection and slavery to them, before the enjoyment of our native liberty.