Privatised Health is a military theatre, what will become of the National Health Service?

In 2011 American Defence Contractors became the service providers for Obamacare. They are moving to become the National Health Service itself. In 2011 Lockheed Martin carried out the 2011 Census in the United Kingdom in which Brits were told they must hand over a shed load of personal information to a private American military contractor. The internet is not the only way they have collected your data.

Mental Health, Transgenderism and Endocrine Disruptors

The latter end of the 1940s presents a platform from which everything learned during two world wars would be converted into the means to coerce and control the devastated populations. The concentration camps are well enough understood to have been medical and scientific laboratories, from which the knowledge of the human biological system, chemical and electrical, would be collected and correlated in order they could use such knowledge against the populations to shift human behaviour away from natural law and into a more acceptable corporate vision for the future of mankind.

What the Media is not telling you about the National Health Service

The Yanks are coming with insurance corps, they are moving to takeover the National Health Service, your NHS. Optum and Kieser Perminenta. It is because the health service remains free at the point of need that hides the reality of what is going on with the NHS to the patients, but of course when the NHS is fully in the hands of the insurance corporations is when the point of need will require a payment. As the costs rise it is then that the US insurance corporations will get their return in the forced need for medical insurance.

Health Implications from interaction of aluminium and a low dosage fluoride

Mix aluminium and a low dose of fluoride to the drinking water or other methods has a huge impact on alzheimers and dementia, from a peer-reviewed medical journal, “Brain Research,” (vol. 784:1998), revealed that aluminum-induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when the animals were fed low doses of fluoride. The presence of fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminium level in the brains of the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls

Death camp statistics : the corporate National Health Service

I was searching for the figures as relate to the opium consumption by the NHS, because as the media is apt to focus on opium in the form of heroin, which immediately fixes all minds to the underworld and drug dealers, they never ever speak of the opium consumption straight out of Afghanistan and straight into the medical mafia paws. A rather threatening bit of data as it relates to mental health given the corporate state promotes through every available orifice, its importance, we find that 58,399 people were detained under the Mental Health Act in 2014/15. Looks a little like the concentration camp scoop up mentality in full swing, just out of sight.. All the same as I continue my search for opium use by the NHS I offer you this super insight into the death camp network that is the British National Health Service.

Why you must keep out of the realm of mental health, calls for euthanasia for the mentally ill

So what is the next level agenda when it comes to the corporate state dissecting your life to determine the best way they can satisfy the climate change legislation whilst making the largest amount of profit on your dilemma, a dilemma brought to your door by the same kind of people that told you to go for the mentally ill label? There following information should help you see where your life is going if you have fallen for the easy route of existence, with the corporate state as your overlord. Hastings Center fellow Bonnie Steinbock, suggests assisted death for psychiatric cases is the logical consequence of current euthanasia legislation

Let Notre Damn Burn

Gothic Cathedrals are not Christian at all, the Gothic style is the architecture of the moneylenders and usurers and the fake Rome. The Jews arrived in England under command of William the Bastard (conquerer) in 1066 in the wake of his defeat of King Harold II at Hastings on October 14. These Jews came from Rouen, 75 miles from Falaise, were William was born illegitimately. Historical records show that the Jews financed the entire invasion and were thus given the rights to practice usury under royal protection.

Shifting NATO’s mandate to destroy Islam globally and enforce the communist ideal

Article 5 NATO can be invoked by any member nation against that which undermines sovereignty. This includes invoking NATO against the E.U. Russia under command of Israel is moving to have NATO disbanded inline with the aim to demolish the United Nations so Israel can form its own world governing body that will be controlled out of Israel under the third temple fantasy.