How to Rule the World, transcript presented by lifeinthemix publishing

Lecture given by Efimov Victor Alekseyevich to the Russian FSB(KGB)

Efimov Victor Alekseyevich – Rector of Saint-Petersburg State Agrarian University (SPbSAU), doctor in science, economics, professor.

As a matter pif fact, the subject of my message we’ve outlined together. And initially it sounded thus “About Russian powers policy in the countries escapement of economical and political crisis.”

Why I have dared to occupy your time and tell you about this range of problems? Let me say a few words while introducing myself to you. It is necessary for you to understand from what stand I’m talking. In the 1989-1990 years I was head of Leningrad’s branch of the communist party. I met Michail Sergeevich Gorbachev twice. After conversations with him I realised that he understood the subject of governing the state insufficiently. Or more exactly, he did not understand some aspects of governing at all.

I was working just in Leningrad’s branch of the party (in Zametniy city) and could not have an influence on what was going on. That is I felt the necessity of changes, but at the same time I understood that what was being performed was not what Russia needed. That is why in 1990 I recused from the governing at a party conference and since then I concerned myself in a professional way in understanding how states are governed with neither general head of the state (Gorbachev) nor head of branch (me) cannot have an influence on what is going on. Thereto (my life has formed in such a way that I succeeded in visiting many of leading countries, including the East, for example Japan, Indonesia, India. Venezuela, if we are talking about another part of the world). I’ve learned in details the Bible, the Koran, Buddhism. Because if one does not comprehend what this is all for, they can never sort aspects of governing out. And now after 15 years of professional study of these questions, something has shaped to tell you about. You understand that 15 years and 1.5 hours are different periods of time, that’s why I cannot tell you about many things reasonably due to lack of time, but I can organise (if you want) a 2 hour special lecture about each phrase I’m saying. I am telling it to you to let you understand from what stand the information following will be given to you. I’m speaking based on the stands of public security.

The concept of public security (the theory of worldwide security), had been developed before and released in 1992 in Russia with encouragement of the vice chairman of the KGB in thousands of printed copies. Since then it has been suppressed, but its promotion is developing actively, and we have our staffs in 53 cities of Russia. This information is growing from the bottom up.

To understand each other, at first we must clarify our world view standards. If our basic conceptions are different, we will never understand each other. An elementary example, describing what has been said is a simple analogy :

Can one make four equilateral triangles, using 6 matches?

Trying to find the answer to this question, two opinions can appear, that both will be right, but will oppose each other. One people will claim that its possible, another will claim that it is not. Why?
because there’re world view basis will be different if you try to make it in 2D (place 6 matches on a plane and try to configure them into the figure that you need, thinking that the task is flat,) you will never get a solution. but if you imagine that this task has its solution in 3D, you will create triangle on a plane, using 3 matches, and connect the other 3 matches at the top of the pyramid imagined, so you have 3 triangles as sides and the 4th triangle as a base that is analogy that will be presented absolutely similarly in the governing, economy, and sociology. that is, at first you must clarify your world view standards.

The information I am going to give you, changes completely the stereotypes, that have been injected into the heads of our ancestors over the last centuries, and into our heads over the last decades as it has taken place in my case. Overcoming stereotypes is an extremely difficult process. Imagine ourselves on Copernicus’s mission, when he was trying to prove that the sun did not revolve around the earth. Believe me, that task was one of extreme complexity. Though it seems to us today that is obvious, at that time it was not and it became obvious only when a new terminology was introduced. Any human insight is always connected with the appearance of a new terminology.

That is a new term appeared : ‘Solar System’ – it had not been before. The term ‘terrestrial globe’ appeared. It had not been before, while people thought that the earth was flat and the controversy was only about whether the earth based on whales or on the elephants. That’s why I considered such preface to be done, to let you understand, how difficult my task is (to present you information about principles of modern governing from another stand, another measure of comprehension).

So we are talking about our countries escapement of economical and political crisis. But have we the reasons for such a statement of question? Yes, we have. You know perfectly well, that in our country we encounter with amazing paradoxes. On the other hand, a priori, we know that our country is the most wealthy country in the world, if we interpret the word ‘wealthy’ considering all wealth that god has given to us (wealthy sounds like ‘bogataya’ in Russian and has the root ‘bog’ that means god in English.) And what the god given to us : we are the first at natural gas reserves (45% of the worlds reserves 23% delivery to the world market) we are the first at forest reserves (45% of the world needle tree reserves) we are the second at oil after Saudi Arabia, now we are the first, we are the second at gold after South Africa, all periodic table (Mendeleev’s table) is in our country.

Telling about intellectual potential of population, having visited all countries, I can claim responsibly that we have the smartest population or we have the highest intellectual potential. You know for example, that 80% of the world’s best physicists are either Russians or from Russia, that is, they are living in other countries but they are from Russia or they have been through Russian Physics school.

So, how can we explain that being the wealthiest country in the world, and being donated with many qualities by god, we drag out a miserable existence? It means that our measure of understanding doesn’t correspond to what is going on. The crisis we’ve got in is not a crisis of a particular sphere of management. It is a system crisis that affected al spheres of our societies existence, therefore we must sort it out at large. Why am I speaking about system crisis? Because you might not remember, but I do remember all the slogans and calls and target settings Gorbachev provided, starting restructuring (‘Perestroika’) :

Accelerate social-economic development (as a result we’ve slowed 2 times in each direction. For example, China has increased it’s GDP twice, while we’ve decreased ours two times.)
2. Gorbachev told about the fight against drunkenness and alcoholism (what we’ve got – we’ve accustomed all the nation to heavy drinking.)
Friendship of nations was not completely proper, we were to construct it on the new basis (we’ve got war within Russia.)
Socialism with a human face (we’ve got capitalism with a beastly grin.)

That is, we’ve got exactly the opposite of what we expected. At the same time, if you would read the council directive of U.S National Security 20/1 – 1948 (it is published in different places, including Yakovlev’s book ‘CIA against USSR’.) – that directive is executed to the smallest detail.
Then, how is governing organised? To understand this crisis, and to understand algorithms of escaping from this crisis, we must understand clearly the principles of social governing that are hidden today.

I affirm that it is the ‘Conceptual Power’, (CP,) that is the highest level of social governing, i.e., governing the states is performed from the supranational level. And legislative, executive and judicial branches of power are just, ‘accessory drive belts’ from CP to any state and population.

And if any state hasn’t understood the existence of supranational systems of governing in the form of CP, it means that this state doesn’t control the situation. To assess what’s going on, we should have certain world view standards. Off course, different people would appraise the situation differently. If Mr Alikperov (the head of the Luk-oil Company would speak to you today, he would characterise the situation from his own stands, and his view would differ considerably from what I am going to tell you. If some school teacher, who hasn’t had his salary of 3000 rub, (100$) for the last half-year, would speak to you, he would consider the situation differently.

So you should understand that in each presentation there is a little element of subjectivism. Why would Alikperov speak in a different way? Because of, you know, his official net profit is 3.000.000$ per month.

As Kommersant newspaper reported, because of what it happens? It takes it’s place because in oil business national property (bowels of the earth) become appropriated by the corporation on a certain phase. That is, oil is a national property, but it comes out thus : Those own the oil, who have extracted it from the earth. “That guy dance a girl, who has fed her” famous Caucasian proverb.

But how it must be in a fair state : If you produce the oil, then get your salary (but not profit.) Because some people have been teaching your children some people have been treated, you and your children medically. Of course, one can speak about complexity of their job, but it is fair in this case to speak about difference in salaries of 10%, 100%, but Alikpervos’s earnings, including dividends are about 3000000$ per month, while school teachers salary is 3000 rub, (100$, ie, something is wrong. It is this ‘something is wrong’ that forms peoples world view stands. I’m going to provide with another two figures : If a central banks member would speak to you, he would have his own view on what is happening : Russian banking system’s 11 month earnings total 696.6 billion rub, when farming industry earnings for last year are negative. Farming industries dead loss in this year of plenty is 60 billion rub.

How can we explain such difference? Do we find in the farming industry only slovenly individuals and idlers working, and in the banking system a lot of talented and hard working people? No. I worked as head of a commercial bank for five years and I can tell you, that this is not the case.
The fact is that in our country (Russia) some system errors have been formed, when one of the economic sectors is swelling by leaps and bounds, regardless of its efficiency (banking sector due to loan interest), while another sector, borrowing money at an interest rate, that much more than return on capitol turnover in this sector (farming industry) is coming to ruin, you do not need to be a specialist, it is enough to complete five classes and write it on a sheet of paper, and you will understand it all. The return on capitol turnover in the farming industry is 3-4%. Turnover cycle in the farming industry is approximately one year. Discount rate is 18% today. (It reached 200% previously.) So the algorithmic is very simple.

What is CP (Conceptual Power) actually? It is clear at the level of sensations, that states are governed in another way, not by governments and not by presidents. But we have no word for the subject of governing. So we introduce a new term “Conceptual Power.” But it does not work until we fill it up with lexis and images. So to talk about CP, let me draw a picture for you. This is CP (a box at the top) and a “party system” closed on it (a system of left-right and centrist parties to handle any society, though it seems to some people that the parties are different, and one can ask us whom are you? Jirinovskiy’s, Gaydar’s, or Javlinskiy’s? All public moods are identified and then ‘shepherds’ are selected for the whole spectrum of moods.

So, it is ABC, and I hope you feel it, that all parties are one solid mechanism, which handled (payed) from one single purse (through different cashiers) and the struggle among parties is just a show for the ‘cattle.’ Don’t like this party…so go to that one, and so on.

But we can construct a chain, that will be closed not on external CP, but on our own Russian. Because the one thing needed is a measure of comprehension… And then CP, through its system of parties, influences the standard control system, about which you know from the schoolbooks, the Legislative, executive and Judicial branches. The corridor is defined from the level of CP, while how to move the state within the corridor, at what pace to move and how to punish those who jumped to of the corridor (by means of the Judicial branch) – that is the mission of these three branches, although one tells us that the governing is performed from the level of these three branches. I affirm that the governing is not performed from this level, and this system of power is irrelevant absolutely to the welfare of the people. All is decided here (at the top, CP.)

So what is the CP? It is the hierarchically the highest level of social governing, based on a certain world view. The CP has six management priorities (management tools.)

Having not told you about it (all that has been said above), though it seems that our subject is outlined. But let me repeat that it is very important for me to bring you the world view standards, from which I will appreciate all that is being performed in Russia. If you do not understand the things above, you will not understand the things I will now tell you about.

So CP has six management priorities (tools) by means of which it governs states and populations :

World View
Historical (chronological)
Economic (world money)
Genetic weapon
Weapons of war

Example, as we think, the governing of humanity has since the last 3000 years been achieved by these six management tools. This control system was formed right after 1325bc when Akhenaton (pharaoh of the Egyptian hierarchy Aten) had died and the Egyptian Amun (Amen) hierarchy came to governing the world…then they renamed Tutankhaton to Tutankhamun and introduced a certain control system based on these six management tools. Little has changed in the world since then. Governing in all aspects is always performed under one single algorithmic : There is a certain truth, that is known only to the esoteric people (those who govern), and there is a certain lie. To prevent people from choosing between truth and the lie, the lie is always divided into two lies, lie one and lie two. People are placed between them (I have to repeat it for you for integrity of presentation, though I gave you this material before and it is taped on cassettes that I left in your department.)

So, the people are here, between two lie one and lie two, while the esoteric elite, that usurped control of humanity, is here, between the truth and the lie. All that I am talking about is absolutely irrelevant to the theories of ‘world conspiracy’, ‘world government’, and all these theories are created also to mislead those people who start to understand something.

We say that governing is not performed at the level of world government, but at the level of structureless governing, Ie, there is structureless governing besides structural governing.

Supranational governing is structureless governing based on the six management tools.

Let’s take a look at how these tools were working at the time of Perestroika, then we will understand what we must perform in Russia and what Putin is performing to change the situation.
Any state is governed by means of : first weapon – you understand it – the simplest tool – weapons of war. But I affirm if any country starts a war – that coin try understands nothing about governing, roughly, there is something wrong with that countries brain.

Once shooting is started, comprehension and governing are ended. When I used to talk with one of yours, he told me the same thing that he told his students “Once shooting is started counterintelligence is ended.” For example, Switzerland has never fought.

But somehow Hitler intended to Volga when there were Swiss banks full of gold in ten minutes in a tank, but Hitler didn’t intend to these banks. That means that they have another mechanism of defence. But what mechanism? These six that are here.

So, why do some of the pseudo patriots (Ivashov and others) call for the mobilisation and strengthening of the army and so on? I can tell you that it is a kind of profanation of governing, and will never achieve any result, because we had the most powerful army in the world, the most powerful party, most powerful intelligence, but how did they destroy our country (USSR) without firing a shot? It means that all is not decided here at the level of the weapons of war, at least because we won the great patriotic war WWII, at this level, but after some 20 years we bowed to Germany and started begging, asking for loans and so on at the fourth level.

Is there a weapon that works more effectively than weapons of war? It turns out that it exists and it is the genetic weapon. One can enslave a country with green helmets, but the problem is that helmets are visible, it is clear who fired. In the place of the one shot there may appear other, more powerful, so one must seek for other methods. One tried to enslave Russia at the level of green helmets several times, but they failed.

So I say at the fifth level of genetic weapon, the results achieved are far more stable. But what is genetic weapon? It is alcohol, tobacco, drugs. To prevent people from recognising these things to be genetic weapons, they injected them into our consciousness as our traditions and customs. Russian music without glass? Just ponder… they inject it into our heads everyday. It is structureless (matrix) governing, when there is a certain information matrix within society, and any child rolled through this matrix cannot imagine himself without a glass of wine. Has he wanted to drink alcohol since birth? No, it is imposed on him deliberately by means of films, advertisements, television, newspapers and radio. I claim responsibly that you cannot find even during the USSR times, a film, where the scenes of wine drinking and smoking would not be shown.

And what is alcohol? Non of the doctors will ever tell you what alcohol actually is. I will tell you a poem :

“Chizik-pizhik, where were you? – I drank vodka, and after a second glass I felt dizzy.”

So, what does this dizziness mean? I will explain to you. I researched this subject with our first medical institute. An electron microscope allows us to record the processes that occur in our brain, since you know, we can see a fragment of our brain in our eye pupil. Capillaries in our brain are very narrow and commensurate to the size of a erythrocyte. An erythrocyte in its normal state has a lipid membrane (grease). Alcohol, getting into the blood violates the grease, and erythrocytes begin to stick together and flow not individually but by gluings, by ‘grape bunches’ and in narrow capillaries they form a thrombus (plug). At this point the blood supply to the neurone stops, and the neurone physiologically dies. This neuronal death is perceived by the man a harmless state of intoxication. Why do I envy you who are young and able to master this information? All will be changed in your genetic, in your current life, if you understand these primitive elementary things. Unfortunately, this information was given to me when I was 40, but since then my life and the life of my family changed completely. Now I can believe in anything, but I will never believe that anyone of my family members would ever make on sip of beer or one sip of champagne. You’ve probably noticed that Putin, the first time in history, delivers new year toast without a glass of champagne.

You will never understand the principles of global governing having not paid attention to details. Remember little things are not critical they define everything, those who understand little things – they understand all. People who are in that system of knowledge with which I have been working for the last 15 years, there has not been anyone in their families for the last 1000 years who would take one sip of alcohol or one sip of tobacco.

[These substances] Cause the properties of the brain to appear fundamentally different. To undermine our genetics that apriori the most powerful in the world, this genetic weapon was created. There is a part of my book, where it is described in detail how it works for alcohol and tobacco as genetic weapons. Tobacco works absolutely similarly. If you don’t smoke you can check it : Once you have inhaled it, it will take the time that is equivalent to time that is necessary for your blood to move from your lungs to your brain. As this poisoned blood reaches your brain, dizziness begins. A spasm of blood vessels occurs to prevent this poisoned blood from hitting your brain.

It is described also in my book, where is the source from which the priests of ancient Egypt learned these mechanisms of control over humanity by means of genetic weapons.

If you have injected into any family a genetic weapon – this family is doomed. In 50, 100, 200 years – this is a minor question. But if this family (ancestry genetics) has not recognised alcohol as a genetic weapon, then those who govern us have solved their task.

Remember, what was performed at this level – was a classic global scheme to ruin the country by drinking. Prohibition, then alcohol Royal and the process started….to accustom people to heavy drinking, the first thing you do is prohibit alcohol. Accustomisation to drinking begins at prohibition.


These two tools are ‘material tools’, i.e.,you have some substance or device. The next tool is world money, the 4th tool. These four tools are ‘informational’ tools.

What is world money? It is information about instruments of payment. What are money? They are just numbers that are able to be represented either on paper or in the computer, and nothing more. Money always was a merchandise.

(To remind you from what stand I am speaking, I am a physicist, I graduated at the Physics Department of Leningrad University, I’m a PhD. Then I graduated in Finance and Economics Department, Higher Party School, that’s why I don’t have a narrowly specialised view on any phenomena.)

So, money always was a merchandise, that was used in commodity exchange operations more than others (grain, cattle, skins, metal, gold, silver.) But what is paper?
Until 1971 paper was only a banknote – i.e., a note off a bank that says you have some merchandise. And if you pass this paper to another man, the merchandise becomes his. That was the nature of money.

I will make a little deviation of the theme, because you must understand what money actually is because we are handled by means of money. Rothschild said :
“Let me handle the money of a country and I don’t care who writes its laws.”
It is exactly the truth. Any parliaments, laws, MPs, are irrelevant to real governing, if they do not control the countries money.

Why or what for was the second world war organised? the second world war was the promotion of the US dollar. The chronology is as follows :
1913 the creation of the Federal Reserve system (a private corporation that emits the US dollar) At the time previous the British Pound dominated.
After the First World War, the currencies of belligerent countries fail and the US dollar begins to compete with other currencies. After the second world war currencies of the belligerent countries fail. The only non-combatant country is the USA.

So, for those who ordered and organised WWII, it ended in 1944 when the Breton Woods agreement was made. According to that agreement $35 equated to 31.1 g of gold. That means the US$ was the only currency in the world that was connected to gold. And if you brought US dollars to the USA, they were obliged to turn your paper into gold. But if you brought French Franks and British pounds to Great Britain, there were not obliged to change your paper to anything besides the US dollars. So, after the Breton Woods agreement all other currencies were connected with gold only through the US dollar. But in 1971 de Gaulle figured it out, that some countries must give their oil, forests and gold to get the US dollar, when the US must only push the button on the printing press, so they send a airplane full of paper dollars and get an airplane of gold, and so on. And since de Gaulle was not playing by the rules, they removed him quickly.

But the gold reserves of the United States was exhausted, and on the 15 August 1971 Nixon unilaterally signed a decree that crossed all the international agreements and exchanging dollars for gold was discontinued. It was the default of the USA. Since then money is just paper which is guaranteed by nothing, i.e., it is clear what is a kilogram but it is not clear what is a rouble or a dollar. Nobody will tell you today why one US dollar is equal to 31 rubbles it is just a mafia arrangement but not economics, the rouble as you understand it is undervalued by 4 times, i.e., you will buy 4 times less merchandise in the US for one US dollar than in Russia.

I made a report in the Kremlin : “The origins of the crisis of the worlds financial and methodology to overcome it.” It is posted on this website. Now I have outlined some basic points. But you must realise clearly how we are handled today and why Putin doesn’t announce these schemes, understanding it. If we announce these schemes a war will start. They will destroy us at the sixth level (weapons of war). Take a look at how theory handle us. This is our state border (line on the desk.) When 1 kilogram of US dollar paper moves to our side, 100 kilograms of gold meets this paper. And equally freight trains of oil, natural gas, forests and so on. This is governing in our days, it is elementary.

During the Perestroika, one-third of US dollars were downloaded into Russia, today all US dollars are distributed thus :

one third in the USA
one third in Russia
one third to the rest of the world

Is this a coincidence? I affirm that it is not, it is a real scheme of global governing. But once we unbar this scheme and say “ok guys, we understand, that you will stop without us tomorrow, but buy all our resources for roubles, they will answer, “We don’t have enough roubles.”

Then we will say, “no problems, we will print them.” And as we will print them, the Russian rouble will become the most guaranteed currency in the world. Why the US dollar is needed today is because you can by forests, oil and gas in Russia for US dollars.

Do you remember how they deceived the Indians? They gave them glass beads, and what do they give us? Paper, candy wrappers. And our delighted central bank accumulates them in its cellars. How much have we accumulated? $50 bn. But what have we given them for this paper? yes, its our commodity loans. You can never find a country in the world that would give its wealth for another country’s money. Japan signed a decree in 1949 that prohibits to take out a rusty nail for any other currency except the Japanese Yen. What ensures the Yen? Product that is produced in Japan. What must ensure the rouble? Product that is produced in Russia. Our exports are always two times higher than imports. Ie, we have no problems in our foreign activity. Our contra gents have problems, i.e., they need a lot, we say, “only for our currency” – rouble becomes the most guaranteed currency in the world.

So the governing at this 4th economical priority is the issue of means of payment primarily. Those who make emission, they get income called ‘seignorage’ which is definitely the difference between the cost of money making and its face value. Ie, manufacturing cost of $100 bills is 10 cents, and its face value is $100.

Definition sei¦gnior|age [ˈseɪnjərɪdʒ]
seignorage (noun)
profit made by a government by issuing currency, especially the difference between the face value of coins and their production costs.
historical the Crown’s right to a percentage on bullion brought to a mint for coining.
a thing claimed by a sovereign or feudal superior as a prerogative.

You can change these papers on what you want in Russia. If we have no measure of understanding. Those who get seignorage, they make the coolest business around the globe. All drug and weapons businesses are far less profitable than the business which is performed by means of emission of means of payment. Someone fights for this paper while another prints it. Note that as soon as Putin came to power and all newspapers wrote about it, he raised the question of nationalisation of the central bank.

yes our central bank is not our state structure and it is not included in the structure of public administration. The fact is that our government borrows money under the same conditions in the IMF/World bank, our central bank – under the loan interest. And what is loan interest? It is the scheme of global governing. I affirm that the governing is performed not at that sphere about which we read in newspapers and watch on tv, Governing any state at the 4th priority is performed by means of loan interest.

Look at loan interest in any country and you will understand all. Look at the scheme of loan interest. You know they have brought our debts 160 billion dollars. Imagine that we would be as niece as our government…because the term ‘economics’ was introduced before christ by Xenophon, and in Greek ‘eco’ means home nomos means rules, so economics means household rules. Imagine that you took a loan of 100.000 roubles at 25% annual to buy an apartment. That means that you must pay 25% each year as loan interest, after four years you will pay 100% (100.000 roubles) and you must pay 100.000 roubles after another 4 years, after another 4 years you will pay 100.000 roubles and must pay 100.000 and so on for all life. You, your children, grandchildren and great grandsons.

This is the algorithm of governing the state : One country has printed paper another country hasn’t printed it but has borrowed it at interest. But does inflation depend on whether red or green papers are in my pocket? No. But these simple things are confused in peoples minds, and they believe that we must not print our own money and must import foreign money. What for? – To feed those who give it you at interest. I will provide you with statistics published in Margaret Kennedy’s book ‘Money without interest rate and inflation’ : Everyday developed countries give $100 bn due to debt for developing countries, and received back $200bn. That is the secret pif their prosperity….so, about sharking… Why do I tell you that you will never understand the things going on in the world at large until you understand who and what for the Bible, the Koran, Buddhism and Hinduism was written? The Bible was a management concept. And the CP, that is over our state, is Biblical CP. And the Bible is a concept represented in the lexical forms. And what is written in the Bible? I quote Deuteronomy :

“You shall lend to any nations, and will not borrow – and you will reign over many nations and they will not reign on you.”

That’s all, all is primitively simple. One lend money at interest, another borrows it. And why the Koran is vulgarised and spattered today? Because if you take the Koran, Suna 2 V 275….you can buy it today anywhere and this book is…if you don’t understand what this book is about – you don’t understand how the globe does. I quote : “Those who borrow will uprise in the last day, as those will uprise, whom Satan turned into madmen by his touch, because they told that trade is the same thing as sharking, but Allah prohibited sharking when allowed trade.

Our central bank is private-corporate ownership. Because it is a board of directors of CB, that decides all questions of profit. A book of mine will be released in a month that will be called ‘An Economic ABC for Pupils, Students, Housewives, Economy Ministers, Ministers of Finance”, in which all these questions will be explained with very simple primitive language. So seignorage must be a state property, but not private-corporate property, as it is in our case. Loan interest in normal state must be strictly equal to 0.Only in this case can we say that a state understands what it performs. What is the loan interest in Japan? zero, strictly. Ever! (It was 0.15% one time) What is the loan interest in the USA? 1.2%, in Europe 3%. In our country (Russia) 18%. Count yourself! How can a farmer, having borrowed money at 18%, return it? Where the loan interest is accounted ? At cost. So this situation leads to higher cost of production and spins the inflation. By what the central bank explains the high loan interest? Inflation.
What is govern ing humanity?

It is always a substitution of cause and effect. Central Bank says “I have high loan interest because I have high inflation.” I claim that we have high inflation in our country only because of high loan interest.

And a banking corporation, which produces nothing, continuously pumped from those who produce goods and constantly gets huge profit and asks : “Give me meat and oil, because I have earned a lot of papers.”

Farmers answer “how did you earn your paper?” Bank answers : “we shifted paper from one shelf to another, and then we shifted it back, and then we have two times more paper.” This subject is very important.

But let’s go further.

Ideological Tool

This is a far more fearsome tool than the 4th. And at the 4th tool, commands are performed, that descend from the 3rd tool.
The Bible, the Koran, all religions, television, are all ideological tools, and control of these, 4,5 and 6, tools is performed from this 3rd tool. You, as the future intelligence, must understand how real global governing is organised.

And what is terrorism? I affirm (and one of my radio programs is called “television as a sorcerer and media sponsor of terrorism”). Why do I affirm so? Do you remember that explosion in Moscow subway? Do you really think that those who contrived the explosion wanted to kill that 5-10 people? No. They hoped that all that stuff would be shown on TV afterward and millions or billions of TV-viewers would see it on TV and cause a certain effect on society. If the journalists would have enough willpower to get out of the control of this global governing, and if they would say tomorrow “we will not ever show terror attacks on TV”, those terror acts would become useless to anybody. Because what is the sense of these acts if only 5 people have died and nobody has heard about it? Is it silence? No It is global understanding of management schemes. I quote Bobkov Philip Denisovich (Vice Chairman of KGB)

“We understood it, how do they handle us by means of TV pictures. And once we showed the act of self-immolation that occurred in the Baltic near the eternal flame, these acts began to replicate themselves throughout the country, and stopped only when we stopped to show the information about it on TV. As we showed two newlyweds, who jumped out from the balcony and died, these jumps began to repeat.”

We must distinguish clearly programming from forecasting. One thing is to forecast, but another thing is to program. There is an egregor -matrix management, that is, if you show some pictures on TV these pictures determine your future. All that is shown on TV flows inevitably into our life.

All Witchcraft schemes are based on this effect. First some informational calculations are practised, then the schemes transfer these calculations into real life. That is the ideological tool.

And look at this scheme, how they handle us, yes, they started to destroy us not by green helmets, but by a means of green snake, (drunkenness), green dollar, green bondage on Chechens forehead, or any thoughtless head, on which you can place green bondage and force this head to say ‘Allah Akbar”. This is real governing, don’t you understand how this governing has been performed? And how adequate our scheme was to this governing. Is the dollar fell to us accidentally? Is the alcohol ‘Royal’ fell to us accidentally? No, far no accidentally….

Historical Tool

This is the 2nd management tool. I affirm that the management of the future is always performed by means of the changes in the past. Read a very important book, especially for you, George Orwell 1984. All this stuff is decomposed in this book to detail. There is a department in that book that re-writes history, because once you have re-written history, because history is like the roots of a tree, so your future corresponds exactly to your ideas about the past. If you have formed certain stereotypes about your past, you are guaranteed to have a certain future. If you formed it another way, you have another future.

What was at the start of Perestroika? They debunked Stalin along and across, is this accidental? No. I affirm that this is global governing.To divert people somewhere, you must rewrite their history. Having not revalued real history we will never understand the real governing. And in the concept of public safety there is a part, in which real history is described. And, finally, the 1st tool is world view tool.

World View
What is a worldview tool? A world view tool is peoples mapping of the world in pictures and images. When I went to India, I had two meetings with Sai Baba (now he is referred to as a prophet and information about him is on his website and information about our meetings is in the book “Last Gambit”, in which all that happened in the USA 911 2001 is explained by our stands, how and who organised the terror attack from the supranational level of governing, and there the scheme of egregor-matrix governing also explained). So when you arrive in India, you see an amazing picture, and this picture remains deep in your mind.

There are 300 million people in India who name themselves “little people.” What is their world view? They believe that there are ‘big people’ and little people. And since they were born as little people, they have no name, job, dwelling, nothing. They simply live along the ditches and if any big man, riding in a car, would throw them a crust of bread, they would consider it as a godsend. They don’t want to change anything. They are all quite satisfied, this is their world view.

When you drive up to Cape Town airport in South Africa, you can see 10 kilometres (as your eye can observe) boundless fields of these animals, because it is hard to call them people. Some of them are covered with cartons,some with plywood. And nothing will ever be changed in their lives, since this is their world view. That is the level from which stable control is performed.

Once you have penetrated something into peoples world-view, then this something allows you to control them for centuries and millennia. There is another world view : when I conversed with Switzerland esoteric people, I told them, “You understand all these global schemes of control. Don’t you want to at least satisfy your personal ambitions, come to people (for example in TV) one day and tell them that they understand nothing and that there is a system of global governing. You would look intelligent. It would be important for your personal life. They asked me : “have you a dog? I told them “yes I have.”

Then they asked me, “Have you ever wanted to show your intellect and look smart in your dogs eyes?” I said No, I’ve never wanted.” They said, “So we’ve never wanted to as well.” So, what is their world view? They don’t consider us as the same creatures as they are. Ie, there are we, who can do anything, and there is a cattle. They say, “You don’t suffer, when you lead the cattle to the slaughterhouse, because this is our life. So when we lead 20 million people to the slaughterhouse in world war 2, we don’t suffer too because this is our life. It is our algorithmic. It is our world view.”
This is the second world view.

And what about Russian civilisation and that system of knowledge about which I’m speaking? We have a different understanding, we believe that people are born equal by the God. And it is only earth inventions, constructs and hierarchy. So, we don’t have to construct relationships of equal dignity among countries and people. And everybody will get enough. These are world view tools. If they injection our world-view that a Russian man is always with a glass of vodka, that he is idler, that he can do nothing, and if we believe in it – we are doomed. Because it is governing at the level of world view. They want to bring us to new world view standards. That is the problem. That’s why we cannot understand all these things. If we don’t understand that governing the people is performed according to this scheme, but not by means of powerful rulers or a powerful army or legislative branch…no. You must understand the global scheme of governing humanity and avoid these deceptions. Let me illustrate this classic deception after I’ve told you about all six management tools. Imagine that we are searching for the truth in our subject “Russian course of escaping the country of crisis.” There is some truth, but there is some lie also. And this lie is always divided into 2 lies, and they swing us between them : “ If you want to live richly, then decide; either socialism or capitalism and they will swing us between these two concepts. I affirm that neither socialism nor capitalism influences the welfare of the people.

The Examples are Switzerland with private property and India with private property. But we have 300 million animals instead of people in India. So the secret is not there, the secret is here : who prints the money and at what loan interest for the money. Who owns the rent on natural resources. Who ensures the stability of tariffs and who swings them. If tariffs start to fluctuate in any country, that fluctuation disorganises the whole economy. The only instrument for destroying our national economy is the fluctuation of tariffs. As you shifted tariffs, then, like a chain, all prices start to grow up and eventually the chubais who has increased tariffs, is buying aluminium wires 2 times more expensive. So what is the sense in rocking the boat? Tariffs must be fixed rigidly. there is a law in the USA that prohibits revision of tariffs, (only with permission of Congress).

So there are some basic points that I outlined to you, about which they keep silent… Then they will say to you : “Planning or free market? Decide. Either plan or market.” It is swinging the pendulum of human misunderstanding from one nonsense to another. Why? Because planning is a structural method of governing, when the free market is a structureless method of governing. They never oppose each other. They can give an effect, only mutually complementing each other.
They will always deceive us, telling us that we lived badly because we had planning and now we live badly because we have free market. And there will be global economic-planners and market economist schools.

Iron Curtain or openness are also wrong things. Now I’m going to provide another example in terms of world view and outline a certain range of problems. Because if you don’t understand the subject of god, you’ll never understand anything and many things will go wrong in your life. I’m going to speak about this subject as a physicist. 15 years ago, when systems of Holy Russian Priesthood started to work with me, the first question was : “Do you believe in God?” That question caused me nothing but smile. But today I’m the man who believes in God deeply and sincerely. But I will never come to any church, because apotheosis of atheism – is the church, churches were created to prevent people from understanding the universe structure and understanding of God. I affirm that there is God, as above the world reality, common to all living on earth. So does the universe. There is mineral life, plant life, animal life, human life, but man is not the highest level of the universe. There is something above us. But this something is not recognisable by us, as the animal life is not recognisable from the level of plants.

So, this something is common for all living on earth. And this is the truth. The lie is that there is no god common for all living on earth. And this lie is divided into two lies :

Lie 1 : materialistic atheism that claims there is no god and the world is material, and life consists only of eating and sleeping and there is no human soul. – We claim that it is a lie and deception, purposefully injected into our minds with Marxism in 1917. And all Marxism is an effort against our state.

Lie 2 : Idealistic atheism, which is atheism of all, without exception, church hierarchy. What do churches exist for? Once a man starts to look for the connection with god intuitively, unintelligibly (we are all given at birth with possibility to establish this connection to higher intelligence, but this connection is blocked by means of alcohol. If you make a sip of alcohol then first signs of contact with higher intelligence will appear not earlier than 3 years, because the possibility of fine structures of your brain to receive the information by means of torsion field become blocked for three years. For today, ‘torsion field’ is a purely physical concept. There are gravitational, magnetic and nuclear fields. But in the 1990s physicists understood that there is also torsion field. Or, “Field of consciousness of the universe.” Once you have turned off the tumbler switch, the light ceased to shine, once you turned it on, something flowed out of it.

Similarly, if you don’t think your head does not glow, once you have started to think, your head starts to glow in torsion radiation. All our thoughts are as material as electro-magnetic waves, just with other field characteristics. Our thoughts cash interact with global universal information matrix. To prevent us from understanding these things, they tell us “want to see god? Come to me and give me money, I will organise all.” Churches are brokers that make money on the idea of god. What for? To divide and conquer. They gave “Doll Christ” to some people as god. “Doll Allah to another people. You know that Allah is translated as god, but to prevent people from understanding it, they left the word Allah in translation. Allah is the Arabic word, so it would be the same if they left the word table in Russian, when we have our own word Stol. But they did not somehow translate the word Allah. (It was translated only in the first translations of the Koran.) So Pushkin said that translators are dummy horses of education, and global truths are hidden by translators.

End of Part 1

Transcribed by lifeinthemix publishing 2017