A journey into democracy, official’s on notice

A journey into democracy, official's on notice






I will serialise the work I carried out before I ever went near the internet as I put Councillors and MPs on full notice of the coming fascist state from 2002. All those in receipt of this seven year operation have absolutely zero claim to not being aware of what was to come and are thus liable as individuals. Many who held office back then still hold their position today.

I sent the information directly into democracy at the lowest levels so the elite could not siphon the work away from the lower ranking operatives of our system. Although you shall be reading the operation in past tense therefore missing the live aspect to the operation, it is still valid in terms of the amount of information within it. I sent the work in phases to each councillor in the borough of Hyndburn which covers Accrington, Great Harwood, Rishton and Huncoat, I also sent copies to all bodies brought into the affray as the work progressed, including the courts. The first phase was also sent to all education departments in Preston, which is the City acting for the Hyndburn area.

For those of you who wonder what you can do to fight against the fascist state, then let this work be an example, a blueprint if you like for a great way to make a difference within the boundaries of the system itself, let me say without any doubt, this kind of direct action hurts the agenda the most, something I witnessed throughout the whole six years I undertook this action. I have not yet finished either.
So take you time over this work and enjoy :

A Journey Through Democracy And They Don’t Like It

This work represents a fourteen stage operation in which I personally delivered to councillors and other bodies I felt had relevance to aspects of this information. Therefore placing ‘unofficial’ information directly into the democratic system at its lowest levels so it could not be siphoned off to the higher levels of society and thus ignored. What would in normal terms be called chapters, within this work are labelled ‘Phases’, this is because I had no inclinations what I had set out to accomplish could be turned into book format. It was not until February 2007 that I would consider this idea and form the work thus far into a book. I had to stop at this stage or the book would be too large. I have not however ceased in my infusion of such information into democracy.
 Democracy in its current form is a lie of gigantic proportions; on that basis I put it to the test. This book is that very test; I leave it to you to form your own conclusions.

The Letter
Going against every facet of my DNA programming, the fear levels at this stage were immense. What this situation had to do with my ambitions within the music industry was probably my five sense realities final command as to why this was not a good idea. “It may well get the masons and the Golden Dawn off my back”, was the final sentiment I remember, and then :

After a visit to a special place for me, all fear was gone, I set about print and envelope labelling and hand delivered Phase I to selected bodies and personnel in our so called free democratic structure on
November 6th 2002. I had posted some letters on November 5th to ensure the whole expose hit all concerned on the 6th.

The Letter

Moorhead High School Is Now Called Accrington Academy

Dated : November 6, 2002 To the Headmaster
I am an ex pupil of Moorhead High School and currently have a child at your school. I will be brief and to the point.

During the last nine years I have studied in great detail the esoteric and ritual practices of the major and minor religions of the world, both inner and outer circles, I state this duality as they are at serious
odds with each other.
I was contacted some while ago by a dear friend, who is prepared to act as witness in a court of law should it be necessary, but wishes anonymity until such a time.
I was handed in great detail evidence of how Moorhead high school was used by the Masonic watchtower society, better known as the Jehovah witness society on many occasions in the past.

With the racial violence that Moorhead has suffered I am deeply concerned that there is a connection between the racial tensions and the ritual (INNER CIRCLE OPERATIONS) and the general meet (OUTER CIRCLE UNDERSTANDING OF EVENT).

I therefore request written confirmation of all dates these events took place and confirmation as to whether such events continue or are planned to resume in the future in a public building that by law our children have to attend.

Copies have been sent to all regulatory bodies etc and the press all recorded delivery, I hope you are as concerned as you portray yourself to be about racial intolerance and will help me with my investigation.

Respectfully, Life.

Further Study
The Set Up Begins For Racial Conflict
Moorhead High School

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Part III
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