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20 December 2017

Scalar energy or Torsion Fields are terms used to refer to vibrational physics at work in the very big and the very small. Waves are everywhere in the universe and are the primary method for transmitting information materially, mentally and spiritually.

In Natural Law, the principles of Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity and Rhythm describe a wave form and it’s resulting properties, chiefly that information is always transmitted or received using waves.

Scalar Energy in particular arises out of the mingling of 2 or more systems of motion, governed by wave mechanics. The genesis of 2 opposing systems of motion is Scalar energy. Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Plants, Animals and Microbial life all have an epicentre of Scalar Energy.

Our bodies in particular are tuned to the environment using wave forms of various types. Electromagnetism is foundational to the material universe, and all dynamic systems are made possible through this type of energy. Heat, light, sound, chemistry, biology ad infinitum — are all governed by this all encompassing aspect of electromagnetism.

As such, within the ever expanding drive for global control, the military has moved to weaponise the entire world in order they can spy on humanity, it should then come as no surprise that scalar technology is a huge part of that platform.

How to jam the unlawful invasion of your space with scaler technology through the corporate communication networks.


How To Stop Electronic Torture

Purchasing the equipment

1. Example Power supply 12 Volts:
2. Example Power supply 24 Volts:
3. Example Power supply 48 Volts:

Induction Heaters (please take one with ventilator):
1. 36 Volts 20Amps:
2. 48 Volts 30 Amps:
3. 12 Volts for your car, connect to battery :

Flyback driver 1.

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