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Cancers, Tumours, Autism, Diabetes, what is really going on?

Why has there been a huge rise in Cancers, Tumours, Autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other conditions. Welcome to Nagalase. Nagalase is like a stealth bomber, it blocks the production of the GcMAF, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job. Nagalase detection in the body is a great marker when looking for signs of cancer, Aids and other chronic infections. Nagalase pinpoints the GcMAF on the R & B Lymphocyte and wipes them out. It never misses its target.

Holistic doctors mysterious deaths, they uncovered cancer agent in vaccines

It is being reported that the spate of killings of holistic doctors in Florida this year had found out via their research that the nagalase enzyme protein is ‘Intentionally’ being added to the population via immunisations. Nagalase Stops vitamin D from binding to the Gc protein. This completely strips a human being’s body of it’s natural ability to kill cancer cells. Nagalase is a protein that’s also created by all cancer cells. This protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children.
They are ‘putting’ it in the vaccines!!

Five ways to help beat depression without antidepressants

Twenty-plus years of research on antidepressants, from the old tricyclics to the newer selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) show that their benefit is hardly more than what patients get when they take a placebo. More and more scientists who study depression and the drugs that treat it are concluding that antidepressants are basically expensive Tic Tacs. Research has found that patients do improve, often substantially, on SSRIs, tricyclics, and even MAO inhibitors. This improvement is the basis for the ubiquitous claim that antidepressants work.