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In Profile : The Society of Jesus

Before we enter this subject I would point out that with the rush to present information about the Society of Jesus in recent years, many who operate in this theatre are apt to merge the Vatican system with that of the Jesuits. Today under Pope Francis this is definitely the case, but it has not always been so, the Jesuits and pre-Vatican II Catholicism had shown themselves to be absolute opposites.

In Profile : Rome to Templars to Freemasonry, we face the same enemy

With much play on the idea Freemasonry and the Knights Templar are one and the same entity, holding the same beliefs and the same morality as did those wholesome societies of antiquity, does this suggestion of morality play out in real time historical fact, and, if so, what happened to such a strong upstanding morality and why is it vacant in today’s world of finance given the entire order of Freemasonry together with the Jesuit Order stand charged as the protector of the corporate takeover?