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In Profile : Brian Crozier and the Institute for the Study of Conflict : the terrorism industry

The Institute for the Study of Conflict is a classic case of use of the Hegelian Dialectic by high end corporate Intelligence in order they can bring two opposing sides under the control of one body, without those on each side being aware of the fact. Julius Gould appears to have been a key player in formulating strategy for the Institute for the Study of Conflict,(ISC). This report is of another highly significant player in the ISC, a man who’s influence and strategic offerings are playing out under this coalition government through his influence on Intelligence affairs for Margaret Thatcher, a close compadre of Gould, Brian Crozier.

Comparisons between Bank for International Settlements, (BIS) guidelines pre WWII, with those of today

It would seem all so called banking commentators, financial experts and even those claiming to be the good guys busy exposing the naughtiness of the Federal Reserve in the US have one thing in common They appear never speak of the frameworks under which the entire global banking system has operated, launching two financial crashes and decimating the economies of all nations tied to its guidelines. The Bank for International Settlements began the current foundation framework under which all banks, dictated by each respective central bank, have operated, since 1988, followed by a series of amendments as the years moved on until the big one in 2007