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A I, media, China employ first robot weather presenter

A Chinese news channel has employed an artificial intelligence robot as a weather reporter on its live breakfast show, raising concerns among the country’s journalists as they foresee a threat their jobs. More worryingly for local Chinese reporters, the threat to their careers may dwarf the one faced by their peers in other countries like US where robots are employed to write the news, because China has only state controlled media.

Chinese strategist : China should break up India into 20-30 states

A Chinese strategist contends that Beijing should break up India into 20-30 independent states with the help of friendly countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The publication of the article nearly coincided with the 13th round of India-China border talks in New Delhi, on a positive note, with Beijing emphasising the need to build strategic trust and elevate strategic partnership to a new level to include coordination on global issues.

Einstein, the Dali Lama, Mao, Dr Song Jian, and China’s one child policy

On the morning of 24 June 2012 live on the Andrew Marr show, we saw and heard the Dali Lama explain how Chairman Mao saw the Dali Lama as his son, even using his own chopsticks to take food from Mao’s bowl to fee the lama. It was also clear the lama reciprocated the relationship.
(The Dali Lama is said to be a puppet for Maurice Strong the Environmental Guru,)