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Psychiatry and its views on education

If it was not for the fact we suffer a contingency status domestic system with psychiatrists appearing to hold high positions in the administration of that system, then the following thoughts as laid out by psychiatrists themselves should help give insight as to were this game is heading, and what it is they wish to destroy.

In Profile : the esoteric agenda

If you live, you are aware today of the move to a one world order in all aspects of earthly existence. The move is lead by those behind the central banking empire which today is deconstructing all that man has achieved for the benefit of the spirit of man. But of course that is what we know as it relates to finance, there is another agenda in order they can merge the globe under one belief system, this is described as the esoteric agenda. In the West four the last few centuries, we have suffered a reconstruction of our religious thought leading to a distinct shift of faith. Three World Wars were presented as the means to bring a change in faith and understanding of the Israelite tradition in Christian Europe, offered to the elect by Grand Commander of the 33 degree of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry Albert Pike.

In Profile : the international banking cartel, committee of 300 and the star group

The Tavistock Institute at Sussex University and London sites is owned and controlled by the Royal Institute for International Affairs whose “hofjuden” in America is Henry Kissinger. The EAGLE STAR GROUP, which changed its name to the STAR GROUP after the close of the Second World War, is composed of a group of major international companies involved in overlapping and interfaced areas Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Entertainment, High technology, including cybernetics, electronic communications, etc.