The truth about the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Burma?









Yet again the western corporate media spin you a lie. The reality in Myanmar Burma, is clear, the nation has had enough of the all conquering corporate hive mind called Islam, the lower Jihad.

Is it really the case?

The banking empire has sold Muslims a great big lie, a lie that they all hold in their hearts…

They believe they are our Judgment?

This is a prime example of what sane and moral people must never ever do… play with the Talmud.

The Talmud is the most fascist collection of filth ever to have been written on the earth, why? Because Judgement and insanity is the mindset it procures.

“Judge not Lest You be Judged” Matthew 7:1

“Judge Not, and Ye Shall Not be Judged” Luke 6:37

Who is judging who in Myanmar?


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