Donald Trump, H.J.Heinz, Himmler who connects to Goring to Braun and onto Hitler?










And so it was, the Left is destroying itself, that was always the plan. Up rises the Right, which is really the Left with Jack Boots. Both sides of the coin have to be destroyed for the one sided coin to be unleashed.

So Donald Trump is Jewish, his line from Frankfurt, he has more Zionist’s in his cabinet than would be expected from the right. We have Theresa May, unelected, yet running my beloved Isle, Germany being destroyed by Merkel. Funny thing is the elites to which all of the above represent also control Russia, China, India ad infinitum, or should I remind that we do have around four nations in North West Africa not tied to the IMF, but who cares?

I remain of the mind we are dealing with a priesthood that stands above the House of Rothschild and its offshoots, that what we can see is the front as we peel away the layers of the Russian Doll.

What say ye to a tale about deception, misdirection and a plethora of ancestor scrubbing that would connect Donald Trump to H.J.Heinz (of the Ketchup variety) to Himmler who connects to Goring to Braun and onto Hitler?

But to be a Jew does not mean he is a Zionist, in fact the two are opposites from a theological point of view. Hebrews are of the Torah, Zionists are of the Talmud, to which does Donald belong?




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