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Syria, Paris attack, David Cameron and the move to martial law

Not satisfied with the 2013 no vote in Parliament when the then coalition government motion was defeated by 285-272, ruling out joining US-led strikes, NATO is determined to produce from the cauldron enough fear to force a second vote.
After the Paris false flag operation there have been many sorties carried out against Syrian civilians by the French, while the western media promotes the fantasy that French forces are attacking IS. Meanwhile Russia is indeed destroying the infrastructure of IS with over 400 sorties carried out in the last 48 hours.

The Paris attacks and a fantasy script, do you really want WWIII?

To bring about a two sided world in the geopolitical war theatre of today, I would suggest can only be achieved if the European settled Muslims can be dragged into the same ideology to that of IS.
Two ways this can be achieved :
1. European Muslims agree and do become the mindset of IS
2. The elite through the media, can convince the Europeans that it is the case that European born and settled Muslims are of the same agenda as IS.

Malaysian flight MH17, the official story is a fantasy, will flight KGL9268 to St Petersburg follow suit?

With the recent Russian plane crash Flight KGL9268 to St Petersburg over Egypt it is imperative we understand the way in which such events are used for precision propaganda by military intelligence on all sides, to satisfy the aims as the basking cabal move to ignite a Third World War.
It is clear Moscow is playing down an Islamic State-linked group’s claim that it downed a Russian passenger jet in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. The Airbus A321 crashed into a mountainous area shortly after losing radar contact near cruising altitude, with all 224 passengers and crew dead.