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Donald Trump, H.J.Heinz, Himmler who connects to Goring to Braun and onto Hitler?

So Donald Trump is Jewish, his line from Frankfurt, he has more Zionist’s in his cabinet than would be expected from the right. We have Theresa May, unelected, yet running my beloved Isle, Germany being destroyed by Merkel. Funny thing is the elites to which all of the above represent also control Russia, China, India ad infinitum, or should I remind that we do have around four nations in North West Africa not tied to the IMF, but who cares?

The geopolitical map for the next great war

China has openly offered Russia a military alliance against NATO, yet China is controlled by the same cabal that is strangling the West and controls NATO. We must consider that the cabal of monopolist’s that have controlled much of the West for at least 500 years, shifted the western industrial and manufacturing complex to China and India. The rise of China is not some form of divine justice, it is the new global power for the same banking cabal we are becoming aware of today. They want war…

A I, media, China employ first robot weather presenter

A Chinese news channel has employed an artificial intelligence robot as a weather reporter on its live breakfast show, raising concerns among the country’s journalists as they foresee a threat their jobs. More worryingly for local Chinese reporters, the threat to their careers may dwarf the one faced by their peers in other countries like US where robots are employed to write the news, because China has only state controlled media.

The Paris attacks and a fantasy script, do you really want WWIII?

To bring about a two sided world in the geopolitical war theatre of today, I would suggest can only be achieved if the European settled Muslims can be dragged into the same ideology to that of IS.
Two ways this can be achieved :
1. European Muslims agree and do become the mindset of IS
2. The elite through the media, can convince the Europeans that it is the case that European born and settled Muslims are of the same agenda as IS.

TPP If ratified by the twelve nations contracted, will be the death of free internet

The document presents a huge drive to expand copyright enforcement, which will ultimately lead to the criminalisation of common online activities leading to the main thrust of the contract which give the corporate state the means to infringe your freedom of expression. This will be achieved through internet censorship should your video, report or story, utilise the work of another. It is easy to see how it is intended to be used for censorship when you study the chapter on intellectual property rights which aims to en-mass stifle the contract signatories through the removal of the fair use provisions that are necessary to protect freedom of speech.

China’s one-child policy and western population controllers, the UN

Population control was not imposed on China by the West, as it has been imposed on smaller, weaker countries. Not only did western-funded organisations like the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and others lend China’s one-child policy enthusiastic support but, as recent research makes clear, the intellectual impetus for the policy came from the West.(1) Vaporous Sixties ideas about population growth and resource depletion had explosive
real-world consequences years later and half a world away. The core ideas underlying the one-child policy, it turns out, came from Western “science,” and more precisely from the notorious 1974 Club of Rome study which asserted that we were breeding ourselves to extinction.

Chinese strategist : China should break up India into 20-30 states

A Chinese strategist contends that Beijing should break up India into 20-30 independent states with the help of friendly countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The publication of the article nearly coincided with the 13th round of India-China border talks in New Delhi, on a positive note, with Beijing emphasising the need to build strategic trust and elevate strategic partnership to a new level to include coordination on global issues.

China’s one child policy and 336 million abortions later

The Chinese novelist Ma Jian, wrote in the New York Times a report detailing the brutality of the the country’s one-child policy. With such a huge and lofty push for the increased abortion of the human child on a global scale, a fact to be seen in the west through the administration of Barack Obama, today brimming with pro-abortion people, while over the pond from the US the British NHS GP’s are pushing the policy of restricted children down the throats of patients, a move clearly to position the global society into full synchronisation with the tried and tested policies of China.